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Jan 06

Kelby Training The Nikon D3100 Video Tutorial

nikon d3100

Instructor Matt Kloskowski is joined by Annie Cahill, an experienced photographer and teacher of the Nikon system, and the two of them break down the Nikon D3100 for first time users and potential camera buyers. The Nikon D3100 packs a lot of options into a small body and Nikon has produced a remarkable, easy-to-use DSLR. This course will teach users about everything from getting started in auto mode to shooting in full manual. Learn how to customize the camera to your needs and get some tips on reading the display and quickly finding and adjusting camera settings.

Introduction (01:15)
Getting Started (08:22)
Guide Mode (05:52)
View and Delete (05:15)
Setup Area (08:08)
Dials and Buttons, Part1 (07:37)
Dials and Buttons, Part2 (08:55)
Dials and Buttons, Part3 (09:25)
Menu and Settings, Part1 (06:50)
Menu and Settings, Part2 (10:28)
Menu and Settings, Part3 (11:32)
Menu and Settings, Part4 (12:01)
Interpreting the Displays (08:24)
Using Flash (07:12)
Video (08:11)
Annies Tips (08:05)



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