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Jul 14

Build a PC Video Training Upgrading and Repairing PCs – Tutorial DVD

“Unlike some of the other reviewers, I found this DVD video met my expectations. It’s easy and simple to understand. My goal was to learn quickly and easily everything a neophyte needed to build a PC for the very first time. Based on the DVD video tutorial, I have just completed my first build (using the Intel Core2 Quad CPU recommended by Mueller), and it is working perfectly. I’m very pleased.”

build a pc

DVD features two hours of personal instruction on building your own PC from scratch! Watch, listen, and learn as world-renowned PC hardware expert Scott Mueller walks you through the guts of your PC. Scott shows you how to choose the right hardware and put it all together! Perfect for beginners, “Build a PC with Scott Mueller” is the video you will want to have by your side when building your first rig. Scott takes you under the hood to show you exactly how your PC works and how to build a PC right, the first time! PC building has never been this visual-or this easy!

In this DVD you will learn:

* Hardware 101! Scott shows you how to choose the right hardware for your new rig!
* Learn to decipher the technobabble used to describe PC hardware
* Watch as Scott shows you how to build a new PC. See how every part is installed!
* See how to properly power and cool your new PC
* Once your new PC is built, learn how to choose the right BIOS settings
* Tame those vexing front panel connectors!

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. SGK10 Says:

    Hi Max, Can you please re-upload “Building and Repairing PC’s by Scott Mueller”.
    Thank you.

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