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Mar 25

Ellusionist How To Do Street Magic Video Tutorial

One of Ellusionists greatest DVD’s ever made – an awesome DVD that teaches a plethora of tricks and how to do them. Ellusionist should be proud of the work they have done with this DVD.

how to do street magic

Never have results been so within the grasp of the ordinary person who wanted to learn magic. How to Do Street Magic was designed to take the beginner from 0-60 fast. You’ll perform your first trick in an hour or two. The video combines gritty, stylized footage with superb, hard hitting tricks that use ordinary objects to amaze anyone. With a seconds notice, you can do the impossible. I’m talking about the magic that took the big TV star magicians weeks, months, and even years to discover. This is in-your-face magic. “The stuff” that made the top magicians who they are today. It’s so easy to learn! That’s my personal promise to you. See why this video is the HIGHEST RATED TUTORIAL DVD ON MAGIC on next page.

5 stars


Why it is so good for beginners: I believe this DVD is good for a beginner is because it gives the person that is new to magic a direction to go towards. Lets them explore the new world of magic and decide what type of magic fits them best. Although it is good for beginners it is also great for advanced magicians. It keeps the person up on the magic that fooled great magicians back in the 1600’s. This is great for all ages and I think that this DVD is a great on to begin with…OR end!

The Teaching: The teaching is phenomenal! The teacher in this is the very own…BRAD CHRISTIAN! He is a great teacher. He explains everything in detail. In the movie he explains the effects in full detail. At the beginning of a new effect, it shows his performance and then he explains the effect to us and the spectator. Great stuff, you will not be disappointed.

How impromptu: These effects are basically impromptu. Some need set-up, but most are the basic boggle your mind card and coin effects. You will not be displeased with the effects that require set-up because most items that do will be found around the house.

Reactions from these effects: Great is all I can say. All of these effects get great reactions. One I must mention because people call me not right sometimes. Voodoo Zone is the one I must bring up. It is so wild.

Our video has taken more people from 0-60, faster, with street magic, than any other. This is what the package is all about, teaching advanced, mind blowing magic and making it as simple as humanly possible for people to learn as quickly as possible. It’s why we’re the only magic company around that offers an iron-clad money back guarantee on a video. Why, when no one else does? Because we have an extremely good teaching product, we KNOW it (from the results we watch people get, time and again), and we back it up – to the hilt. Every effect, every “move” is first performed live for a crowd so you can see it done by a master. You will check out every nuance (the entertainment value of owning the video is worth the cost). Then we go into the studio to break everything down for you step-by-step and teach not only HOW it is done but how to present it in a fail-proof manner. You will have the power to do what people think can’t be done and it is easier than you think. Let them watch every move your hands make, THEY WILL NOT SEE A THING. Do you know how to get reactions from a crowd, a person, a girl like you’ve never had?

On the DVD the effects are divided into Easier, Little Harder, Flourishes and Bonuses. Here are the effects that come with the DVD:

-Introduction: This part introduces Brad and the “Magic Girls” that have helped with the DVD. They explain what you should do like practice a lot and tell about magic itself.

-Burned: The deck is cut and set down with the remaining part of the deck to mark where you split the deck. The spectator looks at that card and writes it down on a piece of paper and folds it up so the magician can’t see a thing. The magician then takes a lighter or match and lights the piece of paper on fire leaving only ashes in a bowl or whatever you use. You ask the spectator what arm they want him to use and the magician starts to rub the ashes on his arm. Surely enough, a card starts to appear darker than the rest of the ash. Read that one more time. The card appears on you arm darker than the rest of the ashes! This is a killer and is great for outdoors like at bonfires or barbeques.

-Glass Stinger: The magician starts of by talking about taking a quarter or half dollar and making it go strait through the table. He gets started by taking a glass and covering it with a napkin so no one can see. He says 1, 2, and the spectator says 3. He shows the coin still there. He then put the glass over again. He says, 1, 2, 3, and the spectator says Abracadabra. Nothing yet. He then says well I could not get the quarter through so why don’t I take the glass and make it go through. The magician then takes the glass and slams it through the top table coming out the bottom of the table. This is great for restaurants and table settings.

-Sick Aces: The trick is done by the magician shuffling the deck and telling the spectator that he/she is going to do everything. He then asks “What are the four most wanted cards in a game of poker”. He replies “The aces”. He then gives the deck to the spectator and tells him/her to cut it into four piles. He/she does and he points to a deck and tells him/her to transfer three cards to the bottom and one card to the top of the remaining decks. He/she does that with the four decks and then the magician asks “What were the four most wanted cards in a game of poker”? He/she reply “The aces”. He says “Watch” and then he flips all the top cards of the four decks over and to the spectators surprise is the four aces. This is also a great table setting trick.

-Trace Unseen: The magician Starts by riffling down the deck and asking the spectator to say stop whenever he/she wants to. When they say stop he hold the pack up showing the card and putting it back into the middle of the deck. He then says he is going to go through the deck and if they see it do not tell him. He goes through the deck and there card is no where to be found. Why? Because it could be found in the pocket of the person sitting across from you! That is correct. Across from you! This is great for walk-around or table setting. A little bit of set-up is required.

-Merger: In this effect the magician asks for a business card and rips a hole in the center of it. He introduces a shoelace and tells the spectator to hold it. He slips the business card on it and tells him that the only way to get it off would be to take it off the ends. The spectator then holds the ends tightly and the card is covered by a handkerchief or cloth. The magician goes under it and tries to get the card off. He does and to the spectators surprise, it is not ripped or anything. It is in perfect condition. This effect is perfect for the streets.

-Trick Switch: The magician asks the spectator to choose ANY card and put it back in the middle. The magician shuffles the deck and the deck is split into three piles. The spectator is then asked to keep a complete poker face and not to tell the magician if there card is their. He goes through the cards and two are not and then the last ends up being his and he puts it down on the mat face down. He then asks the spectator to pick a number 1-10. He does and the magician flips over those cards until the one they picked is flipped over. It is not a random card but the spectator’s card! How could that be? The spectator saw him put it down. He flips over the card thought to be his and is a complete random card. This is an amazing magic trick for table settings like at a restaurant or bar.

Little Harder:
-Voodoo Zone: This trick is one of my favorites. The magician has two cards and shows that there are no duplicates. He takes one and folds it so the back of the card is facing outwards. He then takes the other one and he folds it so the face of the card is facing the inside. He Takes the first one and puts it in the second one and reverses them. One end is sticking out of the second card. He then proceeds to push the first card through the second and the card reverses in the card. Yes you heard that correctly. It reverses!

-Go Inside Sugar: A magician asks for a quarter and a sugar packet. He has the quarter signed and puts the quarter and sugar packet on his palm. He has the spectators squeeze
His arm and then he opens his hand. Only a sugar packet remains. He opens the sugar packet and inside the packet is their signed quarter.

Since I know that this review has gotten a little long I will shorten the next few effects down for your. Enjoy!

-Georges Old Trick: This effect was brought to us and taught by Brad but he got it from a store he used to visit. The owner would always do the trick for him and Brad would be dumbfounded. He teaches that trick in this DVD. You take your hand and put it parallel to yourself. You reach out and grab a half dollar or quarter right out of thin air. You heard it right. Right out of thin air! This is great to begin coin magic and is also good for the streets.

-One Hand Coin Table Vanish: You take any ordinary quarter or half dollar and you set it on a table. You start to rub the quarter and in about 5 seconds or however long you want it you lift up your hand. There lays the bare table and nothing more. No quarter, no nothing. This is great for sitting at a table in a restaurant or at the dinner table.

-Chance Zero: The magician shuffles the deck and flips the deck over so the faces are facing him. He puts down some reds and blacks in separate piles. He gives them to the spectator and she flips over the deck and puts the cards face down for which ones she thinks are black and red. They gather up there pile soon after all the cards are gone and the piles reversed and they look at them one by one. They are all separated back to black and reds! How many chances in a lifetime do you have that happen. None! Hence the name, Chance Zero.

-Print: The magician takes a pack of blank business cards and shows them to the spectator. He then puts it on his hand and runs it through his hand. He does it again and nothing. One last time and writing appears on the card. It is his business card. Great for handing out business cards at business trips. Also great for streets and restaurants.

-Melted: The magician introduces a shoelace and asks for a borrowed ring. He threads the shoelace through the ring and show how it would come off. Either end of course. The magician threads it again and he has the spectator hold it in their closed hands. He tugs at the rope and the spectator feels something in their hand. The ring actually came off the shoelace. Imagine that. A shoelace penetrating a BORROWED ring. This is perfect for street magic.

-Bulducci Levitation: An impromptu levitation that requires not one gimmick or false movement. Just walk away and levitate.

-Vegas Card Change: You put a card down and you immediately shake it. You flip it over and the card has changed to a different card.

-Floating Dollar Bill: You take an ordinary dollar bill and set it on the ground or in someone’s hand. You start to move your hands around and you actually float the bill about one inch or more above their hand. Some set-up. Great for street magic and Gets them every time. Now more about the DVD itself.

The DVD quality: As always, Ellusionist DVD quality is top notch. It is great picture and you can tell the difference between magic shops. When you watch an Ellusionist DVD you know that the Ellusionist team put a lot of hard work and effort into this DVD.

Is it worth that much: Definitely! This DVD, as I said before is actually under priced. It is loaded with material that pros use today! Anyone that is beginner and wants to get a great DVD should pick this one up first. This is great for anyone, but really exerts itself toward beginners.

My performance: At the end of the day I was riding the bus home and my friend wanted to see some magic. I pulled out two cards and started Voodoo Zone. It killed him. You should have seen his face. When it was reversing he said “That is not right, the world is not right”. He also said, “I feel like an alien. It is so wired what you just did”. You can see if you execute the moves correctly then you will blow people away.

My recommendation: If you want to advance in your magic then this is the DVD for you. You learn so much in this DVD that you will be overwhelmed. This DVD will last you months and will get the best reactions from any effect and it will shine through with your performance from Brad’s excellent teaching. I hope you purchase this product because you will not be disappointed.

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