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Apr 25

Juan dela Cruz (2013) Special Edition Movie 720p DVDRip AC3 H264 – Filipino Movie

juan dela cruz

Juan Dela Cruz is the story of an unlikely hero. He is an orphan boy brought up in the church by a righteous parish priest, Father Cito, who guided him towards goodness. But because he had an innate temper, the pruddish townspeople disliked him except the priest whom he regarded as his father… Read more on next page.

One day the priest was killed by a thief. Juan ended up in the streets of Quiapo, as a simple, kind and yet tough young man. Unknown to him, he is half aswang, the son of Samuel Alejandro, the Haring Aswang and also the prophesied Anak ng Dilim.

He is fated to rule over his kind and take over the human race. But his mother, Amelia, is a Tagabantay, coming from an ancient lineage of defenders using the Bakal na Krus to destroy the Aswangs.

How can Juan fulfill his destiny as the next Tagabantay while struggling against his nature as an Aswang – a creature he is also destined to destroy?

This is the story of the fight between good and evil that also happens inside all of us.


juan dela cruz

NOTE: This is an official DVD release of the special edition movie in HD (720p AC3). I’m sure the movie is an outake of the TV series, however I’m not sure if all the scenes in the DVD are from the TV series since I don’t really have the time to watch them on TV. However, there is an ending to this DVD (which I’m sure is not the ending we expect from the series) and the credits roll after it. Thank you very much.




written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. TORViC Says:

    Thank u very much sir Max…Ur the best

  2. 2. apong elufa Says:

    This is fake. copy of part of tv teleserye for the first 2 weeks. Don’t waste your time downloading

  3. 3. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Apong Elufa, this is not a fake, you can google the dvd and see that its on retail, i also added the posted of the official release and made a note about it, thank you very much

  4. 4. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Torvic, am not the best in any way, thank you very much

  5. 5. michel Says:

    its fake for sure

  6. 6. Gabriel Says:

    Guys, let’s first appreciate the effort of Maxdugan. Dont just say anything negative yet until you’ve seen the movie. Lets be fair OK?

  7. 7. apong elufa Says:

    I patiently downloaded the 8 parts rarefile this morning. Extract it and played it, it just show the first two weeks teleserye. Anyway for those who do not believe me. TRY IT. Of course my thanks to Max for his efforts. But I love this website

  8. 8. maxdugan Says:

    Helo apong elufa, im very sorry but im not really sure why this dvd was released by the network, and since i dont watch the series on tv, i really dont know how to describe it, i just posted it as how it was released, im very sorry for your disappointment, i dont have any intention of cheating anyone, and the dvd is officially released by the tv network, hoping for your kind understanding, thank you very much

  9. 9. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much for your support Gabriel

  10. 10. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Michel, with all due respect, if its a fake, then maybe you should complain to the network why they released this dvd, and you can also go the the malls and complain to odyssey and other retail outlets, or simply dont download it, thank you very much

  11. 11. Jun Says:

    Guys, please read maxdugan’s note beforehand:
    “NOTE: This is an official DVD release of the special edition movie in HD (720p AC3). I’m sure the movie is an outake of the TV series, however I’m not sure if all the scenes in the DVD are from the TV series since I don’t really have the time to watch them on TV. ”

    So whether it is fake or original, he’s not to be blamed. He uploaded it for our enjoyment. Now if you are not happy with it, delete it. There’s no wasting of time here since we are downloading free, (with the exception of those paying members(VIP)).

  12. 12. willy Says:

    just download and watch…thanks by the way Max…

  13. 13. Seth Says:

    to avoid confusion, please removed this Max…the series is not over yet and there’s already an ending to the TV series? like this is a different story than the tv series? peace max…just a piece of advise….

  14. 14. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Seth, as i have mentioned, i just posted it as released by the studio, i really dont know what the difference between this dvd release and the tv series, yes there are credits rolling after the movie but im sure its not the same ending that will be on the tv series, thank you very much

  15. 15. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Willy

  16. 16. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much for your support Jun, its pretty remarkable how people react when i have made a special note about it already, i just posted it as how it was released by the network, maybe they want to make it reacheable to more filipinos worldwide… maybe… thank you very much for your understanding

  17. 17. tino Says:


    I’m Indonesian and this is the first Filipino movie I ever downloaded beside some porn :) because the description is quite interesting.
    If anybody can help with english subtitle, it would be greatly appreciated

  18. 18. yohkie Says:

    Thanks a Lot Sir Max…

  19. 19. nathaniel Says:

    thank you very much sir max. this is not a fake, as to what other said. this is how teleserye was made into a dvd. and with abs-cbn they made this as 720p,very good quality and of course only in part..he he..sir max nasaan na ang other part para hindi bitin..thank you very much.

  20. 20. apong elufa Says:

    Note: The teleserye is not yet finish. If you want to watch the episodes go to I I think nathaniel is right. abs-cbn make a partial release of the teleserye.

  21. 21. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Nathaniel, thank you very much for the clarification, maybe this is just the first of the dvd releases, im sure there will be more, thank you very mucb again

  22. 22. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Yohkie

  23. 23. anton Says:

    Guys, this is not a fake. I bought my original dvd at Odyssey. Im so glad the network decided to release this on dvd (one of the networks series shot in high definition). I hope that they will also release the continuation of the series as this dvd only shows like the first 2 weeks of the series. Kudos to Max for this wonderful/great upload. Thank You.

  24. 24. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Anton

  25. 25. michel Says:

    max don’t be pissed i am sorry for being rude ,,,,,,,,,,,,all you like is my home,,peace

  26. 26. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Michel, no worries at all and im not pissed in any way, im just trying to explain to whats happening, im very sorry if you took it bad, please accept my most sincere apologies, thank you very much

  27. 27. Ryan Says:

    Thanks Max this is not a fake video, It is the first 1week episodes on television.
    If ABS-CBN release some DVD’s hope that you’ll u[load it.

  28. 28. maxdugan Says:

    Will do Ryan, thank you very much

  29. 29. yohkie Says:

    Salamat.. Sir Max

  30. 30. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Yohkie

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