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Sep 19

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 1 to 20 WEBRip x264

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years. From the age of the dinosaurs to ancient Egypt, from early cave drawings to continued mass sightings in the US, each episode in this hit History series gives historic depth to the questions, speculations, provocative controversies, first-hand accounts and grounded theories surrounding this age old debate. Did intelligent beings from outer space visit Earth thousands of years ago?

Season 19, Episode 01 – “UFO Hotspots”
Studies have shown that up to 70% of all UFO sightings happen in so-called ‘hotspots’ where reports of visions, mysterious lights and unusual phenomena are regularly witnessed–and not only in modern times, but dating back thousands of years. Could there be something about these locations that attracts extraterrestrial visitors?

Season 19, Episode 02 – “The Crop Circle Code”
More than 10,000 crop circle formations have been documented in over 50 countries, and many display properties that defy conventional explanations. Are they of otherworldly origin? And if so, what is their purpose? Could it be that reconnection with our alien ancestors will only come when we finally crack the crop circle code?

Season 19, Episode 03 – “Mystery of the Lost Civilization”
The discovery of the ancient megalithic site of Karahan Tepe in southern Turkey turned the world of archaeology on its head, displaying engineering skills far beyond what the people of the time were thought to be capable of. But could new evidence reveal that this more than 11,000-year-old complex was built not by humans…but giants?

Season 19, Episode 04 – “The Power of the Obelisks”
The towering obelisks of ancient Egypt weigh hundreds of tons and each was perfectly carved from a single granite rock. While mainstream scholars identify them as monuments to the pharaohs, Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest they may have served a technological purpose–they powered a technology that allowed for communication with the gods who came from the stars.

Season 19, Episode 05 – “The MUFON Files”
The Mutual UFO Network is an organization devoted to the scientific investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena and other unexplained encounters; with more than five decades of investigations, MUFON’s extensive database could contain proof.

Season 19, Episode 06 – “Cosmic Impacts”
Texts, archaeology and legend contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact.

Season 19, Episode 07 – “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”
The Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence defines a “Close Encounter of The Fifth Kind” as direct human contact and communication with extraterrestrial life. But is this a classification that will only be useful in the distant future, or have such encounters already taken place… and within the highest levels of the U.S. government?

Season 19, Episode 08 – “The Alaska Triangle”
The vast Alaskan wilderness is well known for mysterious disappearances, electromagnetic anomalies, stories of strange creatures, and is a hotspot for UFO sightings. Could Alaska’s many mysteries be due to a presence that is not of this world?

Season 19, Episode 09 – “Aliens in our Airspace”
Terrifying encounters at 40,000 feet. Pilot accounts of UFOs taking control of their aircraft. Entire jumbo jets disappearing into thin air. Since the dawn of aviation, pilots have experienced unexplainable events in the sky. Could they have witnessed aliens in our airspace?

Season 19, Episode 10 – “The Giants of Malta”
Enormous, megalithic structures of mysterious origins. A vast underground complex containing the remains of what some believe to be otherworldly beings. Could the ancient mysteries that exist on the Mediterranean islands of Malta be connected to local legends of alien visitation–and giant hybrid beings?

Season 19, Episode 11 – “The Top Ten Pyramid Sites”
Ancient Aliens is counting down the world’s top ten pyramid sites, from a valley in Peru with over 250 hidden pyramids to an ancient Greek city with mysterious 4800-year-old ruins to Egypt’s famous Giza Plateau. Could the extraordinary structures that stand at these sites provide evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?

Season 19, Episode 12 – “The Top Ten Mysterious Devices”
Ancient Aliens is counting down the world’s top ten mysterious devices, from strange, grooved disks found in a cave in China to an ancient Greek computer to an incredible crystal skull unearthed in Mexico.

Season 19, Episode 13 – “The Top Ten Mysterious Islands”
Ancient Aliens is counting down the world’s top 10 mysterious islands, including sites said to be home to giants, remote landmasses that are home to massive megalithic structures, and even islands that disappear into thin air…

Season 19, Episode 14 – “The Top Ten Alien Craft”
Ancient Aliens is counting down the top 10 alien craft, from V-shaped objects to orbs of light to flying saucers…

Season 19, Episode 15 – “Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet”
In the early 1900s, a modern-day prophet from the hills of Kentucky became a worldwide sensation: Edgar Cayce. He claimed to receive visions of both the past and the future while in a trance, he healed the sick, and alleged to have encounters with otherworldly beings. Could it be that Edgar Cayce was a vessel used to carry out an alien agenda?

Season 19, Episode 16 – “The Gods of Greece”
Whether the gods of Greece including Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon from Mt. Olympus were extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.

Season 19, Episode 17 – “The New UFO Hunters”
In the 21st century, UFOs have gone from fringe science to mainstream obsession. A new generation of UFO hunters is employing incredible technology, and Unidentified Flying Objects are being openly investigated by the government. Are we closer than ever to understanding the strange events happening in our skies?

Season 19, Episode 18 – “Power of the Talisman”
For thousands of years, people have held the belief that everyday objects can possess hidden energy. Talismans are seen as providing protection, good fortune, and some are even thought to embody a higher power.

Season 19, Episode 19 – “The Top Ten Mysteries Of The Deep”
Ancient Aliens is counting down the top ten mysteries of the deep, from sunken continents to puzzling ruins on the ocean floor and even artifacts that might be remnants of Atlantis. Could these underwater mysteries provide a record of extraterrestrial visitation?

Season 19, Episode 20 – “The Top Ten Alien Petroglyphs”
Ancient Aliens is counting down the top ten alien petroglyphs around the world, from strange, human-like figures to flying craft and carvings of what appear to be astronauts.


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