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Mar 24

Sirius (2013) DVDRip


The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. Humans have also developed these systems but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. It is time for you to know… and this film will let you in.

Sirius is a 2013 documentary film that follows the efforts of Steven M. Greer to reveal what he believes is information about top secret energy projects and propulsion techniques. It is based on Greer’s book, Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge and features interviews from former officials from the government and military who claim that the United States government is covering up the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial visitation. Also featured prominently are images and a DNA analysis of the six-inch human skeleton known as Ata that was found in the Atacama desert in northern Chile in 2003.

“Sirius” was directed by Emmy Award-winning director Amardeep Kaleka and features actor Thomas Jane as narrator. Greer also served as executive producer. The premiere was on April 22, 2013 at the Regal Cinemas and the Premiere House Theater in Los Angeles, California. The film was simultaneously live streamed online by Yekra.

The first section of the film is an attempt by the filmmakers to offer what they consider to be evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Government documents, government and military witness testimony, and audio and visual evidence are all mentioned and explained.

The second section contains interviews of people who claim that there are secret technologies being suppressed for development or use. The filmmakers interview people who claim to be able to derive energy from what they call a “zero point field” while opining that the military and industrial complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about has suppressed this information. The claim is promoted that man-made anti-gravity vehicles have been in use for nearly 50 years and that some have been used in order to perpetuate the ET abduction hoax for control over the population.

The final section explores how the filmmakers believe peaceful contact with extraterrestrials is being made through the CE-5 protocols developed by Greer.


written by maxdugan

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