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Jul 04

Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live In Athens (2013) 1080p BluRay x264 DTS 5.1 + BDRip H264 + Audio CD

This has to be the best acoustic performance ever. Almost every song has been re-arranged. Like a fine wine these guys get better with age! They just keep getting better and better!

scorpions live in athens

2013 live release from the iconic German rockers. On September 11 and 12, 2013, the Scorpions played two fantastic acoustic sets in the Lycabettus theatre of Athens. The open-air theatre, which was designed by the Greek architect Takis Zenetos in 1965 is situated on Mount Lycabettus, at 300m height, and offers an impressive view of the Greek metropolis.

The show captivates with its numerous intimate moments and infectious adrenaline rushes (such as during a percussion solo). And there are even more nuggets from the sheer endless stock of hits as well as a few welcome surprises to dazzle the connoisseur. It is difficult to pinpoint single highlights, but what can be stated with certainty is that the Scorpions evidently enjoyed this musical rollercoaster ride through their own history. It is equally obvious that both rock songs and power ballads display their class and style even when rendered as acoustic versions. The melodies maintain their timeless compositional appeal and the quality of the performance proves time and again that the Scorpions are blessed.


1. Sting In The Tail
2. Can’t Live Without You
3. Pictured Life
4. Speedy’s Coming
5. Born To Touch Your Feelings
6. The Best Is Yet to Come
7. Dancing With The Moonlight
8. In Trance (with Cäthe)
9. When You Came Into My Life
10. Delicate Dance (Matthias Solo)
11. Love Is The Answer (Rudolf Solo)
12. Follow Your Heart (Klaus Solo)
13. Send Me An Angel
14. Where The River Flows
15. Passion Rules The Game
16. Rock You Like A Hurricane (with Johannes Strate)
17. Hit Between The Eyes
18. Drum-Athenica, PiTTi vs. James
19. Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
20. Blackout
21. Still Loving You
22. Big City Nights
23. Wind Of Change (with Morten Harket)
24. No One Like You
25. When The Smoke Is Going Down

1080P BLURAY X264 DTS 5.1



1. Sting In The Tail 4:38
2. Can’t Live Without You 3:56
3. The Best Is Yet To Come 5:03
4. Dancing With The Moonlight 3:56
5. Delicate Dance (Matthias Solo) 5:10
6. Love Is The Answer (Rudolf Solo) 4:30
7. Follow Your Heart (Klaus Solo) 2:49
8. Send Me An Angel 3:51
9. Where The River Flows 4:16
10. Rock You Like A Hurricane 4:56
11. Rock’n’roll Band 4:32
12. Blackout 4:57
13. Still Loving You 3:43
14. Big City Nights 4:31
15. Wind Of Change 5:31
16. No One Like You 5:07

written by maxdugan

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    Thank you too Lenny Kay

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