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Dec 10

The Marvel Complete Encyclopedia

the marvel encyclopedia

Marvel Comics’ character roster boasts some of the best known and most popular characters ever conceived-heroes that are international household names, both as comic book stars and movie stars, such as Spider-Man, the Hulk and Wolverine. This unique, one-volume encyclopedia contains more than 1000 of Marvel’s greatest, with full details of their powers and their thrill-packed careers. The encyclopedia’s range of spectacular art features eye-popping work by Marvel’s finest artists, while the authoritative text is supplied by a team of top Marvel comic book writers. In addition, double-page features, illustrated with classic covers, trace the fascinating story of Marvel Comics through the decades. The Marvel Comics Encyclopedia is an essential book both for new fans and for those who grew up loving the excitement, heroism and humor of the Marvel Universe. Includes a foreword by Stan Lee.

Marvel Encyclopedia 01 [114.44 Mb]
Marvel Encyclopedia 02 – The X-Men [104.69 Mb]
Marvel Encyclopedia 03 – Hulk [76.77 Mb]
Marvel Encyclopedia 04 – Spider-Man [82.67 Mb]
Marvel Encyclopedia 05 – Knights [100.03 Mb]
Marvel Encyclopedia 06 – Knights [106.46 Mb]
Marvel Encyclopedia 07 [149.20 Mb]

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