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Feb 17

Aqua Real 2 – Voted Best Aquarium Screensaver

aqua real 2

Aqua Real 2 is the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner, is a DigiFish product by Formosoft International Inc. and has the best combination of believable tropical fish, vivid backgrounds full of color and overall feature set.

Aqua Real 2 is truly stunning when you first see it. Every scene has a sense of visual depth and vivid color that most of the other programs we reviewed couldn’t achieve. Fish would swim just pass the screen and then travel back into the distance and pass behind coral, plants and shipwrecks. The scenery looks fantastic, but the real strength of the program is in the fish. Aqua Real 2 has some of the most life-like fish that we’ve seen, and their movements and behaviors are completely realistic.

Add to that the great features, like feeding the fish and music playback, and a simple interface and Aqua Real 2 stands out as the clear winner in our aquarium screensavers software review.

The interface used in Aqua Real 2 is high quality and very impressive. The menu is self explanatory and easy to navigate through, with a wide variety of features. Simply right-clicking anywhere on the brightly colored screen will bring up a small menu bar with picture icons which represent various action options such as tickling, feeding and summoning the resident shark in each scene.

The setup menu is straightforward and easy to use, with options for customizing visuals and sound. Aqua Real 2 also has the ability to work in full screen and windowed mode, but one of our favorites is the option to use it as an active desktop. This means the program runs as a wallpaper behind all your icons and other windows.

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. michael1 Says:

    Max could you please re-upload this?
    Thank You

  2. 2. michael1 Says:

    Thank You Max

  3. 3. willy Says:

    I was just at an aquarium and thought it would be cool to have a screen saver like this in the living room. Thanks!

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