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Jan 24

Lady Chatterleys Lover DVDRip

In 1960, Penguin books bought out the expurgated edition & was summarily prosecuted for violating the Obscene Publication Act of 1959! Even the trial was scandalous…

lady chatterleys lover

The Movie: It is equal to the novel in its sexological study of a paralyzed Sir Clifford Chatterley, who strongly advises his wife, Lady Constance Chatterley, to find a lover for herself in order to satisfy what Sir Clifford cannot ever give her, or so he thought: sexual fulfillment. Lady Constance Chatterley reluctantly takes her husband’s advice, being quite young & beautiful. But, after beginning a very sexually intense affair with a proletariat man, Lady Chatterley’s affair shocks her husband who suggested it & the high society in which they take part.


written by maxdugan

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