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Oct 19

The Art of The Precision Rifle by Magpul Dynamics DVDRip Tutorial

The Art of the Precision Rifle features nearly ten hours of actual live fire class instruction and additional instructional material on five discs precision rifle expert Todd Hodnett and Magpul Dynamics Instructors Chris Costa, Travis Haley, Steve Fisher, Mike Olivella and Caylen Wojcik cover the fundamentals and “How To” aspects of long range shooting, advanced techniques and formulas, military and law enforcement sniping, precision shooting gear, and the sniper mindset.

DISC ONE (142 min)

Course Part 1
* Intro
* Rifle Setup
* Zeroing
* Reticles
* Truing
* Special Features
o Ballistics
o Cold Bore vs. Clean Bore
o Trace

DISC TWO (133 min)

Course Part 2
* Broken Scope Field Zero
* Accuracy 1st Wind Formula
* Wind Course (Part 1, 2, Wrap Up)
* The One Mile Shot
* Wrap Up
* Special Features
o Mindset

DISC THREE (126 min)

USMC Fundamentals
* The Sniper
* The USMC Sniper
* The Law Enforcement Sniper
* Tools of the Military Sniper
* Military Semi-Auto Weapons
* Data Books
* Exercises
o Dialing and Scope Calibration
o The Milling Exercise
o Natural Point-of-Aim
* Quick Reference Drills
o Rapid Bolt Manipulation
o Tac Reload
o Speed Reload
o Reaction Side Bolt Manipulation

DISC FOUR (97 min)

* Bolt Action
* Semi-Automatic
* Ancillary Gear
* Rifle Optics
* Muzzle Accessories
* Support Equipment

DISC FIVE (93 min)

Bonus Features
* Additional Course Material
* Unconventional Positions
* Long Range Trajectory
* The TReMoR Reticle
* Cleaning
* Raising the Bar
* Bonus Material
o Bloopers
o The Whiz Wheel
o Reading Wind
o Formula Review
o More from Magpul (Trailers)

written by maxdugan

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    Thanks Max

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    If yes, then its possible the vpn’s ip address has been blacklisted, like it was for me.

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    p.s. There is a robust exchange in the ‘notes from maxdugan’ section between me and max et al.

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