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Jun 16

Van Helsing Season 2 Episode 1 to 13 720p HDTV x264 + HDTV x264

van helsing

Vanessa and the other survivors go deep into the world of the vampire apocalypse, where they discover old alliances have crumbled and new connections expose buried secrets about the Rising, the Van Helsing heritage, and the survival of humankind.

Season 02 , Episode 02 – “In Redemption”
Vanessa fights to get her daughter out of the citadel. Dmitri and Antanasia hatch a plot to stop Vanessa. Mohamad risks his life to save Vanessa and Dylan.

Season 02 , Episode 03 – “Love Bites”
Vanessa makes a horrific decision to save her daughter; Axel and a former ally struggle to survive in the wild; a group of juvenile delinquents come face to face with a sadistic vampire.

Season 02 , Episode 04 – “A Home”
Vanessa encounters a group of vampires whose gruesome methods bring savagery to a new level. The juvenile delinquents continue their game of cat and mouse with Sam that has deadly consequences.

Season 02 , Episode 05 – “Save Yourself”
Vanessa faces off against Sam in a bloody showdown; Dmitri hears news that sends him on a warpath after Vanessa; and Flesh, Mohamad, and Lucky take desperate steps to save their lives.

Season 02 , Episode 06 – “Veritas”
Vanessa’s past rushes back to confront her in an unexpected way; a secret that Doc has been protecting is revealed; and in a bid to bolster his power, Dmitri sends Scab on an impossible mission.

Season 02 , Episode 07 – “Everything Changes”
Vanessa faces off with Dmitri; Axel fights against becoming a full-fledged vampire; Sam tracks Mohamad, Flesh and Lucky; Scab tries to enlist a fierce group of vampires to join Dmitri.

Season 02 , Episode 08 – “Big Mama”
The group struggles with the disappearance of a member, and they accept sanctuary in a town run by its sheriff and his troops. Meanwhile, Dmitri inches closer to achieving his darkest goal.

Season 02 , Episode 09 – “Wakey, Wakey”
A tense standoff between law enforcement and the survivors erupts into a bloodbath. In a bid to evade a vicious breed of vampire, Axel and Scarlett find themselves hunted like prey.

Season 02 , Episode 10 – “Base Pair”
A mystery unravels when an organization fighting to find a cure for vampirism enlists the help of one of the group. Old loyalties are put to the test with fatal results.

Season 02 , Episode 11 – “Be True”
Sam and Mohamad’s shared past comes back to haunt them in more ways than one; at a secluded campsite in the woods, friendships are put through a baptism by fire.

Season 02 , Episode 12 – “Crooked Falls”
While the rest of the group fight for survival, Axel and Scarlett defend a mountain stronghold against a relentless foe; at the same time, Doc makes a medical discovery that could change everything.

Season 02 , Episode 13 – “Black Days”
At a mountain stronghold, secrets of the Van Helsing family are unearthed and the true face of evil is exposed; at the same time, a climactic battle between humans and vampires leaves humanity’s fate in question.

720P HDTV X264


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