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Feb 17

Scandal US Season 6 Episode 1 to 4 HDTV x264

scandal us

In the sixth-season opener, the election results come in for the presidential race between Mellie and Francisco, and the outcome proves to be surprising.

Season 06, Episode 02 – “Hardball”
Flashbacks from the campaign reveal Olivia’s desire to win and the lengths she was willing to go to for a victory. Meanwhile, Fitz and Abby are confronted with an unparalleled national crisis.

Season 06, Episode 03 – “Fates Worse Than Death”
Cyrus’ fate is sealed in the middle of crisis affecting the entire nation. Meanwhile, Olivia and her team are fiercely determined to uncover the truth.

Season 06, Episode 04 – “The Belt”
Cyrus faces a big challenge, but that does not deter him from trying to prove he’s not guilty. Meanwhile, Olivia and her team unearth surprising new evidence relating to the evening Frankie got shot.

written by maxdugan

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