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Mar 30

inFlow Inventory Premium 2.5.1 Multilingual

inflow inventory premium

Keep your products organized with pictures, prices, and categories. inFlow can easily handle 10,000+ products on a regular PC. Use barcode scanners to manage your inventory more quickly and accurately. inFlow is compatible with most barcode scanners you can plug into your computer. Use multiple units of measurement, e.g. buy by the case, track inventory by the piece, and sell by the dozen…

Track inventory in multiple locations. Use sublocations to more precisely track aisle numbers, bin numbers, etc.

Get a full history of any inventory movements or adjustments to track down any problems or theft.

Automatically assemble finished products or packages from raw materials, updating the inventory accordingly.

Use our simple workflow to take orders and deduct inventory with one click!

written by maxdugan

15 Responses to this entry.

  1. 1. Alex Jr Says:

    hello Max, could you please find version 3?


  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Alex Jr, let me see what i can find, thank you very much

  3. 3. Lar Vincent E. Silagan Says:

    Hi Max, its been a year when I requested inflow to you. Thank you so much for your support. Well, here I am again and just like Alex Jr can you find version 3 of this? Thank you again Max. More Power!

  4. 4. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Lar Vincent Silagan, let me check on that, thank you very much

  5. 5. Billy Says:

    Hi Max,

    Please can you get the latest version of inflow premium?

    Thank You,

  6. 6. Mohan Says:

    hi max
    could you please try and upload near latest version
    thank you

  7. 7. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Mohan, a newer version is now posted, thank you very much

  8. 8. Mohan Says:

    Hi Max
    Exceeds free limit,would you please help

  9. 9. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Mohan, free users can now download bigger and more files, kindly read the annoumcement and follow the instructions on the front page please, thank you very much

  10. 10. Mohan Says:

    email correction

  11. 11. Mohan Says:

    Thanks a lot Max

  12. 12. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much too Mohan

  13. 13. Thomas Says:

    Could you please split the file into two. Thank you

  14. 14. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Thomas, free users can now download files upto 500MB and also more files, kindly read the announcement on the front page for free users, please follow the instructions and you are good to go, thank you very much

  15. 15. Joey Says:

    Boss Max,

    Kindly upload the version 3 of inFlow..

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