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Jun 10

Joey L Tutorial Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial – Most AWESOME Photoshop Interactive Tutorial

“SIMPLY ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME TUTORIALS I’VE FOUND. If you use Adobe Photoshop, don’t miss this must-have tutorial” – Maxdugan

joeyl l behind the scenes

In this package containing 2 hours of material, you will find:

Behind the scenes footage from many unique photo shoots covering an array of concepts and lighting situations, including detailed diagrams of the light set ups and props. Both studio lighting and simple techniques using standard reflectors are used. Narrated live screen capture of the editing process, describing in detail all my techniques step by step and how you can do them yourself. Even my granny can follow along, but I am confident there is something for everyone to learn.

5 stars

Each technique is broken into individual lessons and within the lessons there are different example pictures. This makes sure that you fully understand the range the technique has to offer on individual photographs

A library of custom high resolution (12.7 mega pixel) grunge textures you can use in your own photos- cracks, aged paper, metallic scratches and abrasions, and some other gross stuff I can’t even identify! (But it sure looks neat). There are over 50 textures on the disk, and you can use them for whatever you desire.

Photoshop-loadable actions in which you can ‘play’ on your own pictures and follow along step by step as my preloaded techniques are applied to your photos


written by maxdugan

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