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Jan 15

Dishing Up Vermont: 145 Authentic Recipes from the Green Mountain State

Dishing Up Vermont

Dishing Up® Vermont, a collection of recipes from a broad range of cooks dedicated to sustaining and enriching local culinary traditions, celebrates the classic tastes of the Green Mountain state with fresh interpretations of everything from blueberry pancakes sweetened with maple syrup to a savory tart made with onions, apples, and Grafton Cheddar.This insider’s view of Vermont cooking is rounded out with profiles of the people and places that make the state’s food scene so exciting. Here are classically trained chefs, home bakers, farmers, winemakers, comfort-food cooks, beekeepers, orchard and sugar-shack owners, and craft brewers who keep Vermont traditions alive while developing vibrant new flavor combinations that respect the integrity of the raw ingredients.


written by maxdugan

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