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Jan 14

Develop apps for Android 4 : Essential Training-RESTORE GERMAN

Looking for a vivid learning course on app development for Android 4 “Ice Cream Sandwich”? In this video tutorial, you learn how to program your own Android apps in the Android Market and publish. From Java crash course to programming of complex weather and notes apps, this training offers everything you need to get started in the Android development. Learn also in numerous hands-on workshops on how to exhaust the new features of Android 4 full. Whether data management, GPS, GUI development, access to the camera, or voice input sensor control – here you see how it goes! With all sample apps, Android SDK and Eclipse development environment on DVD.

Develop apps for Android 4 – Essential Training-RESTORE
Video:. avc1 (H264) MP4 | Resolution: 1280×720 | Audio: mp4a 44100Hz 320 kb / s tot, stereo | Language: German | 3.31 GB
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