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Feb 05

You Are the One 720p DVDRip x64 – Filipino Movie with English Subtitles

you are the one

Sally Malasmas applies for a US visa. There she meets the young and dashing vice-consul Will Derby with a wide, warm and inviting smile. Sally feels it’s her lucky day! But Will thinks Sally does not have enough ties to the Philippines that will make her come back. He denies her visa, beams one last sweet smile at her and turns his back before she could protest. It isn’t Sally’s lucky day anymore. Sally Malasmas is a Care Officer at the National Statistics Office. She’s smart and is a genuinely caring person who always has a hand to help other people. But despite her capabilities, Sally feels insecure of her older sister Charry whom she feels her parents always favored and always outperformed her. And in love, Sally tends to be needy and clingy. Her parents and only sister have all migrated to the United States to embrace the ‘American Dream’.





written by maxdugan

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    audio not in sync with the video :-(

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