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Apr 03

The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 1 to 10 720p HDTV x264 + HDTV x264

the last ship

In the Season 4 premiere, Nathan James faces yet another global disaster 16 months after thwarting the coup in America.

Season 04 , Episode 02 – “The Pillars of Hercules”
Having lost their only lead, the crew of Nathan James continues their search for an item that could save the world.

Season 04 , Episode 03 – “Bread and Circuses”
Nathan James’s crew searches for a precious item, leading them to a strange place of opulence and violence where they cross paths with a most unexpected ally.

Season 04 , Episode 04 – “Nostos”
The crew searches for one of their own as enemies close in on all sides; and Slattery is haunted by visions of the past.

Season 04 , Episode 05 – “Allegiance”
Nathan James is diverted from their mission when they receive a suspicious distress call from a fishing trawler.

Season 04 , Episode 06 – “Tempest”
With an enormous storm on the horizon, Nathan James must navigate an equally terrifying threat in order to make it to safety.

Season 04 , Episode 07 – “Feast”
The search continues with a reconnaissance mission but things turn violent when an old foe resurfaces.

Season 04 , Episode 08 – “Lazaretto”
An undercover mission in the land of the dead leads to disturbing revelations about Dr. Vellek’s sinister plans.

Season 04 , Episode 09 – “Detect, Deceive, Destroy ”
The crew of Nathan James faces a threat that will test the limits of their Naval tactics and strategies.

Season 04 , Episode 10 – “Endgame”
Chandler confronts his enemy — and his personal demons — in a final showdown, with the fate of humanity on the line.

720P HDTV X264


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