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Jul 11

Building a Website with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver – Interactive Tutorial

building a website

RC explains the process of creating a website layout using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Table of contents on next page.

5 stars

Lesson 01 Introduction (0:39)
Lesson 02 Using Presets and Browser Templates (8:08)
Lesson 03 Using Guides and Fill Layers (6:13)
Lesson 04 Using Kuler in Photoshop for Color (7:13)
Lesson 05 Setting up a Project Folder (4:52)
Lesson 06 Using Shapes in a Web Layout (7:35)
Lesson 07 Text in Photoshop for Web Layout (11:47)
Lesson 08 Using Stock Photography for Layouts (11:58)
Lesson 09 Texture Background Layout and Final Comp (13:42)
Lesson 10 Defining a Website in Dreamweaver (5:19)
Lesson 11 Redefining HTML tags – Adding Background and Header (13:55)
Lesson 12 Modifying CSS for Menu and content Areas (19:41)
Lesson 13 The Dreamweaver Template, Editable Regions, and Extensions (12:29)
Lesson 14 Adding Rollover Images to Dreamweaver (8:22)
Lesson 15 Photoshop Smart Objects in Dreamweaver (6:18)
Lesson 16 Using Dreamweaver Web Widgets (8:58)
Lesson 17 Tiltview/Simpleviewer – From Photoshop To Dreamweaver (12:42)
Lesson 18 Tiltview/Simpleviewer – From Lightroom 2 To Dreamweaver (12:18)
Lesson 19 Conclusion (0:30)



written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Burt Wonderstone Says:

    Hi Max, Just thought I’d let you know lesson 18 and 19 are missing from this download. It would be nice if you could add them. Thanks

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Burt Wonderstone, let me check on that, thank you very much for calling my attention

  3. 3. GspotHunter Says:

    hi Max good day, is it fix already?

  4. 4. GspotHunter Says:

    thanks by the way, downloading now. great job,

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