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Jan 15

50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques – Tutorial eBook

50 fast digital camera techniques

This book teaches you the step by step techniques for taking terrific digital photos. This book has been written to be a fun book to read and one that can be used as a continual source of valuable information for taking better photographs with a compact digital camera. If you enjoy photography and you have, or plan to have a compact digital camera, this book is for you. If you do not yet have a compact digital camera, this book can still be valuable to you because it will help you learn which camera features are likely to be important to you, thus enabling you to buy the right camera for your needs the first time.

Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Getting Familiar with Your Camera
Chapter 2 Taking Pictures
Chapter 3 Using Advanced Features
Chapter 4 Choosing Accessories
Chapter 5 Taking People Pictures
Chapter 6 Photographing Nature
Chapter 7 “Scape” Photography
Chapter 8 Taking Still-Life,Art, and Auction Photos
Chapter 9 Creative Photography
Chapter 10 Moving Up to a Digital SLR



written by maxdugan

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