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Sep 09

Jet Li’s Fearless – DVDRip English Dubbed


A moving and inspiring story of redemption and personal triumph in the face of great odds, Jet Li’s Fearless is the based-on-facts story of Chinese folk hero Huo Yuanjia. Huo grows into an unbeatable fighter whose pride and thoughtlessness lead to a chain of tragic losses. Huo reinvents himself as a mature instructor of Wushu, a martial arts system that embraces all forms of fighting without preference or pre-judgement. At the dawn of the 20th century, of China’s refusal to entirely capitulate to the boot of Western colonialists. Taking on whatever European, American, or Japanese fighter the outsiders bring in to demoralize the natives, Huo becomes a legend that, in real life, is still revered. Thrillingly directed – Jet Li’s Fearless is a dazzling action movie that transcends its breathless fight sequences with Huo’s sportsmanship virtues. Jet Li is superb in the role.


written by maxdugan

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