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Jan 31

So Much To Download… So Little Time!

so much to download



written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Zeverat Says:

    I am sick of downloading many files with many links.

    Why don’t you just give a single file downloading for a premium user.

    I bought the premium but I just feel sick to download many links by clicking the links according to the number of files. So tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you provide a single link of item to be downloaded for the Premium user of


  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Zeverat, im so sorry that you feel that way, the reason is for free users to be able to download the files, if i make them one link, then they (free users) wont be able to download, with all due respect sir, if you are using IDM to download, you can simply highlight all the links and they will all be downloaded simultaneously with one simple click, just like what all premium users are doing, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  3. 3. cost Says:

    Too much expensive to be premium..while other sites gives the movies and softwares for free with direct download full speed for free.

  4. 4. Jadehawk Says:

    Hi Cost. I’m curious as to what other sites you are referring too. I have not found another site like this one that has all links to Also the price for VIP is not that bad considering all the stuff Max puts up here every day.

    Is there anything about this place I don’t like? sure for example 98% of video files have embedded “allyoulike” meta data that shows up on screen (On the TV!) when viewing video files (Movies or TV shows). All downloads already have allyoulike advertising inside why “TAG” all video files with more advertising? this is a bad practice, not even the TEAM that does the actual Movie or TV show encoding use this “TAG” for the files. I wish MAX will stop this.

    As a VIP member I also dislike the lack of 720p on most of the VIP only links.

    This are the only bad things I find with allyoulike, but I can’t find another site like it. how about you (Cost) let us know of the other sites you referred to?

    Max please o please…. stop Tagging all MP4/AVI and MKV files, I understand you want to reach more users, but that is just bad practice, you already add 3 files to each download:
    1 x
    1 x desktopAYL.gif
    (hidden) 1 x Desktop.ini

    As a happy member of please stop adding more by adding “TAGS” to video files.

    Thank you Max.. Please consider….

  5. 5. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jadehawk, noted, we will do our best to fulfill your requests, thank you very mch

  6. 6. Art Says:

    Can we request for another round of 1yr premium w/ free 90days & free VIP pass?

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