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Sep 07

Siglos Karaoke Professional v2.0.27 Full + Portable Version

siglos karaoke pro

The ultimate Karaoke Software to get control over your karaoke show! Siglos Karaoke Professional makes your karaoke shows better & easier to run.

Professional karaoke software that helps running your karaoke show:
Run your karaoke on your PC. No more carrying hundreds of disks, risking damage and loss.
Two-screen display makes running your show easier and more fun.
Advanced display functionality make lyrics look better .
Find any song in literally seconds with the powerful song database.
Singer rotation management automatically keeps singers queue in order. You can even add new songs while singers are performing.
Singer announcement save you from ‘Who’s next’ questions, and a time guide will answer ‘When is it my turn?’ questions, quickly and accurately.
Singer history – no more typing the same songs for regulars.
Song silence detector removes unwanted silences from the start and end of a CD+G karaoke song.
Key Changer changes the key of a song when adding a request or even when the singer is already singing.
Tempo changer slows down or speeds up the song.
Busy with other things? Have your KJ show run in Automatic mode while you’re unable to operate the computer.
Play CD+G disks: if a singer brings their own karaoke CD+G disk, just place it in the queue and insert when prompted – the show continues uninterrupted.
No need to start another player when nobody is singing. Your fill-in playlist activates automatically when the song stops, then fades away when it’s time for the next performance.
Preview window allows you to see precisely what the singer sees.
Playlist view checks the actual songs in the queue, instead of seeing the rotation order.
Play karaoke songs directly from YouTube.
Use search to look up karaoke videos on YouTube
Create rotation containing online videos
Export songs from the database and use them in songbook software, or use a spreadsheet program and create the books yourself.
Use rotation presets to preload rotations for regular singers.
The best all-round software for karaoke!

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. dstand Says:

    Hello Max
    Where can I find some karaoke songs for this program

  2. 2. dstand Says:

    No reply so I deleted this program

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