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Nov 04

Brain Sync Brainwave Audio Technology To Optimize Mental Performance – Full Collection

brain sync full collection

Binaural beats balance right and left hemispheres to achieve remarkable mental states. Precision engineered sound waves tune your brain to ideal states of consciousness for meditation, learning, creativity, healing, sleep, goal achievement and behavior modification. Beta waves range between 13-40 HZ You are wide-awake, alert. Your mind is sharp, focused. It makes connections quickly, easily, and you’re primed to do work that requires your full attention. In the Beta state, neurons fire abundantly, in rapid succession, helping you achieve peak performance.

New ideas and solutions to problems flash like lightning into your mind.

Beta is the best modality for activities where directed attention and high levels of concentration are needed. Biofeedback therapists often treat Attention Deficit Disorder with beta training.Even if you don’t have ADD, Beta waves create mental alertness. They are beneficial for any activities that require focus and concentration Some researchers refer to brain waves at the level of 40Hz as “Gamma.” (Others do not distinguish gamma waves as a distinct class but include them in beta brain waves.) Nobel Laureate, Sir Francis Crick and other scientists believe that the 40Hz frequency plays a special role in advanced cognition and high-level information processing.

brain sync

Brain Sync tapes and CDs have been clinically tested with a record-breaking 95% success rate and are offered to patients at America’s most prestigious cancer treatment hospitals, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dana Farber.

EEG studies conducted at Harvard Body Mind Medical School and UCLA concluded that our exclusive Brain Wave Audio Technology® prompts brain activity into extraordinary body-mind states.

After almost two decades of clinical research, Brain Sync is revealing itself to be one of the world’s greatest breakthroughs in healing and mind expansion.

With this technology you can reach states of being that directly nurture your sense of self, your creativity, and the dynamic expression of your power. These are states that will enhance your ability to give and receive love, direct your will to achieve new goals, and generate vibrant states of health and well being.

New Technology for Meditation

Until recently, entering extraordinary states of heightened receptivity and peak performance has been attained predominantly by only a disciplined few, practicing ancient techniques such as meditation, chanting, yoga, and newly revamped versions of the mystical traditions – for example, progressive relaxation, auto-suggestion, hypnosis, and biofeedback. These techniques do work. But they take long periods of practice, discipline, and sometimes a leap of faith. It is all too easy to become impatient and give up long before producing positive results.

Now there is an easier pathway – a new technology – that can guide you directly into those beneficial states of deep meditation and heightened receptivity. With this technology, you can leverage the powers of your mind-body connection to attain optimal mental and physical performance. This new path uses sound waves that carry listeners into the higher frequencies of consciousness where profound transformations take place.

Clinically Proven

First discovered by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, brain wave audio technology sends pure, precisely tuned sound waves of different frequencies to your brain via stereo headphones. In his EEG research, Oster discovered that when different vibrations, or sound frequencies are delivered to the brain separately through each ear (as with stereo headphones), the two hemispheres of the brain function together to “hear” not the external sound signals, but a third phantom signal. This signal is called a binaural beat and it pulses at the exact mathematical difference between the two actual tones.

So, for example, if, simultaneously, a signal of 100 cycles per second entered your left ear and a signal of 109 cycles per second entered your right ear, what you would actually perceive you heard would be a rhythmic, soothing pulsation, beating at 9 cycles per second. Research results show that first parts of the brain and, eventually, large areas of the brain begin to resonate sympathetically with this “phantom” binaural beat in what is known as the Frequency Following Response.

Subsequent research determined that binaural beat frequencies could drive or guide brain activity into a wide variety of specific brain states. Thus, effortlessly and naturally, your brain activity slides into rhythm with this binaural beat, becoming organized and coherent. Within minutes, the sound frequencies start to balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain – creating a remarkable state called hemispheric synchronization and driving the electrical activity of your brain into powerful states, normally unattainable.

Scientists have noted that this rare phenomenon was accompanied by flashes of creative insight, euphoria, intensely focused concentration, deep calm, and enhanced learning abilities. Brain Sync has advanced and refined a sophisticated sound recording technique called Harmonic Superimposition of binaural beat frequencies. In our audio programs, carefully tuned binaural beats are superimposed, layer upon layer, causing different groups of neurons to fire at different frequencies.

Recent scientific research indicates that individual brain states, ranging from sleep to creativity, are marked by combinations of different brain wave frequencies. Brain Sync’s Harmonic Superimposition technique takes a number of highly specific binaural beat frequencies and combines them simultaneously so that the binaural beats themselves create harmonic beat frequencies with the other binaural beats, to produce a highly specific brain state. The frequencies we’ve chosen for our audio programs are very powerful “window frequencies” ranging from the low delta range, associated with sleep and healing, upward through theta, alpha and into the very high beta range associated with heightened alertness and cognition.

The Frequencies of Consciousness

Brain Sync programs use window frequencies – extremely precise frequencies that resonate and impact the body at a cellular level. Listeners say they can actually feel their meditation on a physical level, in rushes of positive energy and a flow of deep heartfelt emotions.

Our choice of frequencies is based on extensive biofeedback research. The special combinations of frequencies we use have been selected specifically to help you achieve the same extraordinary brain states that scientists have discovered in remarkable men and women.

Music to Transcend With

We harmonically layer precision-engineered window frequencies within exquisitely beautiful music that blends chant and ancient instruments with melodies based on Eastern Tantric traditions. Designed to open the flow of energy to your chakras, you’ll find yourself carried on smooth, silky waves of sound into angelic realms and the primal worlds within your own psyche.

brain sync

About Our Brain Wave Audio Programs

1. Do I need to use headphones to listen to the audio programs?
Stereo headphones are required to experience the benefits of the brain wave frequencies.

2. How much should I listen per day?
We recommend one half hour to an hour.

3 Please explain the reason underlying your recommendation to limit headphone listening to your CDs and tapes to only 30-60 minutes a day.
Some people have listened to Brain Sync programs for hours straight and then called wondering why they didn’t feel right. Brain Sync programs alter the electrical activity in your brain. It is a powerful change that only requires 30 to 60 minutes per day to reap benefits. Depending on which program you’re listening to you can be slowing down or revving up brain activity. Too much of either state can interfere with normal daily functioning. Listening to delta programs for a few hours in the morning might make you feel spaced-out during the day – which is not a good thing if you need to be focused and alert. Too much beta can make you hyper or interfere with sleep and so on. It is fine to use any program in the morning for 60 minutes and another 60 minutes in the evening. You may also listen to Sound Sleep all night long.

With the subliminals, track 1 can be listened to all day. Ultimately only you can know what works best for you. Feel free to experiment, but if you’re not liking the results, limit your use to the recommended times.

4. When can I expect to see results?
Each person’s experience will be unique to him or her. Some people have reported profound experiences following their first listening. Listeners do generally experience some immediate results with the guided meditation programs. Since the audio programs have a cumulative effect, we recommend you listen daily for the first 6 weeks, then as needed to achieve your desired state of mind. Experiment with the audio programs you’ve selected to find what works best for you.

5. Some of your audio programs are music and brain wave frequencies only. Which also include a guided meditation?

All of these audio programs contain a guided meditation led by Kelly Howell:
Guided Meditation
Guided Relaxation
Healing Meditation
Inner Fitness
Total Fitness Yoga
Breakthrough Training
Power Training
Running Meditation
Walking Meditation
Slim Naturally
Healing Arthritis
Healing Chronic Pain
Healing Headaches
Healing High Blood Pressure
Healing Insomnia

6. Are there any subliminal messages?
None of our guided meditation programs contain subliminal messages. We do offer audio programs with subliminal messages — those are all clearly marked so that you’ll know you’re selecting a program with subliminal messages. And, the precise wording of the messages contained in each program is listed on its packaging.

7. Can I use these audio programs while working or driving?
We recommend you DO NOT use the programs while working or driving.

8. How do I listen to audio samples?
Audio samples of Brain Sync programs are available in MP3 formats. You may use any current audio player that supports MP3 files.

9. Where can I get an audio player?
Download your FREE Windows Media Player at

10. Can children listen to Brain Sync?
Yes, but under the supervision of a health care professional. Biofeedback or neurofeedback therapists are an excellent place to start exploring possibilities for resolving learning, sleep, concentration and focusing disorders. Specific and correct frequencies (programs) may then be prescribed after a child’s brain wave patterns are analyzed.

11 Do you have any tapes or CDs for babies or toddlers?
We do not recommend our programs for toddlers or infants.

About Our Subliminal Audio Programs

1. Do I need to use headphones to listen to your subliminal audio programs?
No, this is not necessary, except when you want to receive the added benefits of the brain wave frequencies.

2. How much should I listen per day?
As much as you like! When using headphones, we recommend one half hour to an hour of listening time.

3. When can I expect to see results?
As is true for all of our products, personal experiences vary. Many people experience results after the first listening. Since our subliminal audio programs do have a cumulative effect, we recommend you listen daily for the first 6 weeks, then as needed to achieve the results you desire. Experiment with the programs you selected to find what works best for you.

4. Can I use your subliminal audio programs while working or driving?
Yes, but do not use headphones while driving.

5. Do your subliminal audio programs have spoken words?
Yes, but the messages are not consciously audible to you. All you’ll be aware of hearing is the music.

6. What are the messages that I will be getting?
All the messages contained in each program are written on the card enclosed with the tape or CD.

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