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Jan 26

Zombadings Patayin sa Shokot Si Remington (2011) DVDRip – Filipino Movie


THIS MOVIE IS A RIOT! The young Remington is a living gay-dar and he bullies every bakla he sees. One day, young Remington encountered Roderick Paulate in a cemetery, angered by the boy’s bullying, he let out a curse to him – “magiging bakla ka pag-laki mo!”….15 years later, Remington started to show signs of being a jokla – the curse! During this time, every bakla in town gets killed by a mysterious killer. Afraid that he’ll be the next victim, they searched for Roderick’s whereabouts to know how they can break the curse.


written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. john Says:

    hi max, hope you could post the movies, “Macho Dancer” by Lino Brocka, “Twilight Dancers” and Burlesk King by Seiko films

  2. 2. keerok Says:

    Please re-upload.

  3. 3. Darwin Says:

    Please re-up. Thanks.

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