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Aug 04

Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 Multilingual

Corel VideoStudio Pro is professional video-editing software with end-to-end HD support, it offers a huge palette of features, effects and options that indulge the imagination. Corel VideoStudio Pro is the powerful, creative and easy way to take your video footage from shoot to show-fast. Quickly load, organize and trim SD or HD video clips. Read more on next page.

Cut together your production from templates and get creative with effects, music, titles, transitions and more. Explore new Stop Motion Animation and Time-Lapse tools, then export to 3D! It’s everything you need for professional-quality video editing.

Create, edit, render and share faster than ever with VideoStudio® Pro – your complete video-editing software for making HD movies. Now optimized for the latest hardware from Intel® and AMD, VideoStudio Pro X4 lets you see results on screen faster than ever. Make a movie, then share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DVD, AVCHD and Blu-ray discs, iPhone, mobile device, your favorite website or your TV and more.

• Stop Motion Animation – create your own animated movie starring people, toys or objects
• Flexible workspace – drag to resize and move panels, even across two monitors
• Time-Lapse Effect – easily and quickly create time-lapse sequences from photos or videos
• Advanced editing – have fun making movies with quick access to professional editing tools
• Export in 3D – turn your 2D video into a 3D movie
• Easy HD sharing – author and burn HD movies directly to DVD and Blu-ray Disc™
• Online sharing – upload movies directly to YouTube™, Vimeo®, Flickr®, Facebook® and other websites
Get ready to create your best-ever movies! Even upload directly to YouTube™ to let the whole world in on the fun. VideoStudio Pro kicks the movie making process into high gear, giving you the ultimate playground for creativity. Your complete HD video-editing program, it gives you a rapid head start with professionally designed templates, real-time, studio-quality effects, polished titles and smooth transitions. Super-charge your workflow with GPU acceleration and multi-core Intel® CPU support for faster editing and rendering. Quickly assemble video clips in new Express Edit mode or go deep with advanced video-editing tools.

Simple steps to great-looking movies:
• Enhanced! Instantly find your movie elements from the streamlined navigation panel
• New! Drag to resize and move panels, even across two monitors
• Enhanced! Use the Timeline to place titles on any track, add transitions, and apply settings and filters to multiple clips

Your vision—now on screen!
• New! Create your own animated movie with Stop Motion Animation
• New! Show a day in the life of your neighborhood in minutes with the Time-Lapse effect
• Enhanced! Put a movie together in no time with Instant Projects
• New! Amaze your audience by turning a 2D video into a 3D movie

Outstanding speed for incredible HD:
• Enhanced! Save time and edit and render faster with support for new high-performance hardware, including 2nd generation Intel® Core™ and AMD processors
• Enhanced! Quickly author HD movies to DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ with integrated burning tools

Share and show anywhere:
• Enhanced! Upload directly to YouTube™, Vimeo®, Flickr®, Facebook® and other websites
• Enhanced! Easily output your movie to your TV or games system
• Share your movies on iPad®, iPhone®, PSP® and other popular devices

What’s new in Corel VideoStudio Pro X4
- New! Stop Motion Animation
- Create your own animated movie featuring people, toys, clay figures or any object. The VideoStudio Pro X4 Stop Motion module is the ideal video and animation play-place for kids and adults alike!
- New! Time-Lapse photography
- With the VideoStudio Pro X4 Time-Lapse feature, you can make the sun set in seconds or show a day in the life of your neighborhood in just minutes. Start with a video clip and speed it up or remove frames. Or use a series of photos taken at regular intervals and play them in sequence as a movie. A cool effect, made easy.
- New! Flexible workspace
- Make more room to work and get better control over your tools—just drag to resize and position panels where you want them, even across two monitors.
- Enhanced! Integrated HD authoring and burning
- Easily author HD movies to DVD and Blu-ray Disc with the new integrated burning tools.
- Enhanced! Enhanced Library and Timeline
- Quickly organize and find your content—including video and audio clips, photos, filters, graphics and transitions—with the streamlined Navigation panel. Then use the enhanced Timeline to place titles on any track, put transitions at the beginning and end of clips on overlay tracks, and apply settings and filters to multiple clips and batches of images.
- Enhanced! Instant Projects
· Create, import and export movie templates! Make a template of cool title sequences, effects or complete movies, then reuse or share with others.
- Enhanced! Speed and Performance
- Why wait for results? VideoStudio Pro X4 is optimized for the new 2nd generation Intel Core processors to let you edit and render faster. Plus, check the enhanced Corel Guide regularly for new content and product enhancements—VideoStudio Pro X4 is going keep getting faster!
- New! Advanced upscaling
- VideoStudio Pro X4 lets you make regular video outstanding. Enhance the quality of standard definition video and upscale it to fit your HD display with new high-performance upscaling technology. You can also take advantage of cutting-edge GPU acceleration technology to take standard definition video to near-HD quality in the blink of an eye.
- New! 3D movies—glasses included!
- Save your 2D movies in 3D or upload them to YouTube 3D, then watch them with your free 3D glasses! (Glasses in box version only)
- New! Take it with you
- Use Smart Package, now with integrated WinZip technology, to combine all the video, photos and audio related to a project in one package, making it easy to move your project to another PC.
- Enhanced! Corel Guide
- Watch bonus training videos, download new movie content, product updates and much more through the enhanced Corel Guide.

Disconnect the internet or block the application with your firewall during the activation. Run the keygen, enter the serial and choose Phone corel – enter the obtained installation code in the keygen to get your personal activation code.


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