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Mar 24

The Swim Smooth DVD Boxset Video Tutorial

A very comprehensive yet easy to follow program to improve your freestyle stroke technique in the pool and in open water. Learn how to become faster and more efficient. Includes detailed training plans to take to the pool with you.

swim smooth

The Swim Smooth DVD Boxset is the superb swimming program specifically for triathletes and open water freestyle swimmers. Use the DVDs and included Training Program to help you improve your swimming technique and so SPEED and EFFICIENCY through the water. The program consists of two DVDs packed with over 2½ hrs of information to help you swim Smoother and Faster in no time. No other swimming training package on the market is as comprehensive and gives you three-times the value in one easy-to-use video tutorials.

5 stars

DVD 1 – Stroke Technique Correction

Swim Smooth prides itself on providing a totally comprehensive training package which gives you over 30 pool based drills, neatly divided into 7 specific areas of freestyle stroke technique:

– Breathing
– Head Position
– Leg Kick
– Body Roll
– Arm Recovery
– Hand Entry
– Catch and Pull

The first DVD features swimming and drill demonstrations by Sydney Olympic Gold Medallist, Bill Kirby OAM. Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome provides observation and instruction backed by the guidance and bio mechanical knowledge of Swim Smooth’s physiotherapist, Michelle Smith.

The first disc also contains many demonstrations of the common mistakes you should look out for within your own stroke technique. Using our straightforward ‘Cause And Effect’ approach to stroke correction, we’ll show you the underlying cause of each stroke problem – it’s often not obvious! Then we’ll show you the best drills and visualisations to fix that underlying problem.

DVD 2 – Open Water Swimming Technique

The second DVD contains specific open water swimming drills and exercises to make sure you can transfer the improvements you’ve made in the pool into an open water race environment. Don’t underestimate how important this is!

Disk 2 is essential viewing for triathlon novices and experienced athletes alike.

We explain in detail what equipment you need in open water and how to use it correctly. We interview and watch demonstrations by several top elite open water swimmers to understand race techniques and strategies for starts, turns, drafting, pacing, sighting and swim exits.

Last but not least we explain changes you can make to your stroke technique to make it better suited for open water swimming. These will give your performances a further lift.

Get these things right on your race day and you’ll have a perfect race!

The Training Program strikes the perfect balance between technique training and fitness training. In conjunction with the DVDs it’s the perfect way to improve your swim speed.

Within the Training Program there are 3 levels to choose from – Novice, Intermediate and Advanced – one will be perfect for you! The Training Program can be undertaken at any time – during the race season to get you in peak swim shape for your big race, or over the winter to develop your swimming to a higher level.

Our Straightforward Approach – Cause And Effect

Swim Smooth’s stroke correction methods are straightforward and to the point. We use our deep understanding of swimming technique to explain the underlying causes of your stroke issues. This is true whether you’re an intermediate swimmer working on your body position, body roll and alignment or an advanced swimmer working on propulsion and your feel for the water.

Fix The Underlying Cause

It’s quite likely you’ve already tried improving an aspect of your stroke technique, maybe even several aspects. Most swimmers attempting stroke changes find it a frustrating experience, often feeling their stroke is deteriorating rather than getting better. Take a common problem for intermediate swimmers – a scissor kick that creates lots of drag. The obvious thing to do is determine that this person has a poor kick and therefore they should work on it with lots of kicking drills. This is unlikely to work because a scissor kick is an effect of something else, not a cause in itself.

By understanding the stroke a little deeper we know that scissor kicks are normally caused by a loss of balance from crossing-over the centre line on hand entry at the front of the stroke. By showing you how to work on and remove that cross over, you will automatically fix the scissor kick too. This is a simple example of the cause and effect approach to stroke technique correction which is contained in the DVD.

Throughout the boxset we use simple explanations and demonstrations to show you how freestyle should be performed. When looking at each aspect of the stroke we’ll highlight common problems which you might be experiencing. For every issue we’ll clearly show you the very best way to fix the underlying problem – rather than papering over the cracks.

There’s no better or more straightforward way to improve your freestyle stroke than The Swim Smooth DVD Boxset. That’s why it’s become the benchmark stroke correction DVD in the swimming and triathlon world.

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April 18th, 2021 at 10:19 pm

Fantastic post thank you

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April 19th, 2021 at 12:26 am

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