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Jul 04

Demon Hunter (Music from the Motion Picture)

Demon Hunter

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1. The Demon Hunter (From “Demon Hunter”)
2. Taryn Barker (From “Demon Hunter”)
3. The Nightmare You Deserve (From “Demon Hunter”)
4. Murder Suspect (From “Demon Hunter”)
5. Six Years Ago (From “Demon Hunter”)
6. Searching (From “Demon Hunter”)
7. Annabelle (Letting Go) (From “Demon Hunter”)
8. A Promise (From “Demon Hunter”)
9. A Dark Past (From “Demon Hunter”)
10. Without You (From “Demon Hunter”)
11. Mourning (From “Demon Hunter”)
12. Falstaff (From “Demon Hunter”)
13. Make a Promise (From “Demon Hunter”)
14. Occult Memory (From “Demon Hunter”)
15. Attack on the Police Station (From “Demon Hunter”)
16. Skin Ripper (Demon Hunter Mix) (From “Demon Hunter”)
17. Possession (From “Demon Hunter”)
18. Demon Hunters (From “Demon Hunter”)
19. Convoy (From “Demon Hunter”)
20. Rescue Mission (From “Demon Hunter”)
21. Fed to the Wolves (From “Demon Hunter”)
22. Origins (From “Demon Hunter”)
23. Taryn & Ethan (From “Demon Hunter”)
24. Stand off (From “Demon Hunter”)
25. At the Devil’s Gates (From “Demon Hunter”)
26. Eskerin Falstaff (From “Demon Hunter”)
27. Taryn vs. Fastaff (From “Demon Hunter”)
28. Redemption (From “Demon Hunter”)
29. Her Vengeance (From “Demon Hunter”)


written by maxdugan

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