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Jul 05

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rarefile philippines


written by maxdugan

179 Responses to this entry.

  1. 1. JoeL Says:

    Hello Mr. Max, just want you to know that I renewed my Rarefile premium account, this time for one year! I love them and I believe Rarefile is here to stay. Thanks!

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello JoeL, thank you very much, yes we will be staying with Rarefile for a long time

  3. 3. ahmad Says:

    Is there anyway i can buy premium membership with PP i dont like using my credit card RAW.

  4. 4. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ahmad, please click on the link above –, thank you very much

  5. 5. Philip Clarke Says:

    Hi Max, I would very much appreciate if you could upload any tutorial for Microsoft OneNote 2013.

  6. 6. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Philip Clarke, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  7. 7. Philip Clarke Says:

    cheers Max, thank you for your time.

  8. 8. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Philip Clarke

  9. 9. FkNutZ2u Says:

    is there any way i can share a post? and does it have to be only rarefiles? i been using firedrive they are easy to manage and free.

  10. 10. maxdugan Says:

    Hello FkNutZ2u, i dont think the admin allows it, also we only use rarefile and dizzcloud, thank you very much

  11. 11. nangy andrew Says:

    I like cause its fast and fast.

  12. 12. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Nangy Andrew

  13. 13. villa Says:

    the pub price is $79.90…but when you purchase its about $30 US more.

  14. 14. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Villa, where are you trying to purchase it? There are 2 direct options above, With hostpacket (PP), its like 6 dollars dollars more due to the exchange rate plus the PP fee, and with securemaximapayment (credit card), its 80 dollars, thank you very much

  15. 15. varunt Says:

    Hi max bro,
    not able to buy premium account from debit card from, transaction decline message coming at end of form completion, plz guide from india.

  16. 16. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Varunt, kindly try the resellers, debit cards from some asian countries are not accepted (just like mine) as payments in many companies, thank you very much

  17. 17. shino Says:

    hi max. i’ve purchased a 30 days premium account(12.90 euro) at Digitadiko. I’ve received payment confirmation but no premium keys. i’m from Philippines.

  18. 18. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Shino, kindly check your spam and junk folder, i have also reported this to rarefile and they will email you directly, thank you very much

  19. 19. shino Says:

    Thanks max.. I’ve checked my email spam/junk folder, pero wala pa rin.

  20. 20. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Shino, kindly wait for the email from rarefile, you can also email them at, thank you very much

    Update – Hello Shino, rarefile emailed you already, kindly check your email, thank you very much

  21. 21. RareFile Support Says:

    Dear Shino,
    I sent a email about your payment. Please check your email.
    Thank you

  22. 22. KaiZeN Says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve also purchased a 30 days premium account at Hostpaket. I’ve received payment confirmation and an invoice but I have not received a premium key. I keep checking my invoice and junk mail but there is nothing :(

  23. 23. maxdugan Says:

    Hello KaiZen, with Hostpacket its automatic, the others purchased thru resellers in their own countries, nevertheless, ill contact rarefile about it, thank you very much

  24. 24. KaiZeN Says:

    Hi Max, thanks for your reply. What do you mean it’s automatic? I thought I would be emailed the code as usual. Thank you for following this up.

  25. 25. maxdugan Says:

    Hello KaiZen, the payment system with Hostpacker is fully automated, you should receive your code in your email immediately after payment, however I have already contacted rarefile and they are looking into this right now, they will email you directly, thank you very much

  26. 26. KaiZeN Says:

    Ok thank you. I hope they have my correct email address..

  27. 27. KaiZeN Says:

    Hey Max,

    Quick update. I have received an email from rarefile, which I found in my junk mail, but I have still not received the Premium Key. I have provided them with the information they requested and I am now waiting for reply from them.

    Hopefully, the next message I post to you will be to say I have received the key and thank you.

    *Fingers crossed*

  28. 28. maxdugan Says:

    Hello KaiZen, yes they are checking on your account and they are wondering why you didnt receive your code yet, but dont worry, rarefile support is excellent and im sure this will be resolved immediately, thank you very much

  29. 29. KaiZeN Says:

    Hi Max, good news, I have received my Premium Key from RF. Thanks to them and to you for all your help. One last thing, any chance you can answer my question in these two threads:

    Thanks again :)

  30. 30. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Kaizen, im glad its been sorted out, with regards to the 2 movies, ill post them immediately when they get a release, thank you very much

  31. 31. Maca Says:

    Hi Max, is there any easy way to pay with a credit card? My RF premium just expired & I’ve been trying to pay through the same company I used previously (Host Packet) The PP option is checked but I can’t pay through PP, and can’t seem to uncheck the PP checkbox. It seems as the fee in TL is more than the fee in $ too, maybe because of the PP fees???

  32. 32. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Maca, kindly clear the cache of your browser then you can do hostpacket again, if you already ordered earlier, the order you have will still be there, you can choose to remove or “edit configuration” (edit the order) then you can check out easily, the pp checkbox cannot be unchecked since its the only payment it accepts, the rate will be based on the current TL to US $ rate. With regards to credit cards, there are several options above like VIP-Keys and BuyPremiumAccounts, howver they are resellers and may charge a fee for the transaction, hope this will help you in any way, thank you very much

  33. 33. Maca Says:

    Thanks for the information Max. So I have to pay with Vip Keys instead?

  34. 34. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Maca, please check your email my friend, thank you very much

  35. 35. varunt Says:

    Hi max Sir,
    Help me iam in need of after effects cc and premier pro cc tutorials, if it is possible to you, then kindly provide it will be gr8 help to me.

    Thanks you for such a best site.

  36. 36. maxdugan Says:

    Sure thing Varunt, thank you very much

  37. 37. varunt Says:

    sorry iam requesting more.. but plz upload Cubase DAW also…he he hee..

  38. 38. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Varunt, please use the chatbox for requests, thank you very much

  39. 39. Tran Says:


    I try to purchase the Prem Key for RF. I have not been successful.
    I live in US. I am not sure there is anything relates to the recent ban on Russian economy from US that has caused this issue!

    I tried all options on the purchasing web page, but still…..

    Please help

  40. 40. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Tran, what kind of error are you getting please? Please register first for a free account using this link –, after registering and confirming your account, you can then purchase a premium account, if you want to use PP, please use this link – and if you wish to use your credit card – please chose from or I will also email you directly, thank you very much

  41. 41. Tran Says:

    Hello, I am an existing account holder. I just want to renew my account.
    When I used my credit card, I received the message that stated I was not honor/ or unable to honor transaction…for acceptance. I use PP, I received the same message.
    I used the same credit card that I purchased previously. My checked my card. There is no problem with my card.

    Thus right now, I cannot renew my RF account.

  42. 42. RareFile Support Says:

    Dear Tran,

    Can you send email to us via our contact form? I will resolve your problem or find a solution for you.


  43. 43. Tran Says:

    Thanks. I found a workaround the method. I put my credit card through Google Wallet. It went through. ………..Problem is solved. :)


  44. 44. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Tran, thank you very much

  45. 45. Tony Says:

    Hi max,

    it’s me again tony. If I’ll pay through LBC, how do I get the “premium key”?

  46. 46. Lustful Says:

    Max, I strongly suggest an alternative that uses PP, so people can pay safely, without risks.

  47. 47. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Lustful, that option is available –, thank you very much

  48. 48. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Tony, kindly click on the banner Rarefile Philippines above, thank you very much

  49. 49. sev Says:

    Can someone post a tutorial on how to order through Hostpaket? I was received the email confirmation order but when trying to pay the thing is in Turkish again and it’s very frustrating.

  50. 50. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Sev, its not difficult at all, after clicking on the hostpacket link, just choose the plan that you want to purchase, then click on check-out, its very straight-forward, thank you very much

  51. 51. SuperSoaker Says:

    How ’bout a LABOR DAY SALE on RAREFILE???? Ask them if they will do one for this weekend, please!!!

  52. 52. BOUNTY Says:


  53. 53. BOUNTY Says:


  54. 54. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bounty, with all due respect sir, YOUR TRANSACTION WAS NEVER COMPLETED. Its actually very EASY and STRAIGHTFORWARD and its in English, first log in to your account at then just click on this link – and you can see its in English, from here just choose the premium plan you want to get, 30, 60, 180 or 365 days which is in English, click on order now, then click on check out and make the payment using PP, thats all there is to it and its all in English, hope this will help you in any small way, thank you very much

  55. 55. maxdugan Says:

    Hello SuperSoaker, ill propose it to rarefile, thank you very much

  56. 56. BOUNTY Says:


  57. 57. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bounty, im very sorry to hear that, please accept my most sincere apologies, Im not sure why you are getting into the turkish language while we see english, I have contacted rarefile about this with the hope that the matter will be resolved, thank you very much

  58. 58. jawo Says:

    Basically the 90 day or more than 90 day in hostpaket is not working as expected.

  59. 59. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jawo, i just checked and its in english for me, would you be so kind as to provide me a screenshot please so I can contact rarefile to fix the problem, your help and assistance will be highly appreciated, thank you very much

  60. 60. Jawo Says:

    Hi max, just try to buy a 90 day pass thru hostpaket. Login and checkout and complete order. You will not be redirected to the PP site but to the foreign language site. Send me a mail so I can reply you with the screenshot if you can’t reproduce the error.

  61. 61. Jawo Says:

    during checkout on a 90 day pass, you will be redirected to

    instead of the PP site

  62. 62. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jawo, you can see the checkout button below, please click on this, fill out the form, then click on complete payment and you will be redirected, check out this screenshot –, rarefile have tried emailing you but the emails were all returned, thank you very much

  63. 63. edwin Says:

    Hi max, I tried to renew rarefile through, all is fine and the shopping cart is showing my order, until I have to login with After login, it ask me to login again inorder to process my order. I login again and it bring me to a turkish language page, and it’s seems a control panel page with the order no where in sight.

  64. 64. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Edwin, kindly clear your browser cache and cookies, close the browser and do the purchase again, its actually very simple, just choose the plan you want, then click on check out –, after which you will be asked to enter your details, then check the box that says “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”, now you can click on complete order, thank you very much

  65. 65. edwin Says:

    Hi, max, that’s exactly what I did per your solution. Before I login into my shopping cart is showing my order, after I login and click complete order, it direct me to this page.

  66. 66. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Edwin, did you clear your browser cache and cookies? Which browser are you using please? Thank you very much

  67. 67. Gazz Says:

    I bought a premium account last week and I must admit I am not impressed at how slow the downloads are. I get three times the speed at other servers from other sites but none of thoes sites comes close to the quality and range that your site has. Thank you for an awesome site and please keep up the excellent work that you do

  68. 68. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Gazz, kindly check your email please, thank you very much

    Hello again Gazz, I emailed you just now but unfortunately the email bounced and came back, hoping that I can offer you a solution to the issue, thank you very much

  69. 69. Gazz Says:

    Hi Max. The email I gave was so I don’t get put onto mailing lists. Sorry about that. I have been caught that way before. I have supplyed my private one for you this time. thanks

  70. 70. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Gazz, rest assured we keep all emails very confidential, and we dont have a mailing list, Ill email you again now, thank you very much

  71. 71. KingTubak Says:

    Sir Max, nagbebenta po ba kau ng RF Premium personally?

  72. 72. maxdugan Says:

    Hello KingTubak, i dont sell it personally but Rarefile Philippines is a good friend of mine who sells, you can find the link above, thank you very much

  73. 73. Gazz Says:

    Hi Maxdugan. My download speed has improved greatly.
    Thank you

  74. 74. Gazz Says:

    To anyone reading this, I recommend the Premium Account. If you have any problems Maxdugan does his best to sort it out
    Thanks again Maxdugan

  75. 75. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Gazz, thank you so very much

  76. 76. ESco Says:

    Hi Max…We want to come back!,

    I was a member with you guys for a long time, but when I tried to sign up it wont let me. This is what it said and what I put in.

    User Registration;


    Code-What ever it was.

    Thanks much Buddy

  77. 77. ecsm Says:

    Hi Max, I’m not sure if it’s an isolated case but after I purchased my rarefile premium account extension my download speeds have been pretty bad. Can anyone help trouble shoot? Thanks in advance.

  78. 78. maxdugan Says:

    Hello ECSM, may i know which download manager you are using please so I can offer better assistance? I had also informed rarefile about it so that they can also check it from their end, please expect an email from them, thank you very much

  79. 79. maxdugan Says:

    Hello ESco, are you referring to the allyoulike VIP login? Thank you very much

  80. 80. RareFile Support Says:

    Dear Ecsm,
    I sent email about your issue for testing and resolving your download speed issue. Please check your email.

    Thank you for choosing us.

  81. 81. RareFile Support Says:

    Dear ESco,
    We changed your Password for this issue. Please use new info on your email.

    Thank you for choosing us.

  82. 82. jawo Says:

    Hi max,

    nevermind i got it to work in chrome after a couple of retries. thanks

  83. 83. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Jawo, thank you very much

  84. 84. banlao Says:

    rarefile thumbs up all the way and hay max can you please do a upload rarefile single link for movie and game I love 1 single link rarefile thank you

  85. 85. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Banlao, im so sorry I cannot do that because free users wont be able to download the files, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  86. 86. basa Says:

    Hi Max, just want to know if u r going to upload PS4 games here too?
    Thanks man!

  87. 87. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Basa, yes we do have plans, thank you very much

  88. 88. Eddie Says:

    I’d like to try a 30-day subscription to Rarefiles. Would I be able to then download files found here at faster speeds than currently available on AYL? Thanks

  89. 89. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Eddie, yes your download speed will maximize to what your internet provider allows, and you can pay using PP, thank you very much

  90. 90. Ahmed Says:

    Hello Max i have been a rarefile premium member for the last 6 months but i cant seem to find a reseller to purchase a new premium rarefile code using my PP account. Could please direct me to one i can use?

  91. 91. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ahmed, kindly click on this link – and you can easily find it on the top link, thank you very much

  92. 92. Tran Says:

    Hello – I am looking for ScanXL Professional software. Could you please help?

  93. 93. Tran Says:

    Sorry I posted the wrong software. The correct one is ScanMaster OBD software


  94. 94. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Tran, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  95. 95. Soberman Says:

    Hey Max, I’m thinking of purchasing a 30 day membership. So I just the amount (LBC or BDO), and then what’s the next step?

  96. 96. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Soberman, since you are in the Philippines, kindly check this out –, the contact number is temporarily this number – 0916 5144181, thank you very much

  97. 97. Soberman Says:

    Just paid for a 30day membership thru BDO. I already emailed and sms the contact numbers. Just waiting for a reply now…

  98. 98. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Soberman, kindly check your email please, thank you very much

  99. 99. Pilipinas_2010 Says:

    Hi everyone.

    Just a hint guys, If you want to use Rarefile services for -free-.

    TOR Browser

    Max bandwidth: 200kpbs

    If your IP is restricted that wont let you download because of:

    + 5000mb limit per day or;
    + Wait for another 20 minutes for the next download.

    Then just hit the ‘New Identity’ button in the Tor Browser. So these restriction will be bypass.


  100. 100. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great info Pilipinas 2010, thank you very much

  101. 101. Pilipinas_2010 Says:

    Are you still getting paid Maxdugan even if the user downloaded a file as a FREE user?

  102. 102. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Pilipinas 2010, actually no but thats not an issue at all, I do want free users to download thats why i split my files into smaller ones where they can download also, thank you very much

  103. 103. Pilipinas_2010 Says:

    That’s great to know.

    Well, we owe you then.. haha

  104. 104. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Pilipinas 2010, you dont owe me anything at all, a simple thanks is more than enough, thank you very much

  105. 105. Davy Aue Says:

    Dear Max, as I have found tons of useful downloads from you, I have bought my first rarefile premium key from the link above. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope by doing this I have done a small support for you. Thank’s again.

  106. 106. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Davy Aue for your support

  107. 107. basa Says:

    Max may I ask when r u going to upload ps4 games so I will purchase this premium rarefile. Thanks!!

  108. 108. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Basa, im very sorry but I cannot answer that as of now, honestly i dont know much about PS4 games and if i post it, I dont know how to reply to the comments, but ill think about it, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  109. 109. joe d c Says:

    Hi Max, any chance of getting a premium membership through PP?

  110. 110. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Joe d c, kindly check this page –, thank you very much

  111. 111. marlinz Says:

    I did notice no special allyoulike price this year

    no special offer on the cards is there ?

  112. 112. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Marlinz, im sorry there is no special offer yet as of now, thank you very much

  113. 113. arnold Says:

    Hi Max, I need help regarding the rarefile account I’ve purchased at Buy Premium Accounts. I haven’t received any premium keys up to now even it says that the transaction has been completed. Thanks.

  114. 114. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Arnold, the key should be sent to you automatically, kindly check your spam and junk folders please, the key might have ended up there, thank you very much

  115. 115. Arnold Says:

    Thanks max, I just checked my spam and there is still no premium key. I didn’t encounter this kind of problem before. Usually it only just take minutes to receive a premium key. Your help is really appreciated.

  116. 116. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Arnold, no worries, let me get in touch with rarefile and they will email you directly, thank you very much

  117. 117. arnold Says:

    Thanks again Max. I received an email from rarefile and I hope that they could fix the problem soon.

  118. 118. maxdugan Says:

    Im sure they will Arnold, thank you very much

  119. 119. Arnold Says:

    Thanks so much Max for your help. I just got the premium key. More power to rarefile and allyoulike team. You guys are great.

  120. 120. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Arnold, thank you very much

  121. 121. staad7 Says:

    alright max im back in allyoulike, and also registered for 1yr. thanks for the site payment above, cheaper than other retailers.

    more power to allyoulike! thank you for your service.

  122. 122. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Staad7

  123. 123. marlinz Says:

    lol well that says it all max

  124. 124. Chili Says:

    Max, I purchased a 30 day RAREFILE account, but the email that was sent to me had the following error:

    Dear xxxxxxx,

    Your Premium Key:ERROR:You can have max 100 pending keys

    How To Use Rarefile Premium Key

    Can you help me out??

  125. 125. Chili Says:

    They fixed it, thanks Max!

  126. 126. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Chili, thank you very much

  127. 127. Memo Says:

    I could not buy the premium thats because virtual credit cards is not acceptable it think!

  128. 128. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Memo, as long as its a visa or mastercard and you can use it, thank you very much

  129. 129. harimani Says:

    sorry max…i cannot buy premium for 6 months….rejected after verification my credit card…even i use another credit card…it still reject…..sorry bad english….is there a problem with rarefile???thx max

  130. 130. harimani Says:

    i used already 3 credit cards….but always show this message at the end payment…

    Transaction declined.
    If you use this card again, please, be sure to check:
    credit card data (card number, CVV/CVC, exp. date);
    credit card balance;
    if the card is suitable for use on the Internet.
    If you still get this error after all of these steps, please, contact the bank-issuer.

    please help me max

  131. 131. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Harimani, which seller are you trying to get it please? Thank you very much

  132. 132. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Harimani, no problem that we know of, please update me which payment processor you are trying to use please, thank you very much

  133. 133. harimani Says:

    i am using robokassa russia web i think….is there another way???please help me thx…

  134. 134. harimani Says:

    and also vip-keys….i tried every reseller i think…..

  135. 135. harimani Says:

    never mind max….i already success buy premium acc….but i tried it maybe 5-6 times….anyway thanx max…allyoulike rocks always

  136. 136. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Harimani, thank you very much

  137. 137. Vikrant Says:

    Hi Max!

    I just renewed my Rarefile account via HostPaket. This is my 3rd year with Rarefile now and renewed it the same way every year and I’m loving it.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Keep up the good work.

    PS: Please continue being so Awesome.. ;)

  138. 138. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Vikrant for your very kind support

  139. 139. james Says:

    bin trying all afternoon to renew my rarefile but couldn.t .not taking visa credit card or pay pal

  140. 140. maxdugan Says:

    Hello James, kindly use hostpacket for PP, and megapremiumstore for credit card, thank you very much

  141. 141. james Says:

    fill credit card details in and it says this There is a problem with payment module: Unknown status.

  142. 142. maxdugan Says:

    Hello James, are you using megapremiumstore please? Thank you very much

  143. 143. james Says:

    finaly done thank you very much max

  144. 144. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great James, thank you very much

  145. 145. Morphogen Says:

    hi max is there a download manager for rarefile were i can just put links in and let it download 1 at a time as its difficult for me to get time to sit at a computer. thanks.

  146. 146. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Morphagen, i personally use IDM, all i need to do is to highlight all the links and right click then download with IDM, IDM will automatically download all the files for me, thank you very much

  147. 147. Purple Demon Says:

    Here is a link to a tutorial of how to set up IDM for your rarefile to do what you are asking. It is very easy to follow. If you still have questions you are more than welcome to ask :)

  148. 148. anthony velasco Says:

    hi sir max, already deposited payment for 1 month rarefile, emailed the slip and texted the numbers posted but i’m not having a reply for confirmation and premium key. here’s the duplicate slip from bdo

  149. 149. anthony velasco Says:

    is there someone who can attend to my problem.

    bought a 30days account with your provided link

    but after e-mailing the deposit slip i’m not getting any reply, and the two cp numbers posted on the website cannot be reach

  150. 150. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Anthony Velasco, the person in charge for Rarefile Philippines is sick, but he will be online shortly, he has a new number and ill ask him to change it on the website, kindly bear with us, ill make sure youll get your code today, thank you very much

  151. 151. anthony velasco Says:

    hi max, any idea what time will i get the premium code?

    it’s been 8hrs. already since i deposited payment and haven’t received it yet in my email

  152. 152. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Anthony Velasco, you should get it within the next few minutes, im sorry because he is sick and he does not have access to it at home, thank you very much

  153. 153. kdrsal222 Says:

    Bossing Max,

    I am not able to regeister a premmy with my debit card. I live overseas and was wondering if I can just deposit a one year payment through LBC to

    John Francis B. ALCUIZAR

    Savings Account No. 003170170451

    Mayor Jaldon Branch

    Zamboanga City


    then send me the key? I hope it’s not too much trouble.


  154. 154. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kdrsal222, yes you can do that, just email him after you sent, thank you very much

  155. 155. kdrsal222 Says:

    Bossing Max, deposited 5,000 pesos in the savings account for a rarefile 1 year premmy. Please have it process as soon as possible.

    A million thanks.

  156. 156. maxdugan Says:

    Hello kdrsal222, are you referring to the rarefile Philippines reseller? Ill follow it up with them, thank you very much

  157. 157. kdrsal222 Says:

    Yes, sent it to rarefile phil reseller savings account BDO. Thank you.

  158. 158. maxdugan Says:

    Hello kdrsal222, yes i informed them already and they will sent it you you within 30 minutes, thank you very much

  159. 159. kdrsal222 Says:

    super fast….thanks a million.

  160. 160. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Kdrsal222

  161. 161. NZZoom Says:

    Hypothetically speaking Max, is someone purchased premium subscription through the below link you provided to the questioner, would that person then be able to access VIP by that measure?

    (109. joe d c Says:
    January 12th, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Max, any chance of getting a premium membership through PP?
    110. maxdugan Says:
    January 12th, 2015 at 4:43 pm)

    Hello Joe d c, kindly check this page –, thank you very much

    Would some sort of proof be required or would you know automatically?

    Kindly do not respond here but by the email you can see. TU Max

  162. 162. NZZoom Says:

    Hi Max Was wondering if you know about these 2 improvement guides:

    WordSmart Adult Learning Excellence Software

    Ultimate Vocabulary

    #1 Vocabulary Software

    Ultimate Vocabulary a personal computer tutor to guide you to a powerful vocabulary… step by step

    Increase communication skills

    Improved writing skills

    Higher brain power

    Thank Max-amillion-Dugan :P

  163. 163. maxdugan Says:

    Hello NZZoom, let me check on them, thank you very much

  164. 164. maxdugan Says:

    Hello NZZoom, ill email you directly, thank you very much

  165. 165. yaki Says:

    Hi Max

    I was trying to renew my premium membership,and I noticed the Rarefile asking for 30 days 16 $ instead of the 12.90 $ published in your web
    the answer that I got from them is credit card processing
    as far as I know the get 2.5% and not 25%,and they also should put it on the page with this remark


  166. 166. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Yaki, kindly use VIP Keys for credit card purchases, if you are using citibank card, they have their own add ons, thank you very much

  167. 167. yaki Says:

    Thank you Max

  168. 168. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Yaki

  169. 169. LeftyPaul Says:

    This is nice Max, thanks! I’ll try the PP tomorrow.

  170. 170. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too LeftyPaul

  171. 171. LeftyPaul Says:

    Thanks Max! The PP did wonderful, got my six-month subscription on for a start.

  172. 172. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great LeftyPaul, thank you very much

  173. 173. Ennis Scobie Says:

    Hello Max,
    Every time I fill out the regestration your PC comes bac and tells me that there is all ready somebody with that address. and email I have tried for over 3 months now and I keep getting the same thing. Could you please help me out to get reinstated I think I told you some time ago that I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have a great difficult time trying to fill in all the forms thank you Very Much For Your Time. This is my only pastime and I would like to get back into it again

  174. 174. maxdugan Says:

    Hello ESco, we had emailed you numerous times, but it seems like you are not receiving them my friend, I also emailed you several times from my personal email but never got a reply from you, Im hoping that we can get in touch with you, maybe you can open a gmail account please? Thank you very much

  175. 175. theseekers Says:

    Sir Max,

    Try to renew my RF account per vipkeys site. I chose CC for my payment method and this site went through a payza which requires you to create a profile that asked for your SSN. I really don’t want to do this so can you offer a better way to simply pay using CC like any other e-business without revealing lots of your personal info for verification. Please advise.

  176. 176. maxdugan Says:

    Hello TheSeekers, i tried it as you said and it worked fine, please do not click on payza because you will need to create a profile, please click on the visa or mastercard logo please and it will go straight to the card no. etc, thank you very much

  177. 177. Tholor Says:

    Hi Max
    Went to renew my 1 year acount…
    used the 365Days Premium Key – 250 TL =~ USD 79.90 *
    do you know how long it takes… everything was in turkey so cant read if it wrote how long time it would take for the acount to be renewed…


  178. 178. KCM Says:

    Hi Max,
    Is rarefile ph still active? coz I want to purchase premium account but when contact via fb and skype I dont get any responds.

  179. 179. Tholor Says:

    Hi Max… its all good…. it worked

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