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Apr 13

Igor Ledochowski Advanced Covert Hypnosis Mind Bending and Power of Conversational Hypnosis Video and Audio Tutorial + eBook Guides

covert hypnosis

World’s most effective influence technology triggers release of potent “neurohormone cocktail” in the brain of the person you are talking with – it’s so powerful that when used in everyday conversation… a NEW hypnosis technology- a new frontier in hypnosis that is so powerful not even hypnosis veterans will be able to “see it coming” when it’s used on them and will be unable to explain what happened after you’ve shuffled their mind like a pack of cards. It’s an evolution in hypnotic persuasion that can get you anything you want…

Advanced Covert Hypnosis Mind Bending
Power of Conversational Hypnosis

Use it every day to get “reflex agreement” and favorable treatment from your boss… your spouse… your kids… your clients… your customers… your friends… anyone.


Advanced Covert Hypnosis – Mind Bending Language System

The Advanced Covert Hypnosis – Mind Bending Language System consists of the following:

Advanced Covert Hypnosis – Mind Bending Language System – A 14 DVD Set:
DVD 01 – The Foundations for Successful Covert Hypnosis
DVD 02 – Mind Bending Hypnotic Questions Revealed
DVD 03 – How to “Spin” People’s Minds Into a Deep Trance
DVD 04 – How to Hypnotically Hijack People’s Awareness
DVD 05 – Instant Ways to Use “Hypnotic Signs” for Quick Changes
DVD 06 – The New Advanced Covert Hypnosis System
DVD 07 – Mind Bending Hot Words & Covert Influence
DVD 08 – How to Use Spontaneous Mind Bending Language Anywhere Anytime with Anyone
DVD 09 – Finally Overcome Any objection with Mind Bending Reframes
DVD 10 – How to Be a True Master of Covert Hypnosis
DVD 11 – How to Easily Install the Mindset of a Master Covert Hypnotist
DVD 12 – Advanced Covert Hypnosis Strategies
DVD 13 – Finally Revealed: The Mind Bending Covert Hypnosis Sales Technique
DVD 14 – Uncovered: The Little Known Secrets of Covert Therapy

1 Manual in PDF
1 Complete Transcript in PDF

3 Bonus DVDs
Bonus DVD 01 – How to Tune Your Mind to Make Money
Bonus DVD 02 – The Little Known Secrets of Group Covert Hypnosis
Bonus DVD 03 – How to Control & Lead Groups of People Quickly & Easily

3 Bonus CDs on Mind Bending Language & Copywriting with David Garfinkel:
How To Use Mind Bending Language To Have Instant Irresistible Influence In Your Letters & Emails
6 Bonus Mind Bending Language – Abundance Inductions/Meditations
These are 6 powerful inductions with both 5 & 20 minute versions available.

Intro/MBL – Abundance Interview

1. Ignoring the Knock on the Door
2. Prefer Being Right Than Rich ?
3. Do You Refuse to Stretch Your Dreams ?
4. Need to Enrich Your Inner Blueprint ?
5. Walking Around With Your Eyes Shut ?
6. Need to Take More Action ?

Special Bonus: 2 CD Set – Special Q & A Session with Igor on Mind Bending Language

Bonus 3 CD Set – Hypnosis Crash Course
Advanced Covert Hypnosis – Mind Bending Language Card Decks
16 CD Audio Set to Accompany the Mind Bending Language Card Decks

Igor Ledochowski – Power of Conversational Hypnosis COMPLETE – All 12 CD’s + 4 Bonus

You really can hypnotize people in every day situations. Quickly and easily. Without them knowing what’s going on. While they’re fully awake… yet… under your hypnotic spell. Instantly obedient. Ready, willing and able to do as you say.

You NEVER Will Never Have To Suffer Humiliation In Front Of People When You Use Covert Hypnosis

Not ever!

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