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Mar 13

Creating an HTML5 Banner Ad with GreenSock Video Tutorial

creating an html5 banner with greensock

The GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) provides a fast, performance-optimized, framework for creating HTML5 animations. Learn to combine javascript and GSAP with any of your HTML-based projects, including websites, digital magazines and books, and even mobile apps.

In this course, Chris Converse shows how to combine GreenSock with HTML, CSS, and a sprite sheet graphic, to create a complete animated banner ad. He’ll also introduce techniques for combining animations, rearranging elements, and jumping to specific points in the animation for testing. Plus, find out how to streamline your ad by serving just the files you need-reducing the file size and download speed.

Topics include:
* Downloading GSAP
* Creating the ad layout, link, and constraint
* Adding the photos and text
* Animating the artwork
* Setting the ad to fade in on load
* Animating the letters of a headline

written by maxdugan

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