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Jul 06

Notes from Maxdugan

notes from maxdugan


Hi everyone, this is a little corner for important updates and tidbits. Please take note that this is not a forum so please kindly refrain from requesting and/ or commenting on non-related issues. Thank you very much.

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Ben Says:

    Hi Max,

    Love the site. Any chance you can post some Python video tutorials, maybe from Udemy or

    Thanks much!


  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ben, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  3. 3. Peacemaker Says:

    Hi Max, can you please upload a keylogger software for windows 10

  4. 4. Bradley Says:

    Max you are unbelievable…thank you so much!!

  5. 5. Ben Says:


    Thank you so much for posting the Python tutorials for me. I’d like to download them, but I can’t buy a membership. All of my credit cards are being declined. I’m ordering from the U.S. and am not behind a VPN or proxy. Is there any way I get around this problem?


  6. 6. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ben, that should not be a problem, first register for a free rarefile account using this link – , after which please email and give them the details of the problem, they will accommodate you, thank you very much

  7. 7. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Bradley, thank you very much

  8. 8. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Peacemaker, in as much as i want to, it will always be flagged as malware, kindly give this free keylogger a try –, thank you very much

  9. 9. Ben Says:

    Hi Max,

    The problem I was having with the membership purchase is solved. Thanks for being so prompt with posting the videos. You are awesome!


  10. 10. dsanchez99 Says:

    Hello Max, I am looking for a pinoy film called This Time I will be Sweeter with Ken Chan and Barbie Forteza? Thanks

  11. 11. Lambda75 Says:

    Hello Max, hope you’re doing well. I was hoping you had or could get this funny TV show – MADtv (15 seasons – 1995–2016), thanks!

  12. 12. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Lambda75, the complete series is now posted, thank you very much

  13. 13. josephssa Says:

    Hello, and good day, dear Sir Max! Could you please post the new version of DRIVER GENIUS, version 18. Thank you so very much, and have a good day/night! :)

  14. 14. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Josephssa, there is no proper crack for it yet, it was just released a few days ago, thank you very much

  15. 15. JamesUK Says:

    Hi Max, could you please re-upload: Foreign Land (2016) 1080p WEB-DL
    many thanks.

  16. 16. josephssa Says:

    OK, great Sir Max! I know you´ll post it when it comes out. I´m always grateful to you and your help! :)

  17. 17. Bradley Says:

    Hey Max…was looking for a series called The Story of The Jews…. If ya can find it it would be appreciated…thanks in advance!!!

  18. 18. Sharif07 Says:

    Hello Max

    Would you be able to get the complete Audio-book collection of Fredrick Forsyth books ?

    And also , what about the Complete Cosby Show ?

    Many Thanks for your Great work .

  19. 19. peebee Says:

    can’t download hell on wheels, says limits reached rarefile.
    I can download them one at a time but not as a batch.

  20. 20. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Peebee, premium subscribers can download without any limitations, kindly check your account status at, thank you very much

  21. 21. Walkleader Says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of Memory Map Max? With all of the OS maps ?? I’ve got an old copy which is out of date. Best Regards

  22. 22. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Walkleader, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  23. 23. David J Says:

    Hi Max please upload the series: The Resident

    Actors: Tasso Feldman, Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp

    Release Date: 2018

    Thank you in advance for your attention to this request

  24. 24. echo0449 Says:

    Hi Max I sent my vip dues to Maverick under the screen name echo0449 it would be under
    Please activate and thank you for a wonderfull site keep up the good work

  25. 25. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Echo0448, im sure the admin will be processing it today, thank you very much

  26. 26. maxdugan Says:

    Sure thing David J, Thank you very much

  27. 27. David J Says:

    Thank you Max

  28. 28. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too David J

  29. 29. Bradley Says:

    Hey Max… I would have sworn I posted this but it seems gone…. Anyway I’m looking for the series Ali-G I thought you had it but I can’t find it using search… also a Doc called The Story Of The Jews…. thanks my friend… hope your weekend has been good!

  30. 30. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bradley, the story of the jews was posted a few days ago, ill check out ali g, thank you very much

  31. 31. Jack Douce Says:

    Hi Max would appreciate if you could get 1955 Ealing comedy The ladykillers

  32. 32. Rbigdave Says:

    Hi Max
    Are you able to get:
    P!Nk: The Truth About Love Tour – Live from Melbourne
    Many thanks

  33. 33. Bradley Says:

    MAX …thanks for everything…. sorry for the bother

  34. 34. maxdugan Says:

    No bother at all Bradley, thank you very much

  35. 35. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Rbigdave, its now posted, thank you very much

  36. 36. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jack Douce, its now posted, thank you very much

  37. 37. donmiguel Says:

    Can you please reupload Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 Multilingual + Bonus Content

  38. 38. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Donmiguel, x10 version is already posted –, thank you very much

  39. 39. donmiguel Says:

    Thank you Max

  40. 40. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Donmiguel

  41. 41. josephssa Says:

    Dear Sir Max! Could you please post the older film L.A. Confidential with Russell Crowe? Thank you very much, and have a great day/night. :)

  42. 42. maxdugan Says:

    Will do Josephssa, thank you very much

  43. 43. skunerz123 Says:

    Do you know what has happened to rarefile web page
    Many thanks

  44. 44. Marta Says:

    Yes Rarefile not working as of now

  45. 45. sevy_tt Says:

    Is there any annoncement on why rarefile is down?

  46. 46. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Sevy_TT, there is a networking issue with rarefile, they are working on it but it looks like the DC or datacenter is accessible with some parts of the world, particularly in France and southern Europe, the rest of the world cannot access it, rest assured, they are doing their best to fix the issue, kindly bear with us, i have posted announcement and updates on the chatbox, thank you very much

  47. 47. sevy_tt Says:

    Thank you for that info Max. At least we know that the servers are intact. Hope it improves soon. Cheers.

  48. 48. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Sevy_TT, its now back online and you may continue your downloading, thank you very much

  49. 49. sevy_tt Says:

    Great! Thank you for the good news.
    By the way, on a side note, do you have the picture book of andrea torres “road trip” and the one of Jinri park?

  50. 50. Marta Says:

    Brilliant customer service as always Max!

    Many thanks

  51. 51. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Marta

  52. 52. Peacemaker Says:

    Hi Max. I need another favour from you. Will you be able to upload all seasons of Overhaulin;

  53. 53. buzuzih Says:

    Hello Max,
    “Homeland Season 7” will be starting again on Sunday,February 11 @ 9pm on Showtime.

    Thank you

  54. 54. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Buzuzih, you can count on it, thank you very much

  55. 55. kiko Says:

    trying to register vip but still not getting a response

  56. 56. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kiko, according to the admin, he didnt get any email from you, kindly email, thank you very much

  57. 57. josephssa Says:

    Hello again, dear Sir Max! Could you please post the older film, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” again? Of the four parts which are posted (DVD), part 2 doesn´t work. Thank you in advance, and have a great day/night. :)

  58. 58. dsanchez99 Says:

    Hello, Kevin Sorbo’s Let there be Light please thank you Max.

  59. 59. Rbigdave Says:

    Can you get:
    Pink: Funhouse Tour: Live in Australia
    Or any other PiNK concerts…….
    Thanks David

  60. 60. Walkleader Says:

    Hi max, With regard to my Memory Map OS edition request, I suspect it is a difficult package to obtain, especially with all the OS maps, so don’t worry if its a problem I’ll get by with my old version, but thank you for trying, Best Regards Walkleader

  61. 61. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Walkleader, its pretty difficult to find, all i can get are very old versions, im so sorry, thank you very much

  62. 62. Walkleader Says:

    Much appreciated

  63. 63. Oldschool Says:

    Hi Max,

    I Just Saw That YouTube Has All The Bitchin’ Rides But For A Fee

  64. 64. buzuzih Says:

    Hello Max, is this available ” Remove background – Photo clip – Inpixio”. Thank you.

  65. 65. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Buzuzih, its now called inpixio photo eraser and its now posted, thank you very much

  66. 66. melas75 Says:

    Sir Max can I ask please regarding my VIP membership? I cannot open any of VIP links it shows “Error 404 – Not Found” can you give some advice what to do? THANKS…

  67. 67. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Melas75, kindly email with regards to VIP membership please, thank you very much

  68. 68. dsanchez99 Says:

    Hello Max, Kevin Sorbo’s Let There Be Light as well as Justice League in 4K please thanks as always.

  69. 69. meridiem Says:

    Hi Max

    Will you please upload virtualrig 3.0 pro? Thanks in advance.

  70. 70. buzuzih Says:

    Hello Max,any news on “Windows 17″ !!!

  71. 71. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Buzuzih, i do have it but have not tried it yet, let me post it later, i wont be able to reply to the comments though since i have not played with it yet, thank you very much

  72. 72. buzuzih Says:

    Thank’s Max.There’s no rush.Just for curiosity.It’s been said ,that. it’s part of 7 and 10.Thanks and have a nice Sunday evening.

  73. 73. tomwatson2020 Says:

    Hey Max, been loving your site for 15+ years. There’s no place like it :) Would you please post ‘HDRI Link by greyscalegorilla’? I would very much like to give it to my son for his birthday. Thanks in advance, and keep up the outstanding work. Thank you.

  74. 74. maxdugan Says:

    Hello tomwatson2020, i posted it a few hours ago, thank you very much

  75. 75. Bradley Says:

    Hey Max… I have a great watch… looking for a one hour tv doc called Dreamland: Mark Twain’s Journey to Jerusalem ….. I saw a tiny bit on tv and it is great…. thanks for your help my friend

  76. 76. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bradley, looks like there is no release of this yet, thank you very much

  77. 77. tomwatson2020 Says:


  78. 78. chinm1 Says:

    hi max..

    cannot download vip content.. the page always cannot fund. why? thx

  79. 79. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Chinm1, i think your VIp membership might have expired already, kindly email with regards to VIP, thank you very much

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