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Nov 16

David Wygant 7 Second Seduction Complete Video Tutorial + Audio + Bonuses

7 second seduction

The 7 Second Seduction System by David Wygant is a 5-volume video and audio-coaching program that teaches you how to create powerful desire in women within 7 seconds. The system is designed to use the psychological triggers in the female mind in order to give you the power to attract the woman of your choosing.

7 Second Seduction is an infield video product that David Wygant put together over the course of about nine months. It consists of five videos as well as four audio-only recordings. All of the interactions take place during the daytime and mostly in Los Angeles, with one of the videos filmed in New York.

The first video is the longest at 82 minutes and features David out on a Saturday with a couple of his students. He spends some time first talking about his mindset for when he is going out and how he just makes approaching women a natural part of his life rather than something he goes out specifically to do. While they are in the car on the way there he has some motivating information about what it means to be the man and be a leader in life and with women.

David’s style when it comes to approaching women is to be situational/ observational. So he’s always on the lookout for something in the environment he can use to initiate a conversation. That’s what you’ll see a lot of throughout this product, and in this first video a number of the approaches are done on women with dogs as well as at an outdoor market.

For the most part the conversations are nice and friendly. There isn’t a lot in the way of attraction and there aren’t any interactions that end with exchanging numbers. At the time of this first video David was in a relationship and at one point says this was the reason he didn’t go for any number closes. At another point in this video he says he doesn’t believe in going for the number close on camera as the girls aren’t aware they’re being filmed.

But in the other videos he does ask for numbers, so I’m not sure why it was an issue in this first one. As this is a product aimed at teaching guys, it’s important to demonstrate something and not just talk about it. There are a number of times where David is talking to the other guys about how well an interaction went, and how easy it would have been to push things further and get her number. But it would have been more helpful to actually do this and show guys how it’s done.

The students both appear nervous and are only shown doing one or two approaches each. They don’t go particularly well, despite what one of them thinks. Part of the problem for them seems to be a lack of confidence and conversational skills. One of the guys approaches two girls with an observation, doesn’t know how to transition out of that, and is left awkwardly talking about the opener because he’s got nothing to say.

It’s kind of made out to be a successful interaction since he was just being himself and in the moment and not using any scripted routines. David talks about the power of being authentic, which is good, but I couldn’t help thinking this guy was being inauthentic by not expressing his actual interest in either of the girls. He comes across as nice and polite and doesn’t ask for their numbers when he had the chance to do so. Showing more intent and having a better grasp of a conversational framework would help him immensely.

David is able to get away with his free flowing style as he is confident, experienced and knows how to talk to people. For guys at more of a beginner level, they can struggle sometimes with this approach and often run out of things to say.

One thing that wasn’t ideal here, and that occurs in some of the other videos, is that the footage sometimes starts midway through a conversation. Whether the beginning was edited out or wasn’t captured in the first place isn’t clear, but it would have been preferable to see the whole interaction from the start.
Meeting Women In Supermarkets

The second video is a little different in that it features David approaching women at a Wholefoods, this time accompanied by fellow dating coach John Keegan. As John is more experienced, these interactions are better in that David and John can vibe off each other better than what the two students were able to do in the first video.

It’s a good demonstration of how easy it can be to start conversations with women while you’re in the supermarket, or in fact any store. Again, it’s all just situational stuff and based off of observing what’s around you. The downside is that at times they get stuck talking about food or not really transitioning away from the opener in a way that progresses things. Not all the time, but sometimes.

There’s footage here of David getting the email address of a woman, under the guise of sending her some information as she is new to the area. There’s another that he asks out and she says no, and I think these were the only two times there was an attempt at taking things further. So while there are a lot of opens and friendly chats, it’s a little underwhelming in terms of producing any solid results.

At one stage they get called out by a security guard who notices they are filming and he shuts them down. They were talking to a woman and having a solid interaction, but once the guard interjected it didn’t help things. He’d noticed David and John had been walking around the store for a couple of hours, so to just come away with one email or number in that time is not a great return on investment.

Like the first video, they comment on many of the interactions after they take place and in some instances talk about how well it went or how the girl was really attracted to them and it would have been easy to take things further. I’m sure many viewers will be wishing they had tried to take them further so as to provide a clearer demonstration of how this is done.

Picking Up Girls At Coffee Shops

The third video shows David approaching a girl at a table outside a coffee shop and then joining her. This interaction goes for around 20 minutes and is the best example in the entire product. This video ends with David making out with the girl by her car and making plans to see her later.

This is also a good example of how age doesn’t matter as much as some guys believe, as David is 51 at the time and the woman looks like she’s probably in her late 20s. She’s also attractive and this video can help show you that you don’t have to let self-limiting beliefs hold you back.

The main difference in this interaction from the others is that David is able to sit down with the girl, whereas in all the other videos he’s generally talking to women who are walking around. So this is a good lesson, that if you can sit down somewhere with a girl then you’ll generally give yourself more time and a better chance to form a connection with her.

Another thing that stands out is David shows a bit more intent in this interaction and pushes things further along. He makes his interest more clear and there is a stronger sexual vibe present.

On The Street

There’s a video where David and John are out on the streets in New York approaching women. They get some good reactions and it’s further evidence that it’s not as hard as some guys imagine it is to cold approach women during the daytime.

John in particular is a bit more aggressive in keeping the conversation going and in asking for numbers. He gets a few numbers and overall it is a good lesson in the power of persistence.

Something that David continually stresses is that they don’t get fazed if they get a bad reaction, they just keep on rolling and doing their thing. He’s really big on mindset, staying positive and living in your own reality.

In A Restaurant

The last video is David and John in LA at a restaurant during the daytime. There’s a short interaction with a Swedish air hostess who is there with her baby and mother, which is just pretty much a friendly conversation.

After that they are talking for a bit with their waitress, and then chatting with two more waitresses or hostesses who are standing out the front of the restaurant. The title of the video is ‘how to seduce the waitress’ but there’s not really any seduction going on here. It’s a fun conversation and the girls are laughing at times and friendly, but it’s nothing really more than that.

One thing David seems to do is go to a lot of the same places regularly, so part of his style seems to be building up familiarity with people. In essence, he’s playing the long game. Talking to everyone, getting to know them and then from there things may develop with certain women.

He’s not really overtly hitting on anyone and he’s not doing anything to really make women dismiss him. So if you’re more of an extroverted person and just like meeting as many women as possible, this sort of style might suit you. If you’re not going to see the same women all the time or you want a system that focuses a bit more on getting immediate results with women, this might be a bit slow paced for you. There’s a higher opening ratio but also a lower closing ratio.

Audio Recordings

There are four audio recordings, two of which are at the supermarket. The conversations are more of the same, and as a learning tool it’s not quite as good since you can’t see body language and all the sub-communication that is going on. And in some instances they might be talking about something visual, so it’s tough to make out what’s going on.

But the conversations are pretty light and playful, so if this is an area that you struggle with then you will hear some good examples here. You’ll also get to hear how John number closes a woman and makes plans to possibly meet up with her later that night for a drink.

There’s a short four minute audio recording from on the street, and another one that goes for nearly 20 minutes. Both of these start off midway through conversations so again you’re not getting the whole interaction. The latter features David and John talking to a television actress, at some point she is asking them for a video testimonial and I wasn’t sure what was really going on. Just getting snippets of conversation isn’t as useful as the entire thing.

Who Is This Best Suited For?

If you have a lot of issues with being able to approach women and want to be able to do so in a natural way, you might find this product helpful. If you’re anywhere beyond the beginner level this will almost certainly be too basic for you.

What it’s lacking is any kind of actionable steps you can take or a guideline on how to improve your success. It pretty much boils down to just be confident, fun and go talk to everyone. This type of advice typically works better for guys who already have a certain level of confidence and conversational ability.

If you feel you learn best by being told specific things to do and having a roadmap of what to do, there really isn’t any structure here for you. If you are able to figure things out for yourself and like seeing other people take action as a way to motivate yourself, this product would be better suited to you.

One of the issues here is that there’s nothing new really being offered. At one time in the dating community in-field videos were in high demand as it was a chance to see how the experts actually talked to women in real life. But now thanks to sites like YouTube there are tons of videos online that show guys successfully picking up girls. So when it comes to paid products, people generally have a higher level of expectation now and want to see something they haven’t seen before. In that sense, there isn’t much here that goes beyond a few minutes of conversation except for the video of David and the woman at the coffee shop.

There are a number of others, such as learning to accept yourself and how to be a better storyteller. David talks a lot about using your tonality and how much power your voice has to create interest in women. He’s got excellent tonality and always comes across confidently when he speaks so he is a good example of someone you might want to model in this regard.

Bonuses include:

#1: Overcoming Approach Anxiety
How to overcome fears and develop the confidence and masculine energy to start engaging and flirtatious conversations with women.

#2: The Art Of Being Present
A technique for being present that gets women to feel, notice, and turned on by you.

#3: Become A Master Storyteller
How to tell captivating stories that lead a woman into wanting to be a part of your world.

#4: Calibrating Eye Contact
How to get a woman to trust and surrender to you by using strong, relaxed eye contact to make her comfortable.

#5: Owning The Pussy
Developing the approach mindset that you “own the pussy” before meeting a woman.

#6: Become a Master Communicator
Using the power of observation to create easy and naturally flowing conversation, and with tone and body language.

#7: The Power Of Self-Acceptance
How to change the negative and rejection thoughts you have about yourself.

#8: How To Be A Better Man
How to avoid mistakes of what most people think it takes to become a strong, confident, alpha-male. It also explains the importance or revealing your sensitive side and how to use powerful negotiation to attract women.

#9: 14-Day trial of Advanced Dating Inner Circle (optional)
In-action video footage of David meeting and seducing women, including advanced attraction strategies.

Video footage showing how easy it is to get into interactions with women during the day. Nothing complicated that you need to learn or memorize. Teaches some good positive mindsets to help you be more successful.

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