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Apr 28

Monster / ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD Tutorial

hdtv calibration

Calibrate Your High Definition TV to Professional ISF Standards

The Monster/ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD is the next best thing to hiring a costly technician to visit your home. The Calibration Wizard provides easy-to-use live video shots to help you calibrate your TV without complicated test patterns. You will be amazed at the better detail, more realistic picture quality, and more accurate black levels and contrast.

* Easy step-by-step video instructions; no intimidating test patterns or complicated programming, no extra equipment required
* Optimum contrast, brightness, color accuracy and more—in minutes
* Watch your favorite movies and shows exactly the way the pros intended
* Hosted by pop star Jenna Drey and “Head Monster” Noel Lee
* Co-produced by the Imaging Science Foundation, the world authority in video calibration.

1. Introduction From The Head Monster 10th Anniversary ISF/ Monster
2. How This DVD Will Make Every Other DVD Better!
3. How Black are Your Blacks?
4. How Bright are Your Whites?
5. Are Your Pictures Colorful Enough or Way Too Colorful?
6. Is Your TV Sharp?
7. Am I Too Fat?
8. Time to Enjoy Your TV
9. Are You Well Connected and Properly Powered?

written by maxdugan

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