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Apr 14

CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNP 642-902 ROUTE DVD Training – Interactive Tutorial

cbt nuggets

Implementing Cisco IP Routing. Cisco’s approach to its ROUTE exam is entirely real-world, and Jeremy’s video series really prepares you for the exam with GNS3 (an open-source Cisco emulator) labs. By the time you’re done watching you’ll be ready to Configure EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP at a master level; grasp the big-picture of worldwide Cisco network design; fill in plenty of “knowledge gaps” left by the CCNA on routing protocols; and confidently sit for the exam.

What You’ll Learn
Trainer: Jeremy Cioara | Videos: 28 | Time: 15 hrs
#Video 1: Cisco ROUTE: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Series |22:44
#Video 2: Lab Foundations: GNS3 Overview and Operation|37:37
#Video 3: Lab Foundations: Network Design and Documentation|22:00
#Video 4: EIGRP Routing: Concepts and Planning|29:35
#Video 5: EIGRP Routing: Implementing Basic EIGRP|44:58
#Video 6: EIGRP Routing: Implementing Advanced EIGRP|19:59
#Video 7: EIGRP Routing: Implementing Advanced EIGRP, Part 2|31:38
#Video 8: EIGRP Routing: Best Practices and Design Options|25:20
#Video 9: OSPF Routing: Foundation Concepts, Part 1|42:35
#Video 10: OSPF Routing: Foundation Concepts, Part 2|23:53
#Video 11: OSPF Routing: Implementing Basic OSPF|46:58
#Video 12: OSPF Routing: Implementing OSPF over NBMA|25:53
#Video 13: OSPF Routing: Implementing OSPF over NBMA, Part 2|32:34
#Video 14: OSPF Routing: Area Types and Options|33:26
#Video 15: OSPF Routing: Area Types and Options, Part 2|43:57
#Video 16: IPv4 Redistribution: Controlling Routing Updates|22:14
#Video 17: IPv4 Redistribution: Implementing Simple Redistribution|34:22
#Video 18: IPv4 Redistribution: Implementing Advanced Redistribution|46:56
#Video 19: BGP Routing: Foundation Concepts and Planning|23:58
#Video 20: BGP Routing: Implementing Basic BGP|33:43
#Video 21: BGP Routing: Implementing Basic BGP, Part 2|33:31
#Video 22: BGP Routing: Tuning Attributes|29:37
#Video 23: BGP Routing: Tuning Attributes, Part 2|49:39
#Video 24: Path Control: Configuring Path Control|49:34
#Video 25: IPv6 Routing: Understanding and Implementing IPv6 Addressing|35:30
#Video 26: IPv6 Routing: Implementing IPv6 Routing and Routing Protocols|31:21
#Video 27: IPv6 Routing: Implementing IPv6 Routing and Routing Protocols, Part 2|31:31
#Video 28: IPv6 Routing: Transitioning to IPv6 and Certification Review|16:28

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