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Mar 13

101 Dalmatians DVDRip

101 dalmatians

Fashion designer Anita and computer-game writer Roger meet, fall in love and marry along with their dalmatians Perdita and Pongo. But the proud dogs’ puppies are kidnapped by Anita’s boss Cruella De Vil, who is stealing young dalmatians to make the coat she has set her heart on. Enlisting the help of the British animal kingdom, Pongo and Perdita set out to find and rescue all ninety-nine pups from their fearsome captors, Jasper and Horace.



written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. joe Says:

    hi max,

    may I request for the animated version of the movie “101 Dalmatians”?

    thank you.

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Sure thing Joe, thank you very much

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