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Sep 02

Snapped Season 25 Episode 1 to 26 HDTV x264


Each year, approximately 16,000 people are murdered in the United States. 7% of the killers are female. Who are these women and what drives them to kill? Oxygen’s hit true crime series, Snapped, profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder. Did they really do it? And, if they did, why? Whether the motivation was revenge against a cheating husband, the promise of a hefty insurance payoff, or putting an end to years of abuse, the reasons are as varied as the women themselves.

From socialites to secretaries, female killers share one thing in common: at some point, they all snapped. Snapped is produced in conjunction with Jupiter Entertainment, the creators of City Confidential and Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege & Justice, and narrated by veteran news reporter Sharon Martin. Each episode of Snapped chronicles the life of a woman who has been charged with murder. These shocking but true stories turn common assumptions about crime and criminals upside down, and prove that even the most unlikely suspects can be capable of murder.

Season 25, Episode 01 – “Pandora Zan”
After a home invasion in Ohio leaves a corrections officer dead, investigators use controlled calls and an undercover sting at a motel to solve the case and expose a cruel plot with a bloody ending.

Season 25, Episode 02 – “Anne Throneberry”
An investigation into the disappearance of an Arkansas couple leads a law enforcement team on a manhunt through the rugged terrain of the Ozarks and into unforeseen danger.

Season 25, Episode 03 – “Uloma Curry-Walker”
When a revered fire lieutenant is gunned down in his driveway, detectives navigate stories of a long-standing neighborhood feud and a surprise cancer scare to piece together a conspiracy plot involving young pawns manipulated by a cunning mastermind.

Season 25, Episode 04 – “Alisha Noel- Murray Frantically Calls 911″
Alisha Noel-Murray in a panic calls 911 stating that she believes that there is an active shooter in her home and her husband may have been a victim.

Season 25, Episode 05 – “Opal Williams”
When police searching for a missing Indiana man discover a body on a riverbank, they launch an investigation that unearths a surprising story of an open marriage and evidence of a brutal torture.

Season 25, Episode 06 – “Lisa Jones-Orock”
Police in a small Pennsylvania town respond to an eyewitness report of a murder behind a grocery store and find that the victim is no stranger to law enforcement.

Season 25, Episode 07 – “Sharon Halstead”
When a young mother is executed and her family critically injured, investigators piece together haunting clues and an earlier murder to capture deranged killers with a spiritual calling.

Season 25, Episode 08 – “Geraldine Jones”
After a young mother disappears with a woman claiming to be a social worker, an investigation into her whereabouts ends in a gruesome discovery.

Season 25, Episode 09 – “Anne Trovato”
A family recovering from a devastating loss is hit with another when a man finds his sister stabbed to death in her living room.

Season 25, Episode 10 – “Kristen Westfall ”
When a newlywed couple is gunned down outside a Texas church, small town cops realize they know the victims as they uncover a murder plot fuelled by twisted family ties.


Season 25, Episode 12 – “Kisha Schaberg”
A family’s life is turned upside down when a ghost from their past returns for revenge.

Season 25, Episode 13 – “Hannah Stone”
hen a devout single mother vanishes from her home, investigators fear she’s been abducted by a group of teens hell-bent on a devilish plan… and race to find her before it’s too late.

Season 25, Episode 14 – “Jerrie Bryant”
When a man goes missing in a rural small town in Tennessee, family members and detectives band together to uncover scandalous secrets fueled by greed and lust.

Season 25, Episode 15 – “Jordan Graham”
When the body of a newlywed is spotted at the base of a cliff in Glacier National Park, local and federal authorities join forces for an investigation that will put their skills to the ultimate test.

Season 25, Episode 16 – “Kari Willoughby”
After a well-known saddle maker passes away from an apparent heart attack, police find reason to question the natural death after rumors about drugs and embezzlement come to light.

Season 25, Episode 17 – “Cindy McKay”
The discovery of a victim’s burning body disrupts the peace one February night and puts investigators on the trail of an elusive criminal whose desire for financial gain led to murder.

Season 25, Episode 18 – “Nanette Litherland”
When a household is targeted by gunfire twice in a short amount of time, investigators in rural Missouri sift through a community in search of a family’s enemies which leads them to a mastermind pulling strings.

Season 25, Episode 19 – “Jasmine Harlee”
An investigation into the mysterious death of a loving mother leads authorities to uncover a diabolical plot hatched close to home.

Season 25, Episode 20 – “ Melissa Patterson”
After an endearing World War II veteran and family man is laid to rest from apparent natural causes, a surprise witness surfaces with murder accusations, sparking a police investigation into a devious predator.

Season 25, Episode 21 – “Theresa Voss”
Police officers in Ohio look for clues about the case of a body found in a trunk of a burning car.

Season 25, Episode 22 – “Judy Flanagan”
The discovery of a body in a wildlife management area launches a murder investigation that forces a group of friends into the hot seat. When police think they find a surprising clue and possible hidden message the case breaks wide open.

Season 25, Episode 23 – “Rebecca Braswell”
An investigation into the murder of a military hero tests the bonds of military camaraderie and unravels a myriad of secrets, lies and hidden identities.

Season 25, Episode 24 – “Pamela Lanier”
A woman’s innocence is called into question after her husband dies from a mysterious malady and encourages detectives to take a deep dive into her past.

Season 25, Episode 25 – “Georgia Watson”
Former chief medical examiner John Butts looks back on the case of Ivy Dorian Lanier, who was poisoned with arsenic by his wife Pamela Lanier. Butts says Dorian experienced gastrointestinal problems for several weeks, which is a very common symptom and sign of arsenic poisoning. Within 30 minutes to an hour of ingesting arsenic, a victim will show signs of poisoning.

Season 25, Episode 25 – “Kathryn Briggs”
A decorated soldier falls in love with a beautiful model online; tragically, after he returns home from serving two tours overseas, he’s brutally murdered in his own home; a web of deceit unfolds as the picture of an unlikely killer emerges.


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1.roglyn307 Says:
April 3rd, 2019 at 7:27 am

Hi Max and Team any chance of getting the rest of this series.Many thanks and keep up the great work

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June 20th, 2019 at 10:28 am

Hi Max
Is there any chance of getting Season 1 – 24 many thanks and much appreciated

3.thomas fagg Says:
September 16th, 2019 at 12:39 am

Hi Max
Is there any chance of getting Season 1 – 24

Thanks in Advance

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