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Jun 12

They’re Playing with Fire DVDRip

theyre playing with fire

Drive-in goddess and ‘80s action queen Sybil Danning (of CHAINED HEAT and REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS fame) stars as a lusty college professor who seduces a naïve student (Eric Brown of PRIVATE LESSONS) as part of a sordid plot to frame him for the murder of her wealthy in-laws. But in a world of passion, deceit, cheesy rock ballads and awesome Danning nudity, not everything is what it seems to be. Andrew Prine (GRIZZLY, THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS), Paul Clemens (THE BEAST WITHIN) and Alvy Moore (GREEN ACRES) star in this deliciously sleazy mix of sex and violence that Mr. Skin hails as “one of the weirdest entries in the genre, combining hormone-farce antics with slasher movie elements and, of course, Sybil’s sumptuous sacks!”




written by maxdugan

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