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Jul 06

Notes from Maxdugan

notes from maxdugan


Hi everyone, this is a little corner for important updates and tidbits. Please take note that this is not a forum so please kindly refrain from requesting and/ or commenting on non-related issues. Thank you very much.

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Ali Says:

    Thank you Max

    you are the best

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Ali, am not the best in any way, thank you very much

  3. 3. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bradley, its now posted, thank you very much

  4. 4. heyman Says:

    Hey max cna you get power rangers ninja steel s1 and s 2

  5. 5. Gemat10 Says:

    Hello Maxdugan, Thank you very much for all your posts! You are awesome!

  6. 6. josephssa Says:

    Hello again, dear Sir Max!! Could you please post the latest update for “Driver Booster”? Thanks so very much for all your work! :)

  7. 7. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Josephssa, kindly download it from here –, thank you very much

  8. 8. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Gemmat10, am not awesome in any way, thank you very much

  9. 9. Mike Says:

    I asked you if you could get the
    BBCs montalbano. The proper title is “ inspector montalbano “ thanks

  10. 10. cetialpha Says:

    Hi Max,

    Any chance you get post some recent Java programming video tutorials.

    Would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for the awesome site!

  11. 11. Gemat10 Says:

    Hello again Maxdugan! any chance you get post the latest encase program?
    Thanks again!

  12. 12. buzuzih Says:

    Hello Max,
    you don’t happen to have “Windows 10′s or 17 with the update of April 2018 ” ?
    Thank you

  13. 13. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Buzuzih, yes i do for may 2018, let me post it later, thank you very much

  14. 14. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Mike, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  15. 15. josephssa Says:

    Thanks again, dear Sir Max! :)

  16. 16. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Josephssa

  17. 17. Lloyd Villanueva Says:

    Hello Max,

    I can’t find FRIENDS tv series anymore, Can you help me for the link?
    Thanks a lot.

  18. 18. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Lloyd Villanueva, you can download them from here –, thank you very much

  19. 19. Lloyd Villanueva Says:

    Thanks a lot Max!

  20. 20. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Lloyd Villanueva

  21. 21. Triple C Says:

    Looks like my rarefile account has expired. Any special instructions to ensure you get the credit for my renewal? Gonna do a year again.

  22. 22. maxdugan Says:

    Helo Triple C, i believe you already registered using this link before –, if you did already, there is no need to reregister anymore, thank you very much for the sypport

  23. 23. Triple C Says:

    yes I bought a year ago I guess. ok so if I renew it’s automatic back to you. that’s what I am asking before I go ahead.

  24. 24. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Triple C

  25. 25. buzuzih Says:

    Hello Max,
    when it would be possible, can we have an update for “Windows 10 Manager (2.2.8)”,please.
    Thank you

  26. 26. phlegmon63 Says:

    hey max, I am having trouble with login for rarefile and have emailed them multiple times any ideas?
    thanks in advance

  27. 27. Triple C Says:

    Paid for the year. Not happy the final price is not what was advertised……. $89 ended up being $138 after administration fees BS…. Anyways now I wait I guess

  28. 28. phlegmon63 Says:

    max, fixed by rarefile :)

  29. 29. tomwatson2020 Says:

    Hey Max, could you please post “Food, Inc.” Thanks in advance.



  30. 30. maxdugan Says:

    Will do Tomwatson2020, thank you very much

  31. 31. jerome Says:

    dear Max.

    Please reupload abnkkbsnapako a filipino movie.

    ps. i feel your filipino

  32. 32. blee Says:

    Dear Max,
    Do you have Smaller and Smaller Circles?

  33. 33. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Blee, we are waiting for a proper release, thank you very much

  34. 34. Mike Says:

    Errors with all the links on ‘Jethro Tull Diskograghy

  35. 35. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Mike, checked the links you were referring to and they are all working now, kindly try again, thank you very much

  36. 36. heyman Says:

    Hey max are you able to get the right power rangers ?

  37. 37. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Heyman, im sorry still compiling, its very difficult to complete them, thank yuo very much

  38. 38. Marta Says:

    Hi Max

    Can you get the TV series “Dates” please? It’s a British series released in 2013 and features some (now) quite famous actors and actresses.


  39. 39. Gen.Jay218 Says:

    Hi Max, many thank you for all your uploads. If its not too hassle. Could you please look at PC Scoreboard Basketball and share it? As always Max keep up the great work. Thanks!

  40. 40. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Genjay228, im sorry but is that a program or a game pls, thank you very much

  41. 41. Gen.Jay218 Says:

    Hi maxdugan, it is actually a PC program that turns any computer into a digital scoreboard. It is called PC Scoreboard. Thank you very much Max!

  42. 42. maxdugan Says:

    Hello GenJay218, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  43. 43. JamesUK Says:

    Hi Max do you have -Code Red (2013) please

  44. 44. maxdugan Says:

    Hello JamesUK, i have a dvd copy that has foreign subtitles hardcoded, but ill try to find a better release, thank you very much

  45. 45. Ali Says:

    Dear Max

    I wonder if you can upload all seasons of the ultimate fighter

    Thanks in advance

  46. 46. buzuzih Says:

    Hi Max, is “Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Infinity 8.2” posted in “May 18” still OK ? Thanks

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