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Jun 16

Now You See Me (2013) TSync x264

Now You See Me

An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.





written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. henry Says:

    Thanks max

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Henry

  3. 3. Thomasa Says:

    Thanks Mr Max but this is CAM Video + CAM audio

  4. 4. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Thomasa, here is the NFO file:

    MEDiA iNFO
    YEAR : 2013
    RELEASE : Today
    REL.SIZE : 1.87 GB
    ENCODER @ BladeBDP
    LENGHT : 01h 45m 34s
    GENRE : Crime | Thriller
    RESOLUTiON : 720p x 320p
    SUBTITLE : N|A (Sorry No Yet)
    AUDiO : English @ AAC @ 129K @ 2 Channl(s)
    VIDEO : x264 BaseLine L3.0 @ 2534K @ 2.25:1 @ 24.000FPS

    SOURCE | NAME : Illjuzija.obmana.2013.D.TS-Russian (Big Thx)
    SOUND | English

    Kindly check out the sample video to check the quality before downloading, thank you very much

  5. 5. Chaben Says:

    Thanks Max

  6. 6. Thomasa Says:

    Hi Max,

    I fully believe that was the information supplied with it. I have checked out the sample (and I appreciate you posting it), but looking at it and listening to it, I honestly still believe it is only medium CAM quality.

    They say you can take a turd and wrap it in shiny paper and ribbons, but it still remains a turd :-)

    Anyone else have any opinion on the quality ? Is it CAM or TS ?

    I’m happy to wait for a better quality release.

    Thanks for all you do.


  7. 7. Ian Noone Says:

    Doesn’t look like a CAM to me, but does look like a low quality conversion job – particularly the audio….. but no, not a CAM.

    Thanks for the share maxdugan. Cheers 8)

  8. 8. seb Says:

    thanks 4 sharing – however, the audio is very poor… I hope Max can get us new copy with line audio or something…

  9. 9. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Ian Noone

  10. 10. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Chaben

  11. 11. SuperSoaker Says:

    Just saw this at the theater a couple days ago and it was a fantastic film, worth the $$

  12. 12. illusionarium Says:

    Thanks Max, I actually think this a TS but just a bad conversion i’m happy with it sound’s not the best but its watchable. nice work.

  13. 13. michel Says:

    thank you max great effort

  14. 14. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Michel

  15. 15. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Illusionarium

  16. 16. dar45 Says:

    Thanks Max

  17. 17. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Dar45

  18. 18. Kj Says:

    looks like a cam copy max . couldnt watch it thanks tho.

  19. 19. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too KJ

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