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Feb 10

Working Beks (2016) 720p HDRip H264 – Filipino Movie

working beks

Five gay men from different walks of life are confronted with important choices that could change everything for them.


written by maxdugan

18 Responses to this entry.

  1. 1. superkraut Says:

    Hi Max

    Great upload, but there seems to be a problem with the links, can you check them please, getting checksum error message.


  2. 2. superkraut Says:

    Looks like link 1 and 2 are faulty.

    Thanks :)

  3. 3. superkraut Says:

    Hi Max

    Problem solved, it was a messed up download of link 1 and 2.

    Thanks for the GREAT upload, my Mrs LOVES it :)

    Stay safe and take care


  4. 4. benjie Says:

    Thanks Max. Before I download may I know if this is a good copy with synchronize audio?

  5. 5. noli007 Says:

    FYI audio is not sync.

  6. 6. emcee Says:

    if you are using vlc player click ->Tools->Track Synchronization->on synchronization tab enter -10.000s.

  7. 7. gardo Says:

    Thanks emcee!

  8. 8. noli007 Says:

    if i click ->Tools->Track Synchronization->on synchronization tab enter -10.000s.

    I get No Audio

  9. 9. emcee Says:

    noli007 not sure what is wrong with your player but mine works perfect. try the latest version of vlc.

  10. 10. Fil Says:

    Same for me. Hindi sync ang audio. Tried to change the synch to 10 pero nawala audio. Tried other video player pero same. :(

  11. 11. Teks Says:

    Hi. Mostly tagalog movies nahuhuli ang audio. Kahit sa PC & TV i play. Thanks.

  12. 12. emcee Says:

    guys it is (-10.000s)

  13. 13. benjie Says:

    It works on same , thanks emcee.
    Can this be save so I could play in TV?

  14. 14. benjie Says:

    It works on me , thanks emcee.
    Can this be save so I could play in TV?

  15. 15. emcee Says:

    not sure if it can be saved benji. Why don’t you just hook your pc hdmi to tv.

  16. 16. john Says:

    hi max, audio is not align with the video :-(

  17. 17. Benjie Says:

    emcee, I have an external HD connected to my LED TV where I store all my movies. Anyway, I have fixed the problem using xilisoft video converter and enjoying watching in TV. Thanks emcee for the info -10.000s. Thanks to you Max, as well.

  18. 18. Benjie Says:

    Thanks also to RSGRT (Where are you now?)

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