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Oct 23

Melco Design Shop Pro+ V9 Full

design shop pro

The Most Productive Embroidery Design Software Ever Made. Are you a seasoned digitizer? Are you new to the industry, and looking for the best software? Either way you will be impressed with the versatility and user-friendly features Design Shop V9 offers.

New digitizing features include:

UnaFill Splicer This will allow users to splice multiple directions of fill stitches for one object.
Auto Underlay Users now have multiple choices of underlay styles for any digitized object or font.
Object Color Properties Objects will maintain color properties so that copying and pasting will not require re-sequencing of colors.
Vector Graphics to Embroidery Assistant This awesome feature allows easy point and click conversion of any vector file to be digitized in seconds.

New Production Tools

New production tools include fabric profiles that allow users to save design information, such as stitch densities, to specific fabrics or apply fabric profiles to specific designs. Also, design information may now be printed with bar codes. Use a bar code reader at anytime to recall the design, eliminating the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

Melco revolutionizes the embroidery digitizing production process with the new Melco LogoExpress feature. This feature allows a user to link directly into an online digitizing service portal with digitizing turn-around times as quickly as 24 hours. DesignShop V9 users can opt for the LogoExpress feature during times of heavy volume. (LogoExpress available in the USA only).
No more hassles with lettering!

DesignShop V9 takes lettering to the next level with features like control point editing, expanded stitch editing and automatic borders. DesignShop V9 features sophisticated lettering capabilities for all embroidery alphabets as well as true type conversions. You can even create your own alphabets.
What you see on screen is what you get with your embroidery.

DesignShop V9 allows you to work in various view modes to see stitches, colors and final output simulations. The screen/project view gives you a pre-embroidery look at the finished product. DesignShop V9 also has an innovative appliqué feature (the first in the industry) that lets you display the appliqué pieces in a fabric on-screen for a realistic view of the complete design.
Scale, rotate, align, group and revise your design with a click of the mouse.

DesignShop V9 features the latest editing tools, plus advanced expanded stitch editing, auto sequence, auto lock stitch editing and many more.
Bar code creation

Now you can easily create design information that can be scanned directly into your AMAYA XT using a bar code scanner. Feature Highlights:

No computer experience necessary
Create tomorrow’s work today
Never reprogram the same design again
And much more!





written by maxdugan

11 Responses to this entry.

  1. 1. Ham Says:

    After running Emulator set up it says “the security key for this product cannot be found. Please attach the security key to the computer and try again”
    Please help

  2. 2. Ham Says:

    I noticed Part 2 is empty

  3. 3. alfonso Says:

    quisiera saber como se instala…. he seguido los pasos del archivo de texto pero nada no he podido instalarlo en mi pc de window 7

  4. 4. llllll Says:

    the security key for this product cannot be found. Please attach the security key to the computer and try again

  5. 5. XdX Says:

    I cannot get this to work, graphics disappear after a couple of minutes and have to restart program, and same happens again.. unusable. i have tried it on several different computers with different installs of windows, all the same…

    the crack does work though, i have an older v7 that the crack works with both designshop and amaya os, so i don’t have to use my dongles (got the original v7 with original paralell dongle, so i can use it without having to use an paralell pci card in computer…) so it wasn’t such a bad download after all but still wish v9 worked….

  6. 6. tony13 Says:

    To All i was succesfull at installing this software and it work fine (just for digitizing)i dont own a amaya embroidery machine yet but i notice only works on windows 7 32 bits doesnt work on 64 just to you know.

  7. 7. Rashed Says:

    same problem it says “the security key for this product cannot be found. Please attach the security key to the computer and try again” WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  8. 8. sukram Says:

    anyone know where to get the 64 bit dongle emulator?

  9. 9. Sax77 Says:

    everything work with winxp or 32bit O.S.

  10. 10. bcastle Says:

    anyone have a keygen for designshop pro v9 and amaya os10? i have the cd and the dongles but i have a 90 day trial just tneed the key to unlock

  11. 11. Pepito Says:

    Alguien sabe donde conseguir el emulador dongle 64 bits?

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