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Apr 19

2 Girls Teach Sex Extreme Female Orgasms 8 DVD-Set Tutorial

2 girls teach sex

Just when you thought you knew everything… You will be blown away by the amount of content in the DVDs! While beginners will enjoy the tips about how to tease, kiss, and undress a woman, the actual sex and foreplay techniques demonstrated are very HIGH-LEVEL. These DVDs were shot in HD with great camera work and professional editing. See next page for complete descriptions.

DVD # 1 – Extreme Orgasm Secrets

In this DVD I’m going reveal my wildest secrets for giving your girl the most INTENSE orgasms of her life! Give her a different kind of orgasm each night… or several different kinds in one session to memorize her mind and body in a way she never even DREAMED was possible!

You’ll discover:

* The Full-Body Orgasm – this exciting orgasm completely overtakes a woman’s body… sending electric pulses of pleasure from her core to her toes and fingertips and back again. She’ll become putty in your hands as she BEGS you to give her these orgasms again and again as only you can

* How to get a girl to see you as her “orgasm trainer” who knows more about her body than she does!

* My special “Toy Killer” technique – A new way to touch a girl that feels BETTER than any toy she’s ever tried! (She’ll want to use YOU as her sex toy from now on after you do this!)

* The Deep Zone Orgasm – this orgasm – easily induced by stroking a special section deep inside of her that most guys mistakenly ignore – gives an orgasmic sensation similar to a G-Spot orgasm, but much more intense. Fortunately this spot is much easier to find and stimulate when you know this

* How to give your girl up to 20 orgasms in a single session! (I know it sounds far fetched, but once you know this secret, even if you do it slightly wrong your girl will have at least 5 orgasms!)

* A special sex position that almost FORCES your girl to come! (This position makes it so you hit her exact orgasm spot every time… she’ll be cumming and screaming your name in no time no matter what your size!)

* The 3 things you MUST do before you give her an orgasm if you want to be 100% sure she climaxes the first time you are together

* The simple sentence to say to a girl when she’s on the verge of cumming that takes her over the top and makes her EXPLODE with ecstasy! (For us girls climaxing is 50% mental… this powerful sentence aligns her mind with the HOT way you are touching her body to make her squirm with pleasure!)

* How to get your girl to tell you and even SHOW you the exact way to touch her best

* What to say to a girl AFTER you give her an orgasm to get her sexually addicted to you and only you (This makes her instantly FORGET about any other guys who are going after her and see YOU as her best possible choice)

* A 100% accurate way to tell if a girl is FAKING IT (Here’s how to tell for sure if she came, how many times, and how powerful her orgasms were without having to ask her)

* What to do if she can’t come during sex (This common problem can ruin your relationship so pay close attention! I’ll show you exactly how to get her climaxing all over your manhood again and again and again… even if she’s never had a penetration orgasm before, and no matter what your size down there)

DVDs # 2 & 3 – Penetration Orgasm Pleasure

A girl LOVES to climax with you inside of her… and in these DVDs I show you how to give a girl powerful penetration orgasms regardless of your size… and even if you can’t last very long! You’ll discover the exact positions, angles, and rhythms that will have your girl cumming over and over again on your soldier while she claws your back and screams your name in ecstasy!

You’ll also learn:

* How to give your girl DIFFERENT types of orgasms using different positions and rhythms! (Most guys don’t even know that this is possible with penetration sex but the truth is IT’S EASY! You’ll use this trick the same night you learn it to make your girl bite her pillow harder than ever before!)

* The Simultaneous Orgasm – Victoria’s special secret to making your girl climax at the same time you do (This makes a girl feel more closer and connected to you than she has with any other guy ever!)

* The secret of “Escalating Orgasms” – How to stack her orgasms one on top of another, sending continuous waves of pleasure from her fingertips to her toes!

* How to give your girl up to 10 orgasms in a single session! (I know it sounds far fetched, but once you know this secret, even if you do it slightly wrong your girl will have at least 5 orgasms!)

* A special sex position that almost FORCES your girl to come! (This position makes it so you hit her exact orgasm spot every time… she’ll be cumming and screaming your name in no time no matter what your size!)

* How to know whether you should be passionate or dominate with your girl (Every girl wants both of these things but not necessarily on the same night or in the same way. Use this psychological secret to seduce your girl’s mind and her body will follow!)

* The #1 orgasm killer is PRESSURE. Here are 4 ways to take the pressure off of your girl so she is totally relaxed and ready to scream!

* A common sex position that is TERRIBLE for making your girl climax! (I wish guys would stop trying this with me because it actually decreases the chances of me climaxing in other positions!)

* How to know when to change positions and how long to stay in each one

* A special order of sex positions to use that all but guarantees your girl will have MULTIPLE orgasms!

* A startling secret – first used by African Tribesman when they want to guarantee a woman gets pregnant – that “stuns” your girl’s body into cumming! (The scientific “point” of a woman’s orgasm is to bring your sperm up into her body, which is why Tribesman use this trick. If your girl has yet to experience a penetration orgasm THIS is the trick to use to push her over the top!)

* The “magic sentence” to say to a girl during sex that gets her ADDICTED to your penis! (This subconsciously links her orgasmic feelings to your manhood so she sees your ~censored~ as her sole source for sexual satisfaction!)

* A surefire and FAST way to give a girl a penetration orgasm that works especially well for guys with stamina problems

* Secrets of the Missionary Position – Use these 3 tricks to turn good old missionary from boring to BOILING HOT! (Don’t be surprised if it becomes your girl’s favorite when you add in these 3 sneaky secrets)

* The Romance Novel Rumble – A sex technique stolen from a cheesy romance novel that all girls wish guys knew!

* Doggystyle Deluxe – 2 ways to spice up doggystyle that will have your girl cumming so hard she’ll forget her own name! (If there is one surefire way to get your girl ADDICTED to sex with you… this is it!)

* The “Dominating Orgasm” – A wild way to make your girl climax that will have her begging you to be her master and ready to service your every need!

* Smaller Guy Secrets – The 3 things smaller dudes MUST do when getting it on if they want to keep up with the big boys! (I’ll take a smaller guy who knows these tricks over a well-hung guy any day and your girl will too! If you’ve ever heard the phrase “it’s all about the motion in the ocean” but weren’t sure what that motion was… now you’ll know AND know exactly how to ROCK your girl’s body no matter what your size!)

DVD # 4 – She Orgasms Every Time – Guaranteed!

In this exciting DVD I’ll show you how to be absolutely certain you give a girl an orgasm the very first time you hook up with her… and every time after that!

When you hook up with a girl for the very first time… the pressure is on. Here’s how to be sure she not only cums… but comes back begging for more…

You’ll discover:

* A secret technique bi-sexual girls use when hooking up with another girl for the first time that is 100% GUARANTEED to make a girl come

* Secrets of Sexual Confidence – What to do BEFORE sex to give yourself a rock-solid studly feeling of confidence that gets girls riled up just by being around you!

* A special manual stimulation technique that first gets your girl horny… then gets her super wet… then gets her breathing heavy… all building up to an ORGASM EXPLOSION all over your hand! (This step-by-step sequence is so powerful you should only use it with a girl you REALLY like… as it just might make her addicted to your fingers )

* How to give a girl her FIRST penetration orgasm! (The first guy to make a girl climax through good ole’ penetration sex will always have her heart! Here’s my secret step-by-step method to give your girl the type of wall-climbing, pillow biting orgasms that make her want to have sex with you all the time!)

DVD # 5 – The Hour-long Orgasm

The Hour-long Orgasm is so important… and so powerful… that I’ve devoted an entire DVD to show you how to give one to your girl!

You’ll discover:

* The Time Distortion Orgasm – this orgasm was named such because the sensation is so intense it can make a woman’s mind lose track of time… locking her in an euphoric state of pleasure which to her feels like minutes or even hours. Best of all… you’ll watch on in fascination as later while you are lying in bed or even sleeping she experiences pleasant tremors of orgasmic aftershocks that remind her just how much you rocked her world

* The difference between the hour-long orgasm and multiple orgasms, and how to tell what your girl what prefer more

* The 3 things her body does during the hour-long orgasm that allow you to know EXACTLY how much pleasure she is experiencing and whether or not she can handle more without passing out (These orgasms are so powerful they can literally knock your girl out so pay close attention to this so you don’t overdo it!)

* How to get your girl to psychologically surrender to you and see you as her personal SEX GOD who can’t be replaced

* The 2 different ways to give a girl an hour-long orgasm (You’ll learn both the penetration technique and manual stimulation so you can give a girl one of these sheet-grabbing orgasms before you ever even sleep with her!)

* Why you shouldn’t give an hour-long orgasm to a girl you don’t want a serious relationship with

* The Love-Sex Connection – How to get to a girl’s heart by pleasing her body (Once you use this secret she’ll be yours FOREVER so be careful!)

* The ideal size you should be to give an hour-long orgasm through penetration (Surprise dude! Smaller is better when it comes to this!)

* Victoria’s secret 2-handed fingering technique (Use this when you want to make your girl cum INSTANTLY… or right before you penetrate her to guarantee the best sex of her life!)

* The exact rhythm to use and the exact amount of time you must stimulate her to make her feel like your sexy hands are still pleasuring her long after you stop!
* A special trick to use when she says it’s too intense to “surprise” her into cumming twice as hard! (This sneaky trick will have her head spinning in wonder as she orgasms harder than she ever has with any other guy before!)

* Megan’s “Sex Haze” technique… how to put your girl in a hypnotic sexual state where all she can think about is having YOU inside of her!

DVD # 6 – Part 1: Advanced Foreplay Secrets

in this “mini” supplemental program you will discover how to drive any woman INSANE during foreplay. Discover not only how to give foreplay orgasms, but also how to set up incredible sex.

These foreplay secrets involve advanced teasing so be ready to have your girl begging to take you inside her!


* The 2 places to put your hands when kissing a hot girl that get her hot and horny!

* The special PG-rated place on a girl that is DIRECTLY connected to her X-rated zones! (Rubbing this spot while you’re kissing her triggers a primal sexual instinct that tells her she must have you!)

* A sexy way to massage a girl that feels ORGASMIC (Girls lovvvvvve when guys do this =) don’t be surprised if she gets addicted!)

* The compliments to give your girl that make her feel sexy and more comfortable with getting naked with you (VERY important!)

* The special part of your hand to touch her with that feels better on her skin than any toy! (Most girls like this even better than your tongue so listen up!)

* 5 “prep texts” to send a girl to get her thinking about sex with you (one for each day of the week!)

* The “Panty Trick” – A way to touch her over her panties that gets her so wet she’ll BEG to have you inside of her before her clothes are even off!

* How to set a sexy mood that gets her thinking naughty thoughts about you

* The simple text to send a girl before you meet up with her that makes her dripping wet thinking about the naughty things you’re gonna do to her

* A common mistake guys make that kills the mood and makes her NOT want to sleep with you (If a girl you’ve been with has ever all-of-a-sudden wanted to go home early it’s probably because you made this deadly mood-killing error)

* A special move to use during a movie that gets her thinking erotic steamy thoughts about you (Don’t be surprised if she jumps your bones before it’s over )

DVD # 6 – Part 2: What To Do If She Can’t Climax

In my experiences I’ve found that some girls are tough cookies… either pent up with sexual frustration or too shy or reserved to let loose. In this DVD I show you how to help a girl remove the mental blocks that are getting in the way of her sexual pleasure and unleash her inner nympho!

When you are the FIRST guy to give her an orgasm she’ll love you forever… trust!


* What you must do differently if your girl has NEVER had an orgasm before (Use this secret to discover her “orgasm potential” so you know which kind of orgasm she is most likely to be able to experience. Once she gets her first climax out of the way she’ll be ready for more and more and more!)

* What to do if you can’t get it up (Say this line to relax the situation and take your mind off of it and you’ll be hard before you know it!)

* A special “re-energizing” trick that restores your “wood” if you lose it (I learned this from one of my male adult star friends and they all swear by it!)

* What to do if YOU can’t come (This was a common problem among my male friends until I showed them this secret adult stars use when it’s time for the money shot Now you’ll be able to bust in any position and at any time you want!

DVD # 6 – Part 3: Sex Toy Orgasm Intensity

* A special sex toy that increases the intensity of your orgasms during penetration sex for both you AND her!

* Megan’s #1 FAVORITE sex toy! (She’ll show you what it is and how to use it on your girl in this sexy demonstration )

* 3 HOT sex toys that cost under $10 and can be found at any grocery store!

* How to use a sex toy to bring her to orgasm if you have stamina issues (Use this toy in this manner and there is NO PRESSURE on you to perform… which will help you last longer!)

* 3 fun ways to use “The Liberator”!

Bonus: Complete ~censored~ Control – 2 DVDs

As you already know by now… Extreme Female Orgasms shows you the tricks and techniques to give your girl INTENSE orgasms regardless of your size or stamina…

But… because I want to be sure you have more fun for YOURSELF in the bedroom also… I’ve decided to do something really special…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a special program called “Complete ~censored~ Control”… which reveals the secrets male adults stars use get hard, stay hard, and LAST as long as they want.

It comes on 2 full-length DVDs that feature male adult stars explaining to you the EXACT mental and physical tricks they is using to last as long as THEY want… no matter how hot the girls are or what kind of WILD things they are doing!

After watching this program just once, you’ll find yourself lasting MUCH longer in bed… 10 minutes… 20 minutes… even 30 minutes or more!

The tricks are easy to learn and even easier to do. You don’t have to do any special “exercises” or “think about baseball” or anything like that! You get to fully ENJOY sex but at the same time control yourself so you and your girl enjoy it LONGER.


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