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Jul 06

Notes from Maxdugan

notes from maxdugan


Hi everyone, this is a little corner for important updates and tidbits. Please take note that this is not a forum so please kindly refrain from requesting and/ or commenting on non-related issues. Thank you very much.

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Jim Says:

    Hey Max – Happy New Year.

    Seems RarFile are having issues. Many links not working with hoster offline issues. Even links that worked earlier. Some links were part way through and just stopped working

    It has been over 2.5hrs.

    Is anyone looking into this issue?



  2. 2. Jim Says:

    It seems the problem might be fixed. Failed links from before are now downloading

  3. 3. Jim Says:

    Sorry – spoke too soon. Many Server Errors happening now on links. But at least many more links are working

  4. 4. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, Hope you are having a great start of the new year.
    Can you find Ancient Earth series season 1 and 2?
    I saw it was on the Discovery Curiosity

  5. 5. Jim Says:

    Thanks for getting all servers online :)

  6. 6. josephssa Says:

    Hello, and good day, dear Sir Max! I do hope that 2019 is off to a great start for you and loved ones! I wanted to ask if you could please post the newest Symantec Encryption Desktop, which I believe is version 10.4.2. Thank you so very much! :) :)

  7. 7. Islandkido Says:

    Dear Max,
    Happy New Year
    I renewed my RareFile account for 365 days and expected to receive 90 days extra as per the Promo. Today is the 3rd January, still nothing addded to my account. Is this normal, or will I receive these 90 Promo days at a later date? Thank you for checking on this for me.

  8. 8. Islandkido Says:

    Thank you for the speedy response,

    Have a pleasant day and weekend.

  9. 9. GeorgesA Says:


    Can you start download links for the series pertaining to all of renovation series,like Flip or flop,property brothers,texas flip and move .etc

  10. 10. heyman Says:

    Any way to get a cheap a .rarefile key every time I but it there are always hiding charges.

  11. 11. Jopezh Says:

    Sir Max: Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Do you have KMSpico or activator of MS Office which will work with MAC OS? Many thanks. More power.

  12. 12. Bradley Says:

    Hey Max … I noticed there is a season 12 of Trailer Park Boys…. Any chance you could up that would be amazing….thanks!

  13. 13. Islandkido Says:

    Dear Max,

    Dear Max,
    Happy New Year
    Happy to confirm, the 90 days extra as per the Promo has been added to my account, thank you.

    Also on a good note please re-upload books about Psychology. Thank you for action and checking on this for me.
    Have a great week-end

  14. 14. JamesUK Says:

    Hi Max could you please re-upload – Hyena (2014) 720p WEB-DL x264 AC3 5.1
    parts 1-8 are missing, Thank you.

  15. 15. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, Do you have any classes on Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2019?

  16. 16. adamvoyager Says:

    Hi Max,
    Happy New Year!
    I trust you’re well.
    Is it possible please to upload “Impractical Jokers” please?
    Many thanks in advance

  17. 17. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, Do you have the ability to post Windows server 2016 and Windows Server 2019?
    And, Thank you for all you do

  18. 18. cetialpha Says:

    Hi Max,

    Any chance you can get a hold of video tutorials for creating e-pubs in Adobe Indesign? The current version would be best, but any tutorials would be greatly appreciated.


  19. 19. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, Can you find the band greta van fleet?

  20. 20. firewolfrl Says:

    I found the link Max….Thanks for posting

  21. 21. Jack douce Says:

    Hi Max I am looking for a 2018 film PETERLOO. Many thanks in advance

  22. 22. Bradley Says:

    Hey Max… If you could find an old documentary called pandora’s promise … That would be MOST excellent…. (sorry just finished re watching Bill & Ted lmao… Thanks for all your work.

  23. 23. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bradley, its now posted, thank you very much

  24. 24. maxdugan Says:

    Helo Jack Douce, its not released yet, thank you very much

  25. 25. Jack douce Says:

    Many thanks Max. Please post when available

  26. 26. GeorgesA Says:

    Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Blue Edition show not a valid file when i tried to burn it to disc

  27. 27. maxdugan Says:

    Hello GeorgesA, you dont need to burn it to a disc, kindly use winrar to extract the iso file and you can install from the setup file, thank you very much

  28. 28. Ganesh Datt Says:

    please upload DigiMemo Handwriting Recognition Software – Myscript Notes v 2.2 for ACECAD

  29. 29. Bradley Says:

    Hey Max…Any chance you can find The Corner. It’s a tv show from 2000 I believe. I did think I saw it here but can’t seem to find it now? .. Anyway I’m going to thank you in advance as you ARE da man!!!

  30. 30. Jim Bob Says:

    Hi max its been a few years since my last request, would it be possible to request the 47 hour premature ejaculation cue guide/book? thanks

  31. 31. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jim Bob, let me see what i can find since this is not available with amazon, thank you very much

  32. 32. maxdugan Says:

    Sure thing Bradley, thank you very much

  33. 33. Alec2 Says:

    Hi Max

    Just thought I’d read the notes and updates but noticed though your request for people to refrain from requesting and/ or commenting on non-related issues seems to have gone to the dogs. Sorry couldn’t help but comment on this non-related issue.

  34. 34. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Alec2, it will take time, we are hoping that everybody will learn in due time hehehe although looks like its going to be futile, thank you very much

  35. 35. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, Can you please post more from the ‘Bring Me the Horizon’? or the Discography?

  36. 36. techops Says:

    Max, Can you upload the latest versions of design software… Catia and ProE (Pro Engineer)

  37. 37. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Techops, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  38. 38. Rbigdave Says:

    Hi Max

    Are you able to get any of the older Super Bowl Halftime shows??

    Many Thanks

  39. 39. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Rbigdave, its now posted, thank you very much

  40. 40. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, Do you have any software that can bypass an android phone lock screen? My father in law passed away and we need in the phone
    Thanks Max

  41. 41. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Firewolfrl, im so sorry to hear that, i have now posted PhoneRescue for you – , its supposed to do a good job on removing the lock screen for android, here is a tutorial i found for it – , thank you very much and my deepest condolences

  42. 42. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, thank you for everything…
    You posted a software a while back that you could bypass windows 10 login screen without changing the password or deleting it…I could not remember what it was called…I don’t know if he had encrypted files or not so did not want to mess with the password scheme

  43. 43. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, you really do make a difference.

  44. 44. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Firewolfrl, kindly check these ones out just in case – , thank you very much

  45. 45. firewolfrl Says:

    Thank you Max for the links.
    Max what cloud storage is the one you think would be the best out there.What one would you use

  46. 46. maxdugan Says:

    Hello firewoldrl, there are many, dropbox and amazon cloud are very good, thank you very much

  47. 47. Tolla Says:

    Hi Max, Some Michael Bolton music if you could be so kind Sir.

  48. 48. tomwatson2020 Says:

    Hey Max, this may be an impossible request, but is Octane v.4 available? Much thanks in advance.

  49. 49. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Tomwatson2020, im not sure about that but let me check it out for you, thank you very much

  50. 50. tomwatson2020 Says:

    Thank you Max! You’re the best!

  51. 51. bmlawr Says:

    Hi Max,
    Could you see about getting the newr version to MahJong Suite. There is now a version 16.0 out. Thanks

  52. 52. maxdugan Says:

    Will do Bmlawr, thank you very much

  53. 53. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, Can you post some good Android emulators?… Also, some that are not just for games but good to customize for programming. Nox just doesn’t cut it..

  54. 54. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Firewolfrl, please use bluestacks –, thank you very much

  55. 55. firewolfrl Says:

    Thanks Max, Do you think you can post GenyMotion?

  56. 56. Bradley Says:

    Hey Max…looking for a woody allen tv series called Crisis en seis escenas… or Crisis in six scenes…. thanks bud we sure appreciate what you do.

  57. 57. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bradley, its now posted, thank you very much

  58. 58. nandhitha Says:

    Respected sir
    Inresponse to your appeal Ilike to place for your perusal. I am a village school teacher in a snall village in souther part of India. We frequently suffer from draught, anyhow I want to send a small amount (15$) will you please accept this meager amount? Big oceans will permit even a small boat to sail over it. I expect the same from you. I wanted to be a vip member but mypurse has not allowed it.
    With utmost regards

  59. 59. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Nanditha, thank you so very much for your very good and generous intention, however i believe your village deserve it more, please keep it or donate it to your village, it would mean so much to us since its more important, thank you very much for your support

  60. 60. jamesl Says:

    congratulations Max on reaching your target, i took up your offer and got Life VIP,
    Have you got:- Ghost in the Shell 4K UHD please i couldn’t find it, Thank You.

  61. 61. kalikali1 Says:

    Dear Max, hope this finds you very well.

    I’m tooking to find an audio extract from video tool, and the best one I’ve found is “Aiseesoft Total Media Converter”.

    If you can find it with your magic touch, it would be greatly appreciated.

    As always, thank you for your time and effort.

  62. 62. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kalikali1, i personally use Pazara and its freeware –, pls give it a try, thank you very much

  63. 63. Rbigdave Says:

    Hi Max

    Are you able to get a copy of the following book please
    Electricity in your French house by Thomas Malcolm


  64. 64. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Rbigdave, let me see what i can find, its not available as a digital download, thank you very much

  65. 65. firewolfrl Says:

    Max, There is a new Winrar ransomware. The Winrar version you have posted is not vulnerable to the infected files. All previous Winrar versions are vulnerable to the ransomware. I would recommend you post somewhere that your members update the Winrar to the latest version and I recommend that you post the latest version. Your site has always had clean files and I appreciate that a lot.
    Look for “JNEC.a Ransomware Spread by WinRAR Ace Exploit” on Bleeping computers to read up on it.

  66. 66. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Firewolfrl, yes all you need to do is to delete UNACEV2.DLL from the winrar program folder for older versions, thank you very much

  67. 67. firewolfrl Says:

    Thank you lots and lots Max

  68. 68. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much too Firewolfrl

  69. 69. kalikali1 Says:

    Dear Max, hope this finds you well.

    I’m hoping to find a program called “Crome Tuning” and “Hondata”.

    If you can find these, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and effort.

  70. 70. nogobiy Says:

    Dear Max,

    thank you very much for your work.
    I’d really appreciate it if you could reupload No Angels Season 1 to 3 The Complete Series DVDRip and HDTV since all the links are offline.

  71. 71. maxdugan Says:

    Hello nogobiy, there is a technical problem with one of rarefile servers, they are working on it now, the files should be back online in a while, thank you very much

  72. 72. Marta Says:

    Hi Max

    You’ve kindly posted Reboot:The Guardian Code for which I thank you.

    Is it possible to get all the original series of Reboot from the 1990s please?

    Kind regards


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