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May 24

Law and Order SVU Special Victims Unit Season 19 Espisode 1 to 24 HDTV x264 (Season Finale)

law and order

Season 19 opener: Fin crosses international borders to catch a fugitive rapist, and this causes a political tug-of-war, which derails Barba’s case. Meanwhile, shocking allegations against Benson lead to the return of an old friend.

Season 19, Episode 02 – “Mood”
The bizarre details of a woman’s rape put the SVU at odds when Rollins and Carisi think her story is fabricated. Meanwhile, Benson goes on the offensive when her personal life is scrutinized. Also starring Ice T.

Season 19, Episode 03 – “Contrapasso”
When a man is found castrated and left for dead, Rollins and Carisi uncover three female suspects with possible motives. Meanwhile, Langan brings devastating news for Benson.

Season 19, Episode 04 – “No Good Reason”
A teenager disappears after schoolmates make her the subject of a vicious cyberbullying attack.

Season 19, Episode 05 – “Complicated”
A 10-year-old kidnapping case is reopened when a young woman is found wandering Central Park alone. Meanwhile, Carisi’s conversation with a newspaper reporter puts him in hot water.

Season 19, Episode 06 – “Unintended Consequences”
When a teenaged girl is found dead, Rollins goes undercover at a high-end rehab center where the victim was last seen alive. Meanwhile, Benson tries to overcome her doubts about Sheila.

Season 19, Episode 07 – “Something Happened”
Benson must disclose the secrets of her past to help a rape victim recall the details of one terrible, traumatic night.

Season 19, Episode 08 – “Intent”
The cops get tangled in an elaborate online hoax that leads to the rape of a popular social media star. Meanwhile, Benson sets firm ground rules with Sheila.

Season 19, Episode 09 – “Gone Baby Gone”
Emotions run high as the SVU squad embarks on a frantic search for Benson’s missing son.

Season 19, Episode 10 – “Pathological”
When the SVU investigates a case involving two students in a special needs school, Rollins discovers that one child’s medical issues stem from a surprising source.

Season 19, Episode 11 – “Flight Risk”
When an airline pilot accuses her captain of sexual assault, Barba convenes a Grand Jury to determine their employer’s complicity in the crime. Meanwhile, Fin takes steps to ensure Benson is protected at work.

Season 19, Episode 12 – “Info Wars”
After a female pundit is assaulted during a protest, Benson and Barba struggle to put their political beliefs aside in order to help bring the attacker to justice.

Season 19, Episode 13 – “The Undiscovered Country”
When an infant goes missing, the SVU finds themselves taking sides in a family’s right-to-die court case. Meanwhile, Barba’s interference in the case puts the entire DA’s office in jeopardy.

Season 19, Episode 14 – “Chasing Demons”
A doctor arrested for sexually abusing his patients is set free after Cassidy’s testimony causes a mistrial.

Season 19, Episode 15 – “In Loco Parentis”
Carisi opens a police investigation when his niece reports a classmate for sexual assault, and Stone learns there are no perfect witnesses when it comes to sex crimes.

Season 19, Episode 16 – “Dare”
A girl’s tragic death becomes a criminal case when a surgeon harvests her organs without parental consent.

Season 19, Episode 17 – “Send in the Clowns”
When a student disappears during a school trip to New York City, the cops race to find a mysterious masked man. Meanwhile, Fin and Stone both get visits from family.

Season 19, Episode 18 – “Service”
The SVU must break through military red tape when a soldier is suspected of sexual assault

Season 19, Episode 19 – “Sunk Cost Fallacy”
The search for an abducted woman and her young daughter leads Lt. Benson to cross paths with an old friend. Meanwhile, Stone must make a tough decision on behalf of his sister.

Season 19, Episode 21 – “Guardian”
Fin investigates a man’s claim that his sister was gang-raped.

Season 19, Episode 22 – “Mama”
An Alzheimer’s patient claims she was raped, but her illness casts doubt on the case. Meanwhile, Fin’s sergeant orders come in.

Season 19, Episode 23-24 – “Remember Me; Remember Me Too”
In the Season 19 finale, a young woman takes a man hostage at gunpoint; and Benson makes a dangerous attempt to defuse the situation. Meanwhile, the SVU discovers the shocking motive behind the abduction. In the second half: Benson’s suspicions about a kidnapping victim uncovers a dangerous criminal network prepared to silence anyone who gets in their way.

written by maxdugan

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