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Aug 16

Shes The One (2013) DVDRip AC3 x264 – Filipino Movie with English Subtitles

shes the one

Cat and Wacky (Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dantes) are best friends. Despite their obvious chemistry and one drunken kiss, the two have never really gotten together. Enter David (Enrique Gil), who encounters Cat while she’s changing a tire in the middle of a typhoon. He shoots a video of her and posts it on the Internet, declaring his love for his mystery “girl in the rain” and asking netizens to help her find his drenched crush.

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. rabad03 Says:

    Max, any new filipino movies???

  2. 2. nilesh65 Says:

    Thank you very much,Max.

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