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May 24

All American Homecoming Season 1 Episode 1 to 13 WEBRip x264

All American Homecoming

All American: Homecoming follows a young tennis hopeful from Beverly Hills and an elite baseball player from Chicago as they contend with the high stakes of college sports, while also navigating the highs, lows and sexiness of unsupervised early adulthood at a prestigious Historically Black College.

Season 1, Episode 01 – “Start Over”
Simone is excited to move into her dorm and start navigating life on her own terms, but her past choices present unexpected setbacks; Damon and coach Marcus are eager to turn the baseball team around.

Season 1, Episode 02 – “Under Pressure”
Simone starts to crack but finds the motivation to keep going from a group assignment with Damon and Thea; Damon struggles to bond with the team; Keisha wrestles with letting go of her dream.

Season 1, Episode 03 – “Love and War”
When Damon and JR devise a plan to help boost the baseball team’s morale, they realize they have their work cut out for them when an unforeseen obstacle threatens to derail their efforts; Simone tries to extend an olive branch to Thea.

Season 1, Episode 04 – “If Only You Knew”
Simone juggles playing doubles with Thea and trying to spend time with an unexpected guest; Damon’s growing relationship with Simone hits a snag, so he focuses his efforts on the alumni game.

Season 1, Episode 05 – “Truth Hurts”
When the power goes out, everyone takes the time to reveal some surprising truths to each other; Simone grapples with telling her friends about her son when she learns he will be in town for a visit; Thea turns to Simone for dating advice.

Season 1, Episode 06 – “Family Affair”
Simone is excited that Baby Shay is coming to town, but another visitor she wasn’t expecting surprises her as well; Damon struggles on the field, while family drama could threaten his new bond with his mom.

Season 1, Episode 07 – “Godspeed”
Simone faces her first college-level tournament; Damon struggles with an assignment; as JR reexamines his identity, he gets advice from an unexpected source; Keisha tries to navigate her late mom’s birthday on her own.

Season 1, Episode 08 – “Just a Friend”
Damon struggles with an assignment; as JR reexamines his identity, he gets advice from an unexpected source; Keisha tries to navigate her late mom’s birthday on her own.

Season 1, Episode 09 – “Ordinary People”
Simone and the gang rally around Amara as she struggles with what to do next as new information comes to light. Coach Marcus is excited about the all-HBCU baseball game he put together until an old teammate stirs up bad memories that could possibly derail everything. As Damon, JR and the team are focused on the game, they are faced with some challenging guests and new adversaries. Thea has a close call with danger which costs her one relationship and brings a potential new one into her life. Meanwhile, Simone struggles to explain to Jordan her friendship “break-up” with.

Season 1, Episode 10 – “Move On”
Excited about service week, Simone channels all her volunteer efforts into her mentee and gets an idea for a bigger project and get assistance from some unexpected allies. Damon’s quest to learn his father’s connection to Celine has some surprising revelations. Keisha and Cam get into a conformation making Keisha realize she needs to continue to focus on self-improvement. Still reeling from what happened, Thea decides to confront her fears. Meanwhile, Amara learns who is out to get her, but doesn’t seem to get any support from the administration, rather she does get support from someone surprising.

Season 1, Episode 11 – “What Now?”
After returning from break, Simone throws herself into distraction, including her tennis tournament, to avoid dealing with what’s really bothering her. When Damon finds himself with more questions than answers, he finds help from Thea. With the help of Nathaniel, JR realizes he needs to change his narrative on how he sees himself after he has a viral game moment. Meanwhile, Amara inches closer to the issues going on with Bringston and Coach Marcus’ paranoia is at an all-time high.

Season 1, Episode 12 – “Confessions”
During Homecoming week, Simone, and Thea get ready to compete in a professional tournament and face opponents that challenge them in different ways. With the encouragement of JR, Damon tries to reveal how much he wants to share with his mother. Coach Marcus is spiraling out of control and reveals a big secret leaving the team once again divided. Keisha is ready to face her fears and is afraid she may be too late but is ready to fight for what she wants. Meanwhile, Amara comes up with a plan to help Bringston, but things don’t go as she hoped.

Season 1, Episode 13 – “Irreplaceable”
As Homecoming week continues, Simone grapples with her role on the tennis team and Thea receives some upsetting news. With Coach Marcus nowhere to be found, an interim coach steps in which creates conflict for Damon and JR as they try to win their most important game. Keisha throws herself into raising funds for Bringston in the hopes of helping to keep her chosen family together, while Cam makes a decision that could have major consequences. Meanwhile, Amara finds herself back in the spotlight with a surprising career opportunity.


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