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Apr 14

Video2Brain – iOS 6 Workshop Video Tutorial

ios6 workshop

iOS, the operating system that powers Apple’s mobile devices, becomes more powerful and complex with each subsequent release. In this workshop, veteran trainer and Apple expert Joseph Linaschke walks you through the many features of iOS 6, helping you to get the maximum value from your iPhone or iPad. You’ll learn everything from the basics of navigating iOS and typing with the keyboard, to using apps like FaceTime, Camera, and Safari, to creating custom vibrating alerts and editing videos. Along the way you’ll get lots of tips and tricks for making your iOS 6 device easier to use and more powerful.In this workshop you’ll learn how unleash the full power of your iOS 6 device.

The contents of this course include:

Getting Started with iOS 6
In this chapter you’ll learn basic iOS 6 skills like navigating the OS, using the
Multitasking bar, and organizing your home screen.

This chapter looks at key settings that affect the way your device behaves with respect to privacy, iCloud, sound, maps, and much more.

Default Apps
In this chapter we’ll look at the default apps included with iOS 6, including Messages, FaceTime, Photos, Camera, Maps, and more.

Other Ways to Use Your Device
In this chapter you’ll learn how to use your iOS 6 Device to access iBooks, podcasts, and iTunes U, as well as how to use the Find iPhone app to locate and lock a lost device.

Additional Tips
In this chapter you’ll get lots more miscellaneous tips for using your iOS device – from updating the operating system to using Siri to freeing up space on your device, and much more.



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