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Jun 18

Extabit Is Having a Major Problem!

extabit problem









written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. CX23 Says:

    THEN – better go to RAPIDSTATION or uploaded bro max..

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello CX23, uploaded was considered way back but their support is really bad, they never reply to complaints, i will contact rapidstation and see if they are willing to cooperate, thank you very much

  3. 3. olala Says:

    Hope you’re not considering UPLOADED. It doesn’t work for some countries even if you get premium. A kind of 404 error appears and many links are unavailable at all. It’s also very unfriendly for free users.
    How about Novafile or Cloudzer or Rapidgator?
    Good luck solving the problem and thanks for your effort.

  4. 4. slim Says:

    Max, with all the files you have you could almost start up your own download site. I noticed today downloading from Extabit, that there was no pop-up like I normally get. Maybe one of the advertisers had issues with Extabit and caused it all.

    Best of luck finding another suitable site mate.

  5. 5. dnunda Says:

    Hi Max, I would like to suggest Netload or Filefactory – I recenty found live links on Filefactory that were more than 2 years old! Cheers from down under :)

  6. 6. davlyn Says:

    Max best of luck, but whatever server site you go to, will be ok by me you always look for the best for us. keep up the very good servise.

  7. 7. nick Says:

    I agree with you about extabit . Support you any way.

  8. 8. Lazaac Says:

    we have mega right..?

  9. 9. hotlord Says:

    Hi every body please do not consider Rapidgator my premium account was not much useful to me from first day .

  10. 10. john Says:

    hope you could find a better alternative….

  11. 11. pedro Says:

    i just bought a new premium account yesterday,what shall i do now.

  12. 12. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Pedro, please ask for a refund or file a dispute with the payment processor, thank you very much

  13. 13. maxdugan Says:

    Hello everyone, thank you very much for your support, I am reading all your comments and am trying to find the best alternative to extabit, it should be one who offers direct support to all the customers just like rarefile, thank you very much again and again

  14. 14. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Dnunda, netload refuses to offer direct support, and file factory just changed their policies 2 weeks ago, they had started to delete files in a massive scale due to the new storage policy, we are looking for one who will give direct support to all the downloaders just like rarefile, thank you very much

  15. 15. Dm Says:

    Hi max,
    I would like to recommend
    using it for a long time, never had any problem.
    but anyway last choice will be yours, and i believe whatever you do, will be in our favour.
    all the best.

  16. 16. Dm Says:

    Please accept my apology maxdugan, i missed your last comment about netload.

  17. 17. kynness Says:

    why we try RapidGator where we can discuss if this hosting server are really good or no..

  18. 18. Wiz Says:

    Good move Max, enough is enough.

  19. 19. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Dm, no apologies necessary, you mean well and i thank you very much

  20. 20. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kynness, the problem with rapidgator is it does not support direct linking, one cannot highlight the links and start downloading immediately, each link has to be clicked and then individually be downloaded, i have requested them to change this since last year but did not get any response from them, thank you very much

  21. 21. kynness Says:

    hmmmm.. maxdugan i think we need to vote a cast where our next hosting server for the backup links,

    i think max you need to cast our vote to move the extabit to our new choice hosting server…

  22. 22. olala Says:

    Filepost is a joke. I used to have premium last year and all was running smoothly. Then it expired and they billed me automatically for the next 90 days even though I didn’t order that. Took some time to cancel that. And I tell you Filepost is pain in the azz for free users.
    Anyway, there are lots of interesting links on Filepost, so I decided to give them a second chance and got 30 days premium a few days ago. Download speed is still limited. Awful awful service.
    I believe whatever you choose Max, will good for us. Thank you.

  23. 23. kynness Says:

    OK thank you for the comment for Olala, so filepost is zero vote.. guy’s please participate on our voting cast for our new host file server replacement for Extabit

  24. 24. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kynness, thank you very much for your very generous participation, since there are so many file servers now, i believe the most important aspect will depend on the direct support which most of the ones you mentioned do not offer at all, i am currently nogotiating with 3 file servers who are willing to offer direct support like rarefile, thank you very much

  25. 25. Jun Says:

    Hi Max. I still have 2 more months with EXTABIT. Please don’t stop extabit yet, or for at least 2 more months. Thanks

  26. 26. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jun, as mentioned, we will maintain extabit for the meantime, but with their massive deletion of files to free up their overloaded servers – thousands per day, we dont really know how long the files will last, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  27. 27. kynness Says:

    Maxdugan could you tell us what those your bet for the next replacement for extabit? could you please give idea..

  28. 28. poobah53 Says:

    mega is back!! I d/l a 4gb race free and fast 1 file!

  29. 29. poobah53 Says:

    my premium expires 6-16 2013 GOODBYE extabit……wondered why uploading was disabled…

  30. 30. foster Says:

    sir max, can you consider using putlocker, hugefiles, megafiles and zippyshare? i’ve been using this for so long and they work just fine, and it’s fast!!! thank you sir max

  31. 31. kuyabernz Says:

    hi sirMax. i have automatic renewal. how can i disable that?

  32. 32. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kuyabernz, please use your payment processor, its the only way to cancel the subscription, thank you very much

  33. 33. TripleC Says:

    Another site I frequent notified everyone as of June 1st they were no longer using extabit. So something is definitely wrong going on over there. I prefer to only have 1 account and not multiple for obvious expense reasons. It would only make sense to follow the masses. The most popular site I have come across in my research is I emailed them a purchasing question and had a response within 24 hours. The other 2 more popular sites I am seeing is and No offense but I don’t see any other sites using My 2 cents…

  34. 34. lugarngbaka Says: is the new megaupload :)


  35. 35. CX23 Says:

    The best way is to host your own server bro max – file hosting websites have this common problem, they make one – let it work for a year, and start deleting the files in order to refresh their loads; then.. invent or rename their websites. IT IS A COMMON joke – since you have so many customers bro max, try to figure out to host your own files – it is safe – economical and hassle free d ba?

  36. 36. maxdugan Says:

    LOL CX23, wont be easy but ill just wink at you, maybe thats already happening for the past several months, thank you very much

  37. 37. rizza Says:

    Hello Sir Max,

    Please consider since i have used it for how many months right now and there is no problem with their server.. I think it is normal for most file hosters if there are complaints that they need to delete specific apps, videos and etc..

  38. 38. wazzzup Says:

    I really dont know why more people dont use:
    Ive used this for 7-8 months!!
    37 hosts
    Very good customer support.
    Just at least look at the hosts it supports!
    That and Jdownloader 2 and im D/Ling all day!!

  39. 39. Pancho Says:

    Throw them out! I vote for UPLOADED

  40. 40. greeny Says:

    You can have rapidgator or mega – both reliable and safe. Been using this for a few months after switching over from other sites.

  41. 41. adnan majin Says:


  42. 42. commoz Says:


  43. 43. Argon Says:

    Hi Max, You might want to check out

  44. 44. poderx Says:

    PutLocker? Shockshare?

  45. 45. dov02310 Says:

    Hello Max,

    I am using also the site, they have many EXTABIT
    links in there, and they do work, none has been deleted, yet….
    Are they angry specific with you?
    Anyway EXTABIT are well known for bad attitude and not responding to customers.
    Its about time you start your own host and grow up :-)

  46. 46. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Dov02310, im very sure extabit is not angry at me, the problem is the support team has left the company leaving the owner alone, im sure the links of the site you mentioned will also be deleted, thank you very much

  47. 47. fa Says:


    Can any1help me and tell me which site extabit works 100% because none are working

  48. 48. BikerMike Says:

    Hi Maxdugan

    I just cannot understand all the fuss.
    There is nothing wrong with “RareFile” they have been offering very good service for ages. Just that some people never listened to the warnings regarding “Extabit”
    As for “RapidShare” as far as I know that is a Swiss Company, they certainly are not going to support “” and I seem to remember reading something in the German “PC Welt” about them closing down their services.

  49. 49. maxdugan Says:

    Hello BikerMike, rarefile will remain and continue to be our first and priority server, we are trying to find a replacement for extabit which i believe is dizzcloud since they offer direct support like rarefile, we are now testing it and hope to launch it early next week, but rarefile is the first and foremost for With regards to rapidshare, they had shut down all the premium account holders since a few months ago and all rapidshare links everywhere on the internet are all dead and not working anymore, i dont see any future for rapidshare anymore, thank you very much

  50. 50. Amin Farina Says:

    Max, you are THE BEST and even though i purchased a three month subscription with extabit because of this site i don’t complain, enough is enough, we all know you are going to make the best decision…you are going to keep rarefile right?, if you are i will purchase three month of subscription with them..

  51. 51. dnunda Says:

    Found a blog that suggests the owner of dizzcloud is also the owner of extabit – more problems?

  52. 52. Buddy Says:


  53. 53. Salmindy Says:

    Middle east doesn;t have a rarefile premium. Are there any servers aside from rarefile like rapidgator etc.

  54. 54. Russel Says:

    You can try I think they offer direct links. It works 100% i’ve been using them for months. Hope that helps ;D

  55. 55. Russel Says:

    Hotfile really works. Maximum file size 400 MB

  56. 56. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Salmindy, rarefile premium is available in all countries, please register for a free account using this link –, then use this page to purchase –, thank you very much

  57. 57. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Dnunda, dizzcloud is not owned by extabit, its the partner who left them and opened up his own, we have direct contact with the owner of dizzcloud and he is the one who told me about extabit problems way back, i decided to stay with extabit with the hope that things will become better but it got worse, and after emailing several other file servers, dizzcloud i believe is here for the long haul just like rarefile, thank you very much

  58. 58. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Amin Farina, im very sorry about that, its simply beyond our control and i thank you for your very generous support, yes we will be staying with rarefile since its the one who had given us the best support that other file servers cannot offer, we are adding dizzcloud as an alternative to extabit, again, thank you very much for your support and understanding

  59. 59. olala Says:

    I’ve just tried to buy Dizzcloud premium (using the link on allyoulike on the right). I chose 1 month option but it automatically loaded 3 Month Premium in order box. Luckily I noticed that before paying. I tried a few times, reloaded the page, even restarted computer. Still the same. I click 1 month and it forces me to buy 3 months.
    Anyone having the same problem? Why they don’t let choose 1 month option?

  60. 60. kynness Says:

    maybe we are maintain on Rarefile for the meantime so Mr. Maxdugan he decide what the hoster will replace for Extabit… please be patient..

  61. 61. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Kynness

  62. 62. Russel Says:

    you can try Hotfile

  63. 63. TripleC Says:

    Why restrict yourself to 2 hosting sites? Seems like everyone on here has their preference.

  64. 64. BobDD Says:

    PutLocker and ZippyShare have always worked the fastest and easiest for me as a registered but non-premium user. They both allow very long single links too. Looking forward to whatever you choose Sir Max.

  65. 65. Scabro Says:

    It’s really bad – as I’ve just renewed for a whole year last week :(

  66. 66. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Scabro, im very sorry about that but its not too late, please file for a dispute thru the payment processor, thank you very much

  67. 67. Scabro Says:

    Thanks maxdugan – I’m not sure the credit card provide will want to deal with it, but I see what I can do.

  68. 68. TripleC Says:


    You never replied? What’s from stopping you from using more than 2 sites? Why not 5 or 6? I would imagine the hard work is finding the item then raring it with your info then simply uploading it to dizzcloud or rarefile. So how hard or long would it be to up them to a couple more popular sites to please the masses here. You support the main 2 that you want and indicate as a courtesy the other ones are provided.

  69. 69. Avaran Says:

    I have recommended monhs ago “Pl give exabit a kick in he back sea and dispose” I am glad you have now thought of raising your foot in the process

  70. 70. foster Says:

    sir max, why not consider or try using putlocker, hugefiles and zippyshare? thank you.

  71. 71. sangong sung Says:

    i suggest sharebeast

  72. 72. larrylaffer Says:

    Hi Max,

    Would it be possible to support Ryushare instead? I already have an account there. I have had no issues with them so far [nearly 6 months]. :)

  73. 73. Angel99 Says:

    That’s said Max, I still have 7 months left so I will have find someone else to support.

  74. 74. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Angel99, thank you very much for your kind understanding, extabit was good while it lasted, however things have changed with them, today alone, they deleted 2 TB of my files, its very sad inded, thank you very much again

  75. 75. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Larrylaffer, im very sorry but ryushare was not considered at all, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  76. 76. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Avaran for your kind understanding

  77. 77. maxdugan Says:

    Hello TripleC, with all due respect sir, uploading and reuploading is not a simple process, allyoulike tries its best to preserve and reupload dead links as much as we can, our hands are full with 2 servers, if we dont need to reupload, then we can upload to several servers all at once, but reuploading them again would be a nightmare, and we will have a hard time to cope up since almost all movies and tv series are deleted after a few hours or a few days, hoping for your kind and generous understanding, we are trying our best, thank you very much

  78. 78. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Scabro

  79. 79. TripleC Says:


    Thank you for the response. Is it because the name is in the file making it easy for them to search and delete? Maybe random letters and numbers in the rar files can disguise the real file that’s inside. There is no way they search manually for files to delete. My 2 cents again

  80. 80. maxdugan Says:

    Hello TripleC, everyone has tried all methods, even posting them as secured links, but uploaded deletes the files in a few hours, or some times immediately, thats why most sites do not repost or re-upload the links, i was really tempted to do uploaded but re-packaging and re-uploading will eat up all our time and we wont be able to concentrate of posting good movies, etc. I personally have tried this, i had uploaded files on uploaded and they got deleted even when i did not post them, also i have tried renaming them, etc., i wish it was easier so i can please more downloaders, wish things were different, thank you very much

  81. 81. Marta Says:

    Hang in there Max. It’ll come out all right in the end. It always has done!. xxx

  82. 82. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Marta for your support

  83. 83. superkraut Says:

    Hi Max

    I wonder why those people who think its an easy job to run a site dont do their own, like TripleC ungrateful and not appreciating the work done to run this site here.
    How about ??? I had some real good experience with them.

    Whatever the outcome is, I am happy with what Max and the AYL team are doing here, very grateful indeed.


  84. 84. Argon Says:

    Thanks Max for all your hard work. Allyoulike is the best site around and your friends out here in the world appreciate all that you do.

  85. 85. TripleC Says:

    HAHAHAH, never judge a book by it’s cover or a man by the questions he asks. Superkraut you have no idea who I am or what I’ve done for the community you so frequently visit. So to make yourself look better you bash me? Not once did I say I was ungrateful and in fact I have financially supported Maxdugan by renewing all of my monthly hosting accounts and directly donated money to his site. Can you say the same? Being grateful is offering ideas and assisting, not degrading others while kissing a@@. My 2 cents

  86. 86. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Argon

  87. 87. superkraut Says:

    So you think I am going into a online fight with you here now ???

    Well I wont, so read you comment and think about it, and that’s all I have to say about it.

    Sorry to get into this m8.

  88. 88. valentine Says:

    Sir, I love All You Like, but since you will not upload again in extabit, how about if you upload ur files in well-known file hosting e.g Crocko (prefer), bayfiles, cyberlocker, filecloud, netload, putlocker, mega, etc. Thanks

  89. 89. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Valentine, im very sorry but none of the ones mentioned offers direct support and i believe that in these times, support is the most important things, the more popular ones are usually the ones who does not care about their customers, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  90. 90. TripleC Says:

    @superkraut All good to you too m8. We’re just discussing. Just offering Maxdugen suggestions. I have run my own site before so I always appreciated suggestions and opinions. There is always room for improvements and you always have to stay one step ahead of your competition.

    @maxdugen the only reason I venture to other sites is for the blu ray options. When you post we have no idea the video and audio rates or who was the original ripper. I’ve gotten to trust certain versions of rips and I only seek them out. Can’t afford to waste time and bandwidth downloading and AC3 when I am looking for DTS. Otherwise keep up the great work. I’ll keep supporting.

  91. 91. maxdugan Says:

    Hello TripleC, ill try my best to post them on the title, thank you very much for your support

  92. 92. olala Says:

    Thank you Max for all your great work. Very appreciated. All seems to be working fine now.

  93. 93. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Olala

  94. 94. KitKat Says:

    Check out FileFactory. They are really good. I have had a premium account with them for about 2 years now and during this time, they have had problems twice. Each of these times, to keep their customers happy, they applied some extra days to all of their customer’s premium accounts. One of the times they were down, it was for over a week and when they got things worked out, they credited every premium account with a free month’s service! For some reason I get their ad emails and I saw an email not too long ago (within the last few weeks) that they were upping their max download limit for free users to 2 gb! If this is true, it’s unheard of. All the other file storage companies allow you, maybe 400 mb on a free account if you’re lucky. Max, I can also vouch for FileFactory’s customer service. I have had to contact them over the life of my premium account and they are very friendly and courteous. They also answer within about 24 hours and they also speak English very well. I find with some of the file storage companies, they can’t speak very good English and it’s crazy trying to explain your problem to them (those who have had to contact uploaded know exactly what i’m talking about!!!) I know you probably have some sort of arrangement with the file storage companies you use, where you get some sort of fee for your links being used, and unfortunately I have never done this and I can’t speak to whether FileFactory has a good payment tier or how quickly and consistently they pay their affiliates. It’s worth contacting them though to find out because, IMHO, they are a very good company. Oh, and their links last a long time too. I have come across links that are several months old on other sites and to my surprise they were still active and I could download from them :) I hope this helps you in your search for a new file storage company ;)

  95. 95. maxdugan Says:

    Hello KitKat, im very sorry but i already communicated with them and we did not agree on the terms, especially about deletion of files, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  96. 96. Nathan H Says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for taking the time to explain to us the problems your having with Extabit and what your doing to try and resolve these issues

    It’s appreciated. :)

  97. 97. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Nathan H for your generous support and understanding

  98. 98. steveo Says:

    hmmmm this happened a few months ago and we all moved to extabit now being told to get something different is someone getting a back hander from this i wonder?

  99. 99. dyoyo Says:

    I guess this matter is a bit outdated but I would vote for Ryushare.
    So far I found them to be very stable without any need to resume and if
    using Mipony, even better cos it will automatically resume any downloads that
    got cut off (which is very seldom).

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