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Oct 27

Geek Squad MRI – Best PC Repair and Maintenance Disc!

This is the Best Buy geek squad repair disc – Code Name MRI – for internal use only, confidential, and a trade secret. Optimizes, cleans and removes spyware/ adware, while you are away. No need to monitor once you start FACE interface.

geek squad mri

The disc has tools to help fix and repair computers – it has AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Disk Cleaner, Process List,Winsock Fix, etc, all in an attractive and quite usable interface! It has the LASER AntiVirus & Spyware Removal System (Patent Pending) to quickly and efficiently remove all vestiges of malware!

5 stars

The MRI is a bundle of software exe’s that the geek squad agents run on your PC to fix pretty much all software issues except for full system restores. It also has programs like Western Digital and Hitachi DFT’s (Drive fitness tests) used to diaggnose hard drive errors. there are a plethora of apps and utils that will help you combat most basic and common PC problems.

Full auto scan your computer for adware, trojans, viri and much more ! Boots in it’s own MRI mode so it can scan deeper than most all programs. Uses Kaspersky, adaware plus more.

written by maxdugan

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