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Oct 07

Night Patrol DVDRip AC3

The streets of Los Angeles are crawling with weirdos, hookers, peeping toms and perverts. And this time, they’re wearing badges! Murray Langston, Linda Blair, Pat Paulsen, Billy Barty, Jaye P. Morgan, Andrew Dice Clay, Pat Morita, Kitten Natividad and The Unknown Comic, lead a shameless all-star cast in this cult classic in the tradition of “Airplane” and “Police Academy,” filled with kooky cops, gassy midgets, tough lesbians, sick humor, gross gags, gratuitous nudity and more.

night patrol

Murray Langston, aka the Unknown Comic, co-wrote and stars in this screwball cop comedy about an inept highway patrolman who moonlights as the paper bag-wearing jokester. Trouble arises when Langston is mistaken for a bank robber with the same supermarket-influenced fashion sense.


written by maxdugan

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