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May 24

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rarefile philippines


written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. maxdugan Says:

    Hello LeftyPaul, there is no problem with hostpacket, please email with your problem, thank you very much

  2. 2. LeftyPaul Says:

    Solved it Max, destek emailed me back. Cheers!

  3. 3. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great LeftyPaul, thank you very much

  4. 4. Vikrant Says:

    Hi Max,

    I am trying to buy rarefile premium for another 365 days. Every year I buy it from HostPaket as they have been cheaper. However, this time it says $94.90, whereas in this post it is advertised as $79.90, Which I can’t find with any of the resellers. Am I missing something? Are there any hidden taxes or something?

    Also, do you have any current offer on becoming a VIP member, like the one you offer from time to time on upgrading to 1 year rarefile premium?

    Thanks a lot Max.

  5. 5. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Vikrant, its based on the present US dollar current exchange, the US dollar has gone up againts the turkish lira considerably, hoping for your kind understanding, im sorry the promo is not ongoing right now, thank you very much

  6. 6. roman Says:

    I paid thru bitcoin payment. I didn’t yet received the email receipt. Already emailed the, still no reply.

    Please help.

  7. 7. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Roman, may i know where you purchased it from? Is it from a reseller? Thank you very much

  8. 8. Ugooh Says:

    Hi i the site don’t seem to open to me anymore, no matter the browser i use. Always telling me file not found. Cannot even login. Would have shown screenshot if possible. I wanted to upgrade to premium but afraid to do so now. Please help in this regard. Thanks.

  9. 9. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ugooh, can you open on your browser? If you do, please try downloading something from the front page, if you are trying to access old posts – please read the important announcements on the front page, there was a server crash several months ago, thank you very much

  10. 10. michael Says:

    Your advert indicates $79US for a year, clicking the links, the price is about $92US that’s quite a big difference. Any assistance on this would be of great help. I want to renew my account

  11. 11. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Michael, im sorry but the rate is dependent on the current exchange rate against the turkish lira, the US dollar has significantly evaluated, thank you very much

  12. 12. lennox975 Says:

    Hey Max,

    Just got a free account and will move to premium after assessing your serevice.
    Where do I log in?


  13. 13. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Lennox975, please login at with your details, thank you very much

  14. 14. Onyok Says:

    my rarefile subscription expires in two weeks. Will there be any promo?

  15. 15. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Onyok, there are no plans for the promo, thank you very much

  16. 16. kalikali1 Says:

    Renewal is anything but fast and easy. I’m trying to use my visa card and the price for a year goes up from 92 to 107 dollars. and I still can not complete the purchase.

    Please don’t list 79 dollars if it is 92 dollars or more.

  17. 17. kalikali1 Says:

    Hello again, Max. I tried to use hostpacket but I do not have a mobile phone, only land line. Help

  18. 18. kalikali1 Says:

    I have been trying well over an hour to purchase a year of premium with my visa debit card. No luck. I am ready to give up.

    This process of renewal was complicated 3 months ago. The venue has been made more complicated(more fingers in the pie.

  19. 19. kalikali1 Says:

    I have tried several different 3rd party options via my visa debit card. Card is not accepted. Wells Fargo bank tells me card is still valid. Help

  20. 20. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kalikali1, let me email you directly, thank you very much

  21. 21. TJ Says:

    Signed up for premium rarefile, uploaded and applied my new “key”, but still not allowed to download on Rarefile from allyoulike using jdownloader. Jdownloader does not show my premium account info.

  22. 22. maxdugan Says:

    Hello TJ, since you are a premium user, please use IDM instead, Jdownloader is usually for free users, thank you very much

  23. 23. DJ Says:

    Hey Max,
    How do I sign up with a giftcard? I have a visa debit giftcard and it keeps not letting get a premium account for some reason. I don’t use credit cards online, only gift cards for security and its not letting me join in the fun. Help for your amazing team would be appreciated. I don’t know the resellers, but I do know you guys rock…

  24. 24. maxdugan Says:

    Hello DJ, im sorry but i dont think gift cards are accepted, kindly get in touch with rarefile at, thank you very much

  25. 25. rhynox1984 Says:

    why amex card cannot be use?

  26. 26. Rob Says:

    Hello ,
    I wish to buy 1 year premium , if I use your link

    to buy , you will get affiliate money.
    Can you share that with me ?

  27. 27. Gilvert Says:

    Hello max can i buy rarefile premium to you in 1 month? Thank you.

  28. 28. maxdugan Says:

    Helo Gilvert, kindly check the rarefile philippines site, its listed above, thank you very much

  29. 29. wirasatria Says:

    I tried renewing but the below error appears after key in credit card details:
    Error Message from Bank: GWERROR_51

  30. 30. lemmor Says:

    Hi max will you still have the 1 year free membership on AYL for a 1 year subscription of rarefile account?

  31. 31. jeremie Says:

    Hello Max, I subscribed last year a premium account with rarefile and your offer was one year bought with one year free. Now my premium key has expired 3 days ago, how would I get a new premium key for the next one year free please?

  32. 32. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jeremie, kindly email with regards to VIP, thank you very much

  33. 33. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Lemmor, im sorry but we dont have any plans for the promo as of now, thank you very much

  34. 34. lemmor Says:

    hi max my 1yr rarefile subscription is about to expire this month .. Can I request you return the promo back? Please please….

  35. 35. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Lemmor, im so sorry but we dont have plans to run the promo as of now, thank you very much

  36. 36. kvikk55 Says:

    Hello Max !!

    Now I have to upgrade my account for another 365 days. But what about The VIP Contents, What do I have to do to get access to VIP, Last years I got it when I upgrade my account, but this year I can’t see any offer for VIP.


  37. 37. maxdugan Says:

    Hello kvikk55, im sorry but the special promo is not ongoing right now, and there are no plans yet as of now, thank you very much

  38. 38. Nilesh Says:

    I want to buy rarefile premium account for one months. How do i pay money by mpesa or western union money transfer.

  39. 39. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Nilesh, ill email you directly, thank you very much

  40. 40. rainy-days Says:

    Hi Max,
    Same as the other guys, I have put my details in and paid for 365 days with my Credit Card and then …nothing.
    On finalising, it got stuck there for like 10 min.

    And yeah, is not USD 79.90 but USD 94.9 PLUS 7% service fee.
    And, via Vip-Keys, I was charged in… Russian Rubles?
    Not happy Max. What is going on? Please let me know.

  41. 41. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Rainy-days, if you go to the VIP-Keys page, there is a chat option so you can chat with a real person if you encountered any problem, or you can email, thank you very much

  42. 42. rainy-days Says:

    Thank you kindly Max for a quick reply.
    I already sent you an email on contact@
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks again.

  43. 43. omar Says:

    Hi Max I have made a transfer already thru BDO and have emailed the details and sent sms as well … please assist naman for the key … Thanks po and Merry Christmas :)

  44. 44. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Omar, its christmas eve, but ill follow it up for you, thank you very much

  45. 45. Perro10 Says:

    Hi Mr Maxdugan, I got a premium key for 90 days from Payza I put the Key and tells me is not valid can you help me please Max! is the first time I use Payza, they tell me that they will get back to me in 48 hours with a answer? I need the premium key now not tomorrow sorry Mr Maxdugan!

  46. 46. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Perro10, please get in touch with rarefile at, thank you very much

  47. 47. Perro10 Says:

    Thank you very much Mr Maxdugan!……………………………………

  48. 48. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Perro10

  49. 49. BitSpinner Says:

    Hey Max, I saw that the Rarefile site is up for sale. Will this effect our use of it?

    Thanks Max

  50. 50. maxdugan Says:

    Hello BitSpinner, where did you see that? I dont know anything about that at all, and i do have direct contact with them, thank you very much

  51. 51. Atom333 Says:

    Hi Maxdugan
    Bought the 365 days premium through Payza about 3 hours ago and still haven’t gotten the Premium Key yet. What’s going on? And how do I proceed from with this problem? Thanks a bunch.

  52. 52. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Atom333, who did you purchase it from? Didnt you use hostpacket or VIP keys? Im not sure which reseller you used, you will need to email the reseller, thank you very much

  53. 53. Atom333 Says:

    It was through VIP keys.

  54. 54. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Atom333, go to their website –, you will see a tab for leaving a message when they are not online and chat with us when they are online, leave a message, make sure you leave your email address, VIP Keys is legit, they might be sleeping since its sunday, thank you very much

  55. 55. Atom333 Says:

    Have sent message to them and hopefully hear from them soon. So, my million dollar question is, when does the 365 days actually start? Wish that I had known that they don’t work on Sundays coz I had had the wrong idea that it was 24 hours service like other filehosts do.

    Thanks Maxdugan for responding and helping me out with this problem.

  56. 56. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Atom333, you will be the one to apply the premium key which means your premium will be activated on the day you use it, they are online usually 24 hours, maybe this time they just took a rest for a while, thank you very much

  57. 57. Atom333 Says:

    Hi again Max…….still waiting response from VIP Keys. Its been more than 24 hours already…..what now? The charge is already showing on my credit card.

  58. 58. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Atom333, kindly email, please include all the details, rarefile has direct contact with them, thank you very much

  59. 59. Atom333 Says:

    Hi again Maxdugan
    I’ve not heard from either VIP Key or and like I said, the charge on my credit card has already gone through and I will be disputing the charge.
    Thanks for the help. I still love your website but very unfortunate I’m not able to use premium rarefile to dowload stuff from here. Thanks again.

  60. 60. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Atom333, let me direct the problem to rarefile, thank you very much

  61. 61. PK65 Says:

    Hi Max,

    this is every year more complicated.
    Tried to renew my account but the SMS didn’t come.

  62. 62. maxdugan Says:

    Hello PK65, kindly get in touch with rarefile at please, thank you very much

  63. 63. Jackrabbit99 Says:

    Hi Max>> I used Vip to order VIP Keys with a Subway Gift Card. It has been 12 hours and have not received them. What has to be done? Thanks

  64. 64. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jackrabbit99, please get in touch with them, on the right hand side of their page, there is a tab to chat with them or leave a message, thank you very much

  65. 65. Jackrabbit99 Says:

    Hi Max>>> I finally got my VIP Key from VIP I put $25.00 on a Subway Gift Card. It said that it was $14.00 for 30-days. I wanted to make shure that I had enough on the card to cover it. After I gave them the Card Number and KEY they took the whole $25.00 off my card. says that I only have 30-days Premium. I should get more than that for $25.00. Would you straighten this out for me. A-Big-Thanks

  66. 66. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jackrabit99, i dont have any connection with VIP Keys but pls do get in touch with rarefile at so they can straighten this thing out, thank you very much

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